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奥斯卡颁奖致辞Academy Awards Speech
Julia Roberts's acceptance Speech t 73

Editor's Note
You can hear Academy Awards speech every year, but they are always the same in frame. Winners always have so many people to thank. Some speeches get well pre-prepared, and some are deliverd impromptu, just like the following one given by Julia Roberts at 73th Academy Awards Ceremony.
奥斯卡演讲年年有,但每一次都是一样的框架。获奖者总是有太多的人要感谢。有些演讲在事前已做好了充分的准备, 有些演讲是随兴即发的, 就像下面这篇茱莉亚•罗伯茨在73届奥斯卡颁奖晚会的获奖致辞一样。

Oh, thank you, thank you ever so much. I'm so happy. Thank you. I have, I have a television, so I'm going to spend some time here to tell you some things. And sir, you're doing a great job, but you're so quick with that stick so why don't you sit because I may never be here again.

I would like to start with telling you all how amazing the experience of feeling the sisterhood『姐妹之情』of being included in a group with Joan Allen and Juliette Binoche and Laura Linney and Ellen Burstyn for these last weeks, has been, it's just felt like such a triumph to me to be in that list. My name starts with "R"so I'm always last, but I still love the list. But I can't believe this is, this is quite pretty.

I want to acknowledge so many people that made Erin Brokovich. But let me make my dress pretty. Universal, everybody at Universal, Kevin Mischer and Stacey Snider and Stacey Sher and I can't believe I'm remembering everybody's name. Jersey Films, Danny Devito, and everybody over there. Everyone I've ever met in my life.

This movie was sinfully『荒唐地;无理地』 fun to make, and Albert Finney is my friend, and my pleasure to act with. And Aaron Eckhart and Scotty and Gemmenne and Brittany and Ashley, all the wonderful actors that played my children. And Marg Helgenberger. And turn that clock off, it's making me nervous.

Greg Jacobs, everybody on our crew that was so great. And, well, just a few other people. And, but really, the main person, well, Richard LaGravenese and Susannah Grant who wrote such a nice script『剧本』. Steven Soderbergh, hi, there you are. You truly just made me want to be the best actor that I suppose I never knew I could be, or aspire to, and I made every attempt. stickman, I see you, so I thank you for really making me feel so, I love it up here! Yeah, anyway, I start working for him again in two days, so I can get to you later, but Benjamin Bratt, my sister Lisa, my brother-in-law Tony, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, who's been my agent since God was a boy, Jeff Berg, my mom, and just Frances and Marcus and Mike and everybody who's watching at home, Kelly, Emma, everybody. I love the world! I'm so happy! Thank you!

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