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[02:10.30]13 metres. You should see it. 
[02:26.35]Okay. Take her up and over the bow rail. 
[02:29.72]Okay, Mir 2, we're going over the bow. Stay with us. 
[03:07.93]Okay, quiet. We're rolling. 
[03:10.23]Seeing her coming out of the darkness like a ghost ship 
[03:14.13]still gets me every time. 
[03:16.03]To see the sad ruin of the great ship sitting here 
[03:20.87]where she landed at 2:30 in the morning of April 15, 1912, 
[03:26.58]after her long fall 
[03:29.85]from the world above. 
[03:32.65]You are so full of shit, boss! 
[04:04.08]Dive six - here we are again on the deck of Titanic. 
[04:08.29]21/2 miles down, 3,821 metres. 
[04:14.46]The pressure outside is 31/2 tons per square inch. 
[04:17.96]These windows are nine inches thick. 
[04:20.40]If they go, it's sayonara in two microseconds. 
[04:24.54]All right. Enough of that bullshit. 
[04:40.99]Put her down on the roof of the officers' quarters. 
[04:45.79]Okay, Mir 2. 
[04:47.56]We've landed on the grand staircase. You guys set to launch? 
[04:51.66]Yeah. Launching Dunkin now. Go, Charlie. 
[05:02.17]- Tether out. - Tether out. 
[05:04.68]Okay, Brock, we're dropping down along the hull. 
[05:10.05]Roger that. Okay, drop down and go into the first-class gangway door. 
[05:14.85]I want you guys working the "D" deck, reception and the dining saloon. 
[05:18.99]Copy that. 
[05:27.13]- Tether out. - Tether out. 
[05:28.93]- Now left. - I'm coming left. 
[05:38.48]Snoop Dog is on the move. 
[05:41.18]We're headed down the stairwell. 
[05:45.68]Okay, Lewis. Drop down to "B" deck. 
[05:47.95]Okay. "A" deck. 
[05:49.29]Give me some rope, Captain. 
[05:51.49]"B" deck. Get in there. 
[06:30.76]Watch the doorframe. 
[06:33.20]I see it. I got it. 
[06:40.44]We're good... Just chill, boss. 
[06:56.79]Make your turn. 
[06:58.76]- Cable out, Captain. - Make your turn. 
[07:01.99]Brock, we're at the piano. You copy? 
[07:04.50]Okay, copy that. 
[07:13.77]Right there, that's it! 
[07:16.41]- That's the bedroom door! - I see it... I see it. 
[07:28.39]We're in! 
[07:29.75]We're in, baby, we're there! 
[07:32.66]That's Hockley's bed. 
[07:35.13]That's where the son of a bitch slept. 
[07:43.13]Somebody left the water running. 
[07:46.07]Hold it. Go back to the right. 
[07:54.88]That wardrobe door... Get closer. 
[07:57.72]- You smelling something, boss? - I wanna see what's under it. 
[08:01.25]Gimme my hands, man. 
[08:08.16]All right...! 
[08:11.36]- Take it easy. It might come apart. - Okay. 
[08:15.23]Go! Go, go, go! 
[08:16.57]Flip it over, flip it over. Go. 
[08:18.64]Keep going. Go, go, go. 
[08:21.47]Okay. Drop it. 
[08:31.58]Oh, baby, baby... Are you seeing this, boss? 
[08:37.19]It's payday, boys. 
[08:57.61]We did it, Bobby! 
[08:59.41]Oh, yeah! Who's the man! 
[09:02.58]Who's the best, baby? 
[09:04.55]Say it, say it. 
[09:06.12]You are, Lewis. 
[09:10.39]- Bobby, my cigar. - Right here. 
[09:19.93]Okay, crack her open. 
[09:24.20]- Let me get around. Hang on. - You getting it? 
[09:54.37]No diamond. 
[09:56.27]You know, boss, 
[09:58.30]the same thing happened to Geraldo, and his career never recovered. 
[10:05.38]Turn the camera off. 
[10:07.48]Brock, the partners would like to know how it's going. 
[10:11.92]Hey, Dave. Barry. Hi. Look, it wasn't in the safe, but hey 
[10:15.99]don't worry about it. There's plenty of places it could be. 
[10:20.09]The floor debris, the mother's room... 
[10:22.36]- Purser's safe on "C" deck. - Jimmy Hoffa's briefcase. 
[10:24.96]A dozen other places. 
[10:26.73]You've got to trust my instincts. I know we're close. 
[10:30.17]We just got to go through a process of elimination. 
[10:33.84]Hang on a second. 
[10:37.98]Let me see that. 
[10:40.11]We might have something here, guys. 
[10:43.65]Where's the photo of the necklace? 
[10:46.38]- We'll call you right back. - Holy... 
[10:59.13]I'll be goddamned. 
[11:02.43]Treasure hunter Brock Lovett is best known for finding Spanish gold... 
[11:07.44]It's okay. I'll feed you in a minute. 
[11:10.51]He's chartered a Russian sub to reach the most famous wreck of all: Titanic. 
[11:15.81]He's with us live via satellite from the Keldysh in the North Atlantic. 
[11:20.02]- Hello, Brock. - Hello, Tracy. 
[11:22.72]Everyone knows the stories of Titanic, 
[11:25.72]the nobility, the band playing and all that. 
[11:29.23]I'm interested in the untold stories, the secrets deep inside the hull. 
[11:33.80]We're using robot technology to go further into the wreck 
[11:37.97]than anybody's ever done before. 
[11:40.10]You're at the centre of a controversy 
[11:43.47]over salvage rights, and ethics. Many are calling you a grave robber. 
[11:47.68]Nobody called the recovery of King Tut "grave robbing". 
[11:50.21]- What is it? - Turn that up, dear. 
[11:53.08]I have museum-trained experts here 
[11:56.05]making sure these relics are treated properly. 
[11:58.79]Look at this drawing we found just today. 
[12:01.99]A piece of paper that's been underwater for 84 years 
[12:05.76]and my team were able to preserve it intact. 
[12:09.60]Should this have remained unseen at the bottom of the ocean for eternity? 
[12:14.81]I'll be goddamned. 
[12:19.34]Brock! There's a satellite call for you. 
[12:22.51]Bobby, we're launching. You see these submersibles going in? 
[12:26.62]Trust me, buddy. You wanna take this call. 
[12:30.59]This better be good. 
[12:32.72]You gotta speak up. She's kinda old. 
[12:37.83]This is Brock Lovett. How can I help you, Mrs...? 
[12:41.10]Calvert. Rose Calvert. 
[12:43.40]Mrs Calvert? 
[12:45.40]I was just wondering if you'd found the "Heart of the Ocean", Mr Lovett. 
[12:52.51]I said you wanted to take the call. 
[12:56.98]All right. You have my attention, Rose. 
[12:59.62]Can you tell us who the woman in the picture is? 
[13:02.75]Oh, yes. 
[13:04.42]The woman in the picture is me. 
[13:22.71]She's a goddamned liar! Some nutcase seeking money or publicity! 
[13:27.51]God only knows why! Like that Russian babe, Anaesthesia! 
[13:31.48]They're inbound! 
[13:38.19]Rose DeWitt Bukater died on Titanic when she was 17. 
[13:43.43]If she'd lived, she'd be over 100 by now. 
[13:46.13]101 next month. 
[13:48.63]So she's a very old goddamned liar! 
[13:51.77]I've done the background on this woman 
[13:54.81]back to the '20s when she was working as an actress. 
[13:58.48]An actress! 
[14:00.08]There's your first clue, Sherlock! Her name was Rose Dawson back then. 
[14:04.28]She marries a guy named Calvert. They move to Cedar Rapids and have kids. 
[14:09.85]Now Calvert's dead, and Cedar Rapids, too. 
[14:12.99]Everybody who knows about the diamond 
[14:15.79]is supposed to be dead or on this boat, but she knows. 
[14:30.74]Doesn't exactly travel light, does she? 
[14:35.75]Mrs Calvert, I'm Brock Lovett. 
[14:38.02]Welcome to the Keldysh. 
[14:41.65]Let's get her inside. 
[14:43.69]Hi, Ms Calvert. 
[14:45.16]- Hi. - Welcome to the Keldysh. 
[15:00.04]- Are your staterooms all right? - Very nice. 
[15:03.11]Have you met my granddaughter Lizzy? 
[15:06.28]She takes care of me. 
[15:08.38]We metjust a few minutes ago. 
[15:11.12]Remember, Nana? Up on deck? 
[15:13.75]There, that's nice. 
[15:16.39]Have to have my pictures when I travel. 
[15:19.12]Is there anything you'd like? 
[15:24.96]I would like to see my drawing. 
[15:40.28]Louis XVI wore a fabulous stone, the Blue Diamond of the Crown, 
[15:45.85]which disappeared in 1792. 
[15:48.99]About that time old Louis lost everything, from the neck up. 
[15:52.86]The theory goes that the Crown Diamond was chopped, too. 
[15:57.56]Recut into a heart shape that became known as "The Heart of the Ocean". 
[16:01.90]Today it'd be worth more than the Hope Diamond. 
[16:04.40]It was a dreadful, heavy thing. 
[16:06.90]I only wore it this once. 
[16:09.84]You actually think this is you, Nana? 
[16:12.21]It is me, dear. 
[16:14.28]Wasn't I a dish? 
[16:17.78]I tracked it down through insurance records. 
[16:20.65]An old claim that was settled under terms of absolute secrecy. 
[16:24.56]Can you tell me who the claimant was, Rose? 
[16:29.03]I imagine someone named Hockley. 
[16:31.33]Nathan Hockley, that's right. 
[16:33.76]Pittsburgh steel tycoon. 
[16:35.90]The claim was for a necklace his son Caledon bought his fianc閑 - you - 
[16:40.97]a week before he sailed on Titanic. 
[16:44.04]It was filed right after the sinking, 
[16:46.98]so the diamond had to have gone down with the ship. 
[16:52.82]You see the date? 
[16:55.59]"April 14, 1912." 
[16:57.76]If your grandmother is who she says she is, 
[17:00.32]she was wearing the diamond the day the Titanic sank. 
[17:03.43]And that makes you my new best friend. 
[17:07.00]These are some of the things we recovered from your stateroom. 
[17:13.64]This was mine! 
[17:16.54]How extraordinary! 
[17:18.61]And it looks the same as it did the last time I saw it. 
[17:28.35]The reflection has changed a bit. 
[17:47.60]Are you ready to go back to Titanic? 
[17:53.68]Okay, here we go. She hits the berg on the starboard side, right? 
[17:58.22]She bumps along, punching holes along the side, below the waterline. 
[18:03.22]Then the forward compartments start to flood. 
[18:07.06]As the water rises, it spills over the watertight bulkheads 
[18:10.39]which don't go any higher than "E" deck. 
[18:13.20]So now as the bow goes down, the stern rises up, 
[18:17.17]slow at first, then faster and faster, 
[18:19.67]until she's got her whole ass up in the air. A big ass. 
[18:23.31]We're talking 20,000, 30,000 tons, okay? 
[18:27.08]The hull's not designed to deal with that pressure, so what happens? 
[18:31.42]She splits, right down to the keel, and the stern falls back level. 
[18:36.99]As the bow sinks it pulls the stern vertical 
[18:39.96]and then finally detaches. 
[18:42.36]The stern section bobs there like a cork for a few minutes, 
[18:47.10]floods, and finally goes under about 2.20am. 
[18:49.83]Two hours and 40 minutes after the collision. 
[18:53.50]The bow section planes away, landing about half a mile away, 
[18:58.31]going 20, 30 knots when it hits the ocean floor. 
[19:04.15]Pretty cool, huh? 
[19:06.05]Thank you for that fine forensic analysis, Mr Bodine. 
[19:11.49]Of course, the experience of it was... somewhat different. 
[19:17.43]Will you share it with us? 
[20:14.65]- I'm taking her to rest. - No. 
[20:17.22]- Come on, Nana. - No! 
[20:23.89]Tape recorder. 
[20:27.40]Tell us, Rose. 
[20:31.64]It's been 84 years. 
[20:33.74]Try to remember anything. 
[20:35.84]Anything at all. 
[20:37.51]Do you want to hear this or not, Mr Lovett? 
[20:45.48]It's been 84 years 
[20:49.39]and I can still smell the fresh paint. 
[20:55.23]The china had never been used. 
[20:58.83]The sheets had never been slept in. 
[21:03.10]Titanic was called "The Ship of Dreams". 
[21:08.57]And it was. 
[21:10.81]It really was. 
[21:41.31]All third-class passengers 
[21:44.24]with a forward berth, 
[21:46.44]this way, please. This queue. Right here. 
[21:49.71]Big boat, uh? 
[21:51.11]- Daddy, it's a ship. - You're right. 
[22:24.18]Why all the fuss? It doesn't look any bigger than the Mauretania. 
[22:28.82]You can be blas?about some things, Rose, but not about Titanic. 
[22:32.89]It's 100 feet longer 
[22:34.66]and far more luxurious. 
[22:36.79]Your daughter is difficult to impress, Ruth. 
[22:39.90]So this is the ship they say is unsinkable. 
[22:43.00]God himself could not sink this ship. 
[22:45.77]Sir, you have to check your baggage through the main terminal. 
[22:49.57]I put my faith in you, good sir. Now kindly see my man. 
[22:53.08]Yes, sir. My pleasure, sir. 
[22:56.48]All the trunks from that car there, 
[22:59.32]12 from here, and the safe, 
[23:02.82]to the Parlour Suite, rooms B52, 54, 56. 
[23:09.43]Better hurry. 
[23:16.10]- My coat? - I have it, miss. 
[23:20.07]All third-class passengers queue here for health inspection. 
[23:24.98]Chin up. 
[23:31.28]Welcome aboard, ma'am. Welcome to Titanic. 
[23:34.92]It was the ship of dreams - to everyone else. 
[23:39.39]To me it was a slave ship 
[23:42.16]taking me back to America in chains. 
[23:46.03]Outwardly I was everything a well-brought-up girl should be. 
[23:50.63]Inside, I was screaming. 
[24:09.29]Jack, you are pazzo. You bet everything we have. 
[24:12.79]When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose. 
[24:17.56]You moron. I can't believe you bet our tickets. 
[24:45.86]All right... moment of truth. 
[24:48.83]Somebody's life's about to change. 
[25:05.58]Uh-oh. Two pair. 
[25:08.51]I'm sorry, Fabrizio. 
[25:10.61]"Sorry"? You bet all the money! 
[25:13.08]I'm sorry. You're not gonna see your mom for a long time. 
[25:17.05]Cos we're going to America! Full house, boys! 
[25:23.59]Dio mio, grazie! 
[25:33.24]Come on! 
[25:34.97]Figlio di puttana! 
[25:36.34]I'm going home! 
[25:40.94]I'm going home! 
[25:42.25]I go to America! 
[25:44.38]No, mate. 
[25:45.72]Titanic go to America, in five minutes. 
[25:49.72]Come on! Come on, here! 
[25:54.49]We're riding in high style now! We're a couple of swells! 
[25:58.43]Practically goddamn royalty, ragazzo mio! 
[26:01.43]You see, it's my destino! 
[26:04.57]I go to America to be millionario! 
[26:07.14]Whoa! Whoa! 
[26:10.61]- You're pazzo! - Maybe, but I've got the tickets! 
[26:15.01]Come on, I thought you were fast! 
[26:17.38]- Aspetta! - Wait! Hey, wait! 
[26:21.62]We're passengers! Passengers! 
[26:24.99]- Have you been through the inspection? - Of course! 
[26:28.53]Anyway, we don't have lice. We're Americans. 
[26:31.56]Right. Come aboard. 
[26:37.47]We're the luckiest sons of bitches in the world! 
[26:55.09]- You know somebody? - That's not the point. 
[26:57.89]- Goodbye! I'll miss you! - Goodbye! I will never forget you! 
[27:51.11]Go left, darling. 
[27:58.05]G60, G60... 
[27:59.98]Excuse me, ma'am. 
[28:04.32]Oh, right here. 
[28:06.72]Hey, how you doing? Jack. Nice to meet you. 
[28:10.16]I'm Jack Dawson. Nice to meet you. How you doing? 
[28:14.16]Who says you get top bunk, huh? 
[28:18.44]Where's Sven? 
[28:20.50]This is your private deck, sir. Would you be requiring anything? 
[28:26.01]- Mm-mm. - Excuse me. 
[28:28.08]- This one? - No... It had a lot of faces on it. 
[28:32.88]This is the one. 
[28:35.55]Would you like all of them out, miss? 
[28:38.29]Yes... We need a little colour in this room. 
[28:43.93]Put it in there, in the wardrobe. 
[28:46.56]God, not those finger paintings again! 
[28:49.67]Waste of money! 
[28:51.20]The difference between Cal's taste and mine 
[28:53.44]is that I have some. They're fascinating. 
[28:56.34]Like being inside a dream or something. 
[28:59.68]There's truth, but no logic. 
[29:01.64]- What's the artist's name? - Something Picasso. 
[29:04.81]"Something Picasso". He won't amount to a thing. Trust me. 
[29:08.99]- Put the Degas in the bedroom. - At least they were cheap. 
[29:12.79]Put it in the wardrobe. 
[29:19.53]At Cherbourg, a woman came aboard named Margaret Brown. 
[29:23.73]We all called her Molly. 
[29:25.84]History would call her "The Unsinkable Molly Brown". 
[29:29.97]I wasn't about to wait all day, sonny. Here, think you can manage? 
[29:34.64]Her husband had struck gold someplace out west 
[29:38.31]and she was what Mother called "new money". 
[29:41.72]By next afternoon we were steaming west from the coast of Ireland 
[29:46.22]with nothing out ahead of us but ocean. 
[29:56.67]Take her to sea, Mr Murdoch. 
[29:59.90]- Let's stretch her legs. - Yes, sir. 
[30:04.87]- All ahead full, Mr Moody. - Very good, sir. 
[30:12.78]All ahead full. 
[30:14.15]All ahead full! 
[30:16.49]Come on, lads. Step lively. 
[30:36.84]Let's stoke them right up! We're going full ahead! 
[31:37.00]21 knots, sir. 
[31:47.38]Hey, look, look, look! Look, look! 
[31:52.38]See it? 
[31:57.19]There's another one! See him? 
[32:09.13]Look at that one! 
[32:11.03]Look at him jump! 
[32:38.09]I can see the Statue of Liberty already! 
[32:40.86]Very small, of course. 
[32:45.13]I'm the king of the world! 
[33:34.82]She is the largest moving object ever made by the hand of man 
[33:37.75]in all history. 
[33:39.69]Our master shipbuilder, Mr Andrews, 
[33:42.86]designed her. 
[33:44.49]I knocked her together 
[33:46.46]but the idea was Mr Ismay's. 
[33:49.07]He envisioned a steamer so grand in scale 
[33:52.57]that its supremacy would never be challenged. 
[33:56.01]And here she is 
[33:57.67]willed into solid reality. 
[33:59.91]Hear, hear. 
[34:06.98]You know I don't like that, Rose. 
[34:12.82]She knows. 
[34:16.23]We'll both have the lamb, rare, with very little mint sauce. 
[34:20.83]You like lamb, right, sweet pea? 
[34:25.30]Are you gonna cut her meat for her, too, Cal? 
[34:31.27]Hey, who thought of the name "Titanic"? Was it you, Bruce? 
[34:35.55]Yes, actually. 
[34:37.21]I wanted to convey sheer size, and the size means stability, 
[34:42.22]luxury, and, above all, strength. 
[34:46.42]Do you know of Dr Freud, Mr Ismay? 
[34:49.03]His ideas about male preoccupation with size might interest you. 
[34:54.86]- What's gotten into you? - Excuse me. 
[35:01.74]I do apologise. 
[35:03.94]She's a pistol, Cal. Hope you can handle her. 
[35:06.21]Well, I may have to start minding what she reads, Mrs Brown. 
[35:10.81]Freud... who is he? Is he a passenger? 
[35:15.45]...turns the propeller, 
[35:18.62]makes these waves, 
[35:21.29]makes them spin. 
[35:26.50]The ship is nice, uh? 
[35:29.17]- Yeah, it's an Irish ship. - Is English, no? 
[35:32.30]No, it was built in Ireland. 15,000 Irishmen built this ship. 
[35:36.91]That's typical. 
[35:38.64]First-class dogs come down here to take a shite. 
[35:42.61]It lets us know where we rank. 
[35:44.78]Like we could forget? 
[35:47.38]I'm Tommy Ryan. 
[35:49.52]- Jack Dawson. - Fabrizio. 
[35:51.99]Hi. Do you make any money with your drawings? 
[36:05.23]Oh, forget it, boyo. You'd as like have angels fly out of your arse 
[36:10.61]as get next to the likes of her. 
[36:35.50]I saw my whole life as if I'd already lived it, 
[36:39.90]an endless parade of parties and cotillions, 
[36:43.84]yachts and polo matches. 
[36:46.74]Always the same narrow people, the same mindless chatter. 
[36:51.75]I felt like I was standing at a great precipice 
[36:55.95]with no-one to pull me back. 
[36:58.69]No-one who cared, or even noticed. 
[38:52.60]Don't do it. 
[38:54.07]Stay back. 
[38:56.17]Don't come any closer. 
[38:59.18]Come on. 
[39:01.31]- Gimme your hand. I'll pull you back. - No! 
[39:04.45]Stay where you are. I mean it. 
[39:07.82]I'll let go. 
[39:19.40]No, you won't. 
[39:22.53]What do you mean, no, I won't? 
[39:25.50]Don't presume to tell me what I will and will not do. 
[39:29.34]Well, you would've done it already. 
[39:31.47]You're distracting me. Go away. 
[39:34.14]I can't. 
[39:35.78]I'm involved now. 
[39:38.21]You let go and I'm gonna have to jump in there after you. 
[39:43.42]Don't be absurd. You'll be killed. 
[39:46.39]- I'm a good swimmer. - The fall alone would kill you. 
[39:50.26]It would hurt. I'm not saying it wouldn't. 
[39:53.83]But I'm more concerned about that water being so cold. 
[40:04.31]How cold? 
[40:06.24]Freezing. Maybe a couple of degrees over. 
[40:13.15]You ever, uh... 
[40:15.55]Ever been to Wisconsin? 
[40:21.82]They have some of the coldest winters. 
[40:24.43]I grew up there, near Chippewa Falls. 
[40:27.70]When I was a kid, me and my father went ice fishing 
[40:31.70]out on Lake Wissota. 
[40:33.74]Ice fishing is where you... 
[40:35.81]I know what ice fishing is! 
[40:41.21]You just seem like, you know, kind of an indoor girl. 
[40:46.92]Anyway, I, uh... 
[40:49.25]I fell through some thin ice. 
[40:51.72]And I'm telling you 
[40:54.52]water that cold, like right down there, 
[40:57.96]it hits you like a thousand knives stabbing you all over. 
[41:02.10]You can't breathe... 
[41:05.90]You can't think... 
[41:07.97]At least not about anything but the pain. 
[41:12.21]Which is why I'm not looking forward to jumping in there after you. 
[41:17.18]Like I said, 
[41:20.62]I don't have a choice. 
[41:26.39]I'm hoping you'll come back over the rail and get me off the hook here. 
[41:31.49]You're crazy. 
[41:34.10]That's what everybody says, but... 
[41:37.37]With all due respect, miss, I'm not the one hanging off the back of a ship. 
[41:42.74]Come on. 
[41:44.87]Come on, gimme your hand. 
[41:47.81]You don't wanna do this. 
[42:04.93]I'm Jack Dawson. 
[42:07.03]Rose DeWitt Bukater. 
[42:09.10]I'll have to get you to write that down! 
[42:14.00]Come on. 
[42:20.51]I got you! Come on! 
[42:23.61]Come on! 
[42:29.25]Help! Please! 
[42:30.75]Help! Please! 
[42:34.12]- Please help me! - Listen! Listen to me! 
[42:36.86]I've got you. I won't let go. 
[42:38.73]Now pull yourself up. Come on! 
[42:43.70]Come on. 
[42:44.70]That's right. 
[42:46.30]You can do it. 
[42:52.84]I got you. 
[42:59.25]What's all this? 
[43:07.19]You stand back! And don't move an inch! 
[43:11.66]Fetch the master-at-arms! 
[43:13.80]Care for a brandy? 
[43:15.93]This is completely unacceptable! 
[43:18.70]How dare you put your hands on my fianc閑! 
[43:22.14]- Look at me, you filth! - Cal... 
[43:24.57]- What do you think you were doing? - Cal, stop! It was an accident. 
[43:29.21]An accident? 
[43:31.28]It was. 
[43:32.88]Stupid, really. 
[43:35.08]I was leaning over and I slipped. 
[43:39.86]I was leaning far over to see the, uh... 
[43:46.10]the, uh... 
[43:47.20]- Propellers? - Propellers. And I slipped. 
[43:50.40]I would have gone overboard, but Mr Dawson here saved me 
[43:54.84]and almost went over himself. 
[43:57.61]- She wanted to see the propellers! - Women and machinery do not mix. 
[44:02.31]Was that the way of it? 
[44:06.98]Yeah. Yeah, that was pretty much it. 
[44:09.69]The boy's a hero, then. Good for you, son. Well done. 
[44:13.52]So it's all's well, and, uh... 
[44:15.79]back to our brandy, eh? 
[44:17.89]Look at you. You must be freezing. Let's get you inside. 
[44:22.10]Perhaps a little something for the boy? 
[44:26.70]Of course. 
[44:28.24]Mr Lovejoy, I think a 20 should do it. 
[44:31.51]Is that the going rate for saving the woman you love? 
[44:36.95]Rose is displeased. What to do... 
[44:41.02]I know. 
[44:44.25]Perhaps you could join us for dinner tomorrow evening 
[44:48.59]to regale our group with... your heroic tale. 
[44:55.16]Sure. Count me in. 
[44:57.23]Good. Settled, then. 
[45:00.37]- This should be interesting. - Mmm. 
[45:11.58]Can I, uh... bum a smoke? 
[45:21.76]You'll want to tie those. 
[45:26.66]It's interesting. 
[45:28.40]The young lady slips so suddenly 
[45:30.97]and you still had time to remove your jacket and your shoes. 
[45:50.15]I know you've been melancholy. 
[45:53.32]I don't pretend to know why. 
[45:57.96]I intended to save this 
[46:00.26]until the engagement gala 
[46:03.93]next week. 
[46:06.47]But... I thought... 
[46:11.41]Good gracious! 
[46:13.98]A reminder of my feelings for you. 
[46:16.15]Is it a...? 
[46:17.58]Diamond? Yes. 
[46:21.82]56 carats to be exact. 
[46:26.92]It was worn by Louis XVI, and they called it "Le Coeur de la Mer". 
[46:32.76]The Heart of the Ocean. 
[46:41.07]It's overwhelming. 
[46:43.21]Well, it's for royalty. 
[46:46.28]We are royalty, Rose. 
[46:51.91]You know, there's nothing I couldn't give you. 
[46:55.62]There's nothing I'd deny you 
[46:58.89]if you would not deny me. 
[47:03.86]Oh, open your heart to me, Rose. 
[47:22.61]Well, I've been on my own since I was 15, since my folks died. 
[47:27.52]I had no close kin in that part of the country. 
[47:31.72]So I left and I haven't been back since. 
[47:35.02]You could just call me a tumbleweed blowing in the wind. 
[47:39.66]Well, Rose, we've walked about a mile around this boat deck 
[47:44.20]and chewed over how great the weather's been and how I grew up, 
[47:48.80]but I reckon that's not why you came to talk to me, is it? 
[47:53.48]- Mr Dawson, I... - Jack. 
[47:57.68]I want to thank you for what you did. 
[48:01.12]Notjust for... for pulling me back, but for your discretion. 
[48:05.69]You're welcome. 
[48:07.59]Look, I know what you must be thinking. 
[48:12.90]Poor little rich girl. 
[48:15.03]What does she know about misery? 
[48:17.53]No... No, that's not what I was thinking. 
[48:20.50]I was thinking what could have happened to this girl 
[48:24.34]to make her think she had no way out. 
[48:28.98]Well, I... 
[48:31.28]It was everything. It was my whole world 
[48:34.85]and all the people in it. 
[48:36.95]The inertia of my life... plunging ahead, and me powerless to stop it. 
[48:41.86]God! Look at that thing! 
[48:44.39]You would've gone straight to the bottom. 
[48:47.43]500 invitations have gone out. 
[48:50.47]All of Philadelphia society will be there, 
[48:54.27]and all the while I feel I'm standing in a crowded room 
[48:58.04]screaming at the top of my lungs, and no-one even looks up. 
[49:02.34]Do you love him? 
[49:05.48]Pardon me? 
[49:07.35]Do you love him? 
[49:09.52]You shouldn't be asking me this. 
[49:12.22]It's a simple question. Do you love the guy or not? 
[49:16.86]- This is not a suitable conversation. - Can't you just answer the question? 
[49:23.60]This is absurd. You don't know me and I don't know you, 
[49:27.57]and we are not having this conversation. 
[49:30.91]You are rude and uncouth and... I am leaving now. 
[49:34.48]Jack... Mr Dawson, it's been a pleasure. 
[49:37.48]I sought you out to thank you... 
[49:40.08]- And you insulted me. - You deserved it. 
[49:43.72]- Right. - Right. 
[49:48.26]- I thought you were leaving. - I am. 
[49:52.43]You are so annoying! 
[49:56.26]I don't have to leave. This is my part of the ship. 
[50:00.14]You leave. 
[50:02.04]Well, well, well! Now who's being rude? 
[50:08.78]What is this stupid thing you're carrying around? 
[50:13.12]So what are you? An artist or something? 
[50:17.09]Well... these are rather good. 
[50:24.13]They're, uh... they're very good, actually. 
[50:35.17]Jack, this is exquisite work. 
[50:37.87]- They didn't like them in old Paris. - Paris?! 
[50:41.64]You do get around, for a poor... 
[50:46.55]Well, uh, uh, a person of limited means. 
[50:50.75]A poor guy. You can say it. 
[50:56.29]Well, well, well! 
[51:01.33]And these were drawn from life? 
[51:07.14]That's the good thing about Paris. 
[51:09.67]Lots of girls willing to take their clothes off. 
[51:17.18]You liked this woman. 
[51:19.25]You used her several times. 
[51:22.98]Well, she had beautiful hands, you see? 
[51:27.76]I think you must have had a love affair with her. 
[51:31.16]No, no, no. 
[51:32.33]Just with her hands. 
[51:34.73]She was a one-legged prostitute. 
[51:44.97]She had a good sense of humour, though. 
[51:49.88]And this lady... 
[51:51.61]She used to sit at this bar every night 
[51:56.59]wearing all her jewellery, waiting for her long-lost love. 
[52:01.99]Called her Madame Bijoux. 
[52:04.29]See how her clothes are all moth-eaten? 
[52:08.16]Well, you have a gift, Jack. 
[52:11.27]You do. 
[52:12.87]You see people. 
[52:14.34]I see you. 
[52:20.08]You wouldn't have jumped. 
[52:26.98]But the purpose of university is to find a suitable husband. 
[52:31.59]Rose has already done that. 
[52:33.66]Here comes that vulgar Brown woman. 
[52:36.56]Quickly, get up before she sits with us. 
[52:39.36]Hello, girls. 
[52:40.86]- I was hoping I'd catch you at tea. - We're awfully sorry you missed it. 
[52:45.17]The Countess and I were just off to the boat deck. 
[52:48.07]What a lovely idea. I need to catch up on my gossip. 
[52:57.48]So you've not yet lit the last four boilers? 
[53:00.82]I don't see the need. We are making excellent time. 
[53:04.15]The press knows the size of Titanic. 
[53:07.09]Now I want them to marvel at her speed. 
[53:10.39]We must give them something new to print. 
[53:14.16]This maiden voyage of Titanic 
[53:16.80]must make headlines. 
[53:18.80]Mr Ismay, I would prefer not to push the engines 
[53:22.74]until they've been properly run in. 
[53:25.64]Of course, I'm just a passenger. I leave it to you to decide what's best. 
[53:31.21]But a glorious end to your final trip if we arrive on Tuesday night 
[53:35.52]and surprise them all. Make the morning papers. 
[53:38.42]Retire with a bang, eh, EJ? 
[53:43.99]Good man. 
[53:46.96]Well, after that I worked on a squid boat in Monterey. 
[53:50.90]Then I went to the pier in Santa Monica 
[53:53.50]and started doing portraits there for 10 cents apiece. 
[53:57.64]Why can't I be like you, Jack? Just head out for the horizon 
[54:01.78]whenever I feel like it. 
[54:04.61]Say we'll go there sometime to that pier 
[54:07.88]even if we only just talk about it. 
[54:10.09]No, we'll do it. 
[54:11.82]We'll drink cheap beer. Ride on the roller coaster. 
[54:15.22]Then we'll ride horses on the beach 
[54:18.36]right in the surf. But like a real cowboy. Not that side-saddle stuff. 
[54:24.50]You mean, one leg on each side? 
[54:28.24]- Can you show me? - Sure. If you like. 
[54:32.67]- Teach me to ride like a man. - And chew tobacco like a man. 
[54:37.95]And spit like a man! 
[54:40.38]They didn't teach you that? 
[54:43.79]Come on, I'll show you. 
[54:45.95]I'll show you how. Come on. 
[54:48.19]Jack! No! Jack! No! 
[54:51.09]Wait, Jack. No, Jack. 
[54:53.36]- I couldn't possibly, Jack. - Watch closely. 
[54:58.13]- That's disgusting! - Your turn. 
[55:04.94]You really gotta hawk it back. Use your arms. Arc your neck. 
[55:10.61]See the range on that thing? 
[55:13.38]Okay, go. 
[55:18.72]You gotta work on it. Really try and hawk it up and get some body to it. 
[55:38.21]May I introduce Jack Dawson? 
[55:40.88]Charmed, I'm sure. 
[55:48.12]The others were gracious about the man who saved my life 
[55:53.02]but my mother looked at him like an insect, 
[55:57.19]a dangerous insect, 
[55:59.59]which must be squashed quickly. 
[56:01.90]Sounds like you're a good man to have around in a sticky spot. 
[56:08.70]Why do they always announce dinner like a damn cavalry charge? 
[56:13.71]Shall we go dress, Mother? 
[56:16.38]See you at dinner, Jack. 
[56:19.51]Uh, son? 
[56:23.35]Do you have any idea what you're doing? 
[56:25.85]Not really. 
[56:27.82]Well, you're about to go into the snakepit. 
[56:32.16]What are you planning to wear? 
[56:36.83]I figured. 
[56:39.00]Come on. 
[56:42.54]I was right! You and my son are just about the same size. 
[56:47.28]Pretty close. 
[56:52.65]You shine up like a new penny! 
[57:05.13]Good evening, sir. 
[57:58.78]Good evening. 
[58:10.49]There are several thousand tons of Hockley steel 
[58:14.83]in this very ship. 
[58:18.57]Then we'll know who to hold accountable if there's a problem. 
[58:22.70]There is the Countess. 
[58:24.24]- Hello, my dear. - Good evening, Cal. 
[58:26.37]So good to see you. 
[58:53.20]I saw that in a nickelodeon once and I always wanted to do it. 
[59:09.28]I'll see you at dinner. 
[59:12.62]Surely you remember Mr Dawson? 
[59:17.43]Well, it's amazing! You could almost pass for a gentleman! 
[59:37.61]My dear, it's delightful to see you. 
[59:40.85]What a remarkable voyage this is! Mad, isn't it? 
[59:45.75]There's the Countess of Rothes. 
[59:50.06]And, um... that's John Jacob Astor, the richest man on the ship. 
[59:54.90]His little wifey, Madeleine, is my age and in a delicate condition. 
[59:59.87]See how she's trying to hide it? 
[60:02.60]- Quite the scandal. - Hmm! 
[60:04.74]And that's Benjamin Guggenheim and his mistress Madame Aubert. 
[60:09.38]Mrs Guggenheim is at home with the children. 
[60:12.08]And over here we have Sir Cosmo and Lucille Lady Duff-Gordon. 
[60:16.78]She designs naughty lingerie. 
[60:19.15]Very popular with the royals. 
[60:21.29]Congratulations, Hockley. She's splendid. 
[60:24.16]Why, thank you. 
[60:26.06]Care to escort a lady to dinner? 
[60:30.60]Sweet pea? 
[60:32.67]Sweet pea! 
[60:34.17]Ain't nothin' to it, Jack. They love money, 
[60:37.54]so just pretend like you own a goldmine and you're in the club. 
[60:43.18]Hey, Astor! 
[60:45.51]Well, hello, Molly! Nice to see you. 
[60:48.52]JJ, Madeleine, I'd like you to meet Jack Dawson. 
[60:51.49]- How do you do? - Pleasure. 
[60:52.95]Hello, Jack. 
[60:54.05]Are you of the Boston Dawsons? 







[00:00.51]Well, hello, Molly! Nice to see you. 
[00:03.52]JJ, Madeleine, I'd like you to meet Jack Dawson. 
[00:06.49]- How do you do? - Pleasure. 
[00:07.95]Hello, Jack. 
[00:09.09]Are you of the Boston Dawsons? 
[00:11.16]No... the Chippewa Falls Dawsons, actually. 
[00:14.83]Oh, yes... 
[00:18.67]He must have been nervous, but he never faltered. 
[00:23.37]They assumed he was one of them. 
[00:25.67]Heir to a railroad fortune, perhaps. 
[00:29.44]New money, obviously, but still a member of the club. 
[00:33.71]Mother, of course, could always be counted upon. 
[00:37.48]Tell us of the accommodations in steerage, Mr Dawson. 
[00:41.02]I hear they're quite good. 
[00:42.99]The best I've seen, ma'am. 
[00:45.53]Hardly any rats. 
[00:50.46]Mr Dawson is joining us from the third class. 
[00:53.80]He was of some assistance to my fianc閑 last night. 
[00:56.97]Mr Dawson is quite a fine artist. 
[00:59.31]He was kind enough to show me some of his work today. 
[01:02.58]Rose and I differ somewhat in our definition of fine art. 
[01:05.75]Not to impugn your work, sir. 
[01:12.62]She may be mine on paper 
[01:15.19]but in the eyes of God she belongs to Thomas Andrews. 
[01:18.02]Are these all for me? 
[01:19.66]Start from the outside and work your way in. 
[01:22.30]- He knows every rivet in her. - Your ship is a wonder, Mr Andrews. 
[01:26.57]Thank you, Rose. 
[01:30.94]- How do you take your caviar, sir? - No caviar for me, thanks. 
[01:34.74]Never did like it much. 
[01:37.44]And where exactly do you live, Mr Dawson? 
[01:40.75]Well, right now my address is the RMS Titanic. 
[01:44.08]After that I'm on God's good humour. 
[01:46.45]And how is it you have means to travel? 
[01:48.89]I work my way from place to place. You know, tramp steamers and such. 
[01:53.93]But I won my ticket on Titanic here at a lucky hand at poker. 
[01:58.06]A very lucky hand. 
[02:00.53]All life is a game of luck. 
[02:02.64]A real man makes his own luck, Archie. Right, Dawson? 
[02:08.24]And you find that sort of rootless existence appealing, do you? 
[02:14.81]Well, yes, ma'am, I do. 
[02:16.95]I mean... Got everything I need right here with me. 
[02:20.99]Got air in my lungs and a few sheets of paper. 
[02:23.79]I love waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen 
[02:27.66]or who I'm gonna meet, where I'm gonna wind up. 
[02:31.93]The other night I slept under a bridge. 
[02:34.33]Now I'm on the grandest ship in the world 
[02:37.34]having champagne with you fine people. 
[02:40.34]I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. 
[02:44.81]You never know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. 
[02:49.15]You learn to take life as it comes at you, 
[02:53.69]to make each day count. 
[02:55.82]Well said, Jack. 
[02:57.59]Hear, hear! 
[02:58.99]To making it count. 
[03:03.03]To making it count. 
[03:13.54]Mr Brown had no idea I'd hidden the money in the stove! 
[03:18.41]So he comes home drunk as a pig and he lights a fire! 
[03:25.25]Next it'll be brandies in the smoking room. 
[03:30.06]Join me in a brandy, gentlemen? 
[03:32.36]Now they retreat into a cloud of smoke 
[03:34.96]and congratulate each other on being masters of the universe. 
[03:38.66]Ladies, thank you for your company. 
[03:40.90]- May I escort you to the cabin? - No, I'll stay here. 
[03:44.84]Here you go, Molly. 
[03:47.61]Joining us, Dawson? 
[03:50.01]Don't want to stay with the women, do you? 
[03:52.45]No, thanks. I've gotta be heading back. 
[03:55.35]Probably best. It'll be all business and politics. Wouldn't interest you. 
[04:01.42]But, Dawson... Good of you to come. 
[04:08.86]Jack, must you go? 
[04:11.00]Time for me to row with the other slaves. 
[04:16.84]Good night, Rose. 
[04:58.71]So you wanna go to a real party? 
[05:10.76]Is okay I put my hand here? 
[05:27.44]Talla frikken svenska? 
[05:32.68]I can't understand you. 
[06:02.07]Bravo! Bravo! 
[06:04.21]Come on, guys, let's go! Ho! 
[06:06.55]I'm gonna dance with her now, all right? 
[06:09.88]Come on. 
[06:11.05]Come on! 
[06:12.62]Come with me. 
[06:13.79]Jack... Jack, wait! 
[06:17.39]I can't do this. 
[06:19.09]We have to get a bit closer. 
[06:21.29]Like this. 
[06:25.23]You're still my best girl, Cora. 
[06:30.27]- I don't know the steps. - Neither do I. Just go with it. 
[06:34.44]Don't think. 
[06:55.03]Wait, Jack! Wait! Stop, Jack! 
[07:50.22]Jack... No! 
[07:57.59]...jurisdiction of the Sherman Act, so my lawyers will argue. 
[08:01.83]That's what Rockefeller said, but the court is not swallowing it. 
[08:27.05]You think a first-class girl can't drink? 
[08:30.52]Get outta here! 
[08:32.66]You all right? 
[08:38.60]Two out of three, two out of three. 
[08:43.54]You think you're big, tough men? 
[08:46.01]Let's see you do this. 
[08:49.54]Hold this for me, Jack. 
[08:51.91]Hold it up. 
[09:09.80]Jesus, Mary and Joseph! 
[09:11.93]- You all right? - I haven't done that in years! 
[09:23.21]Go see Maggie, lads. Let's go! 
[09:51.84]Coffee, sir? 
[10:01.65]I had hoped you would come to me last night. 
[10:07.49]I was tired. 
[10:09.82]Your exertions below decks were no doubt exhausting. 
[10:16.26]I see you had that undertaker of a manservant follow me. How typical. 
[10:21.70]You will never behave like that again, Rose. Do you understand? 
[10:26.51]I'm not a foreman in one of your mills that you can command. 
[10:30.91]I'm your fianc閑. 
[10:35.21]My fianc閑? My fianc閑?! 
[10:37.32]Yes, you are, and my wife! 
[10:40.82]M wife in practice if not yet by law, so you will honour me. 
[10:45.66]You will honour me the way a wife is required to. 
[10:49.13]I will not be made a fool of. 
[10:51.10]Is this in any way unclear? 
[10:57.37]Excuse me. 
[11:04.24]Miss Rose! 
[11:06.25]- We had a little... accident. - That's all right, Miss Rose. 
[11:10.08]I'm sorry, Trudy. Let me help you. 
[11:13.02]It's all right, miss. 
[11:20.73]It's all right, miss. 
[11:27.87]Tea, Trudy. 
[11:29.10]Yes, ma'am. 
[11:47.22]You're not to see that boy again. Do you understand me? 
[11:51.52]Rose, I forbid it. 
[11:54.33]Oh, stop it, Mother. You'll give yourself a nosebleed. 
[11:58.33]This is not a game. 
[12:00.33]Our situation is precarious. You know the money's gone. 
[12:04.34]Of course I know it's gone. 
[12:07.01]You remind me every day. 
[12:09.14]Your father left us nothing but a legacy of bad debts 
[12:13.05]hidden by a good name. 
[12:14.71]That name is the only card we have to play. 
[12:17.88]I don't understand you. 
[12:20.49]It is a fine match with Hockley. 
[12:23.06]It will ensure our survival. 
[12:25.19]How can you put this on my shoulders? 
[12:27.86]Why are you being so selfish? 
[12:29.66]I'm being selfish? 
[12:35.60]Do you want to see me working as a seamstress? 
[12:40.31]Is that what you want? 
[12:44.91]To see our fine things sold at auction? 
[12:48.05]Our memories scattered to the winds! 
[13:02.33]It's so unfair. 
[13:05.03]Of course it's unfair. 
[13:08.37]We're women. 
[13:12.34]Our choices are never easy. 
[13:35.96]Protect them by thy guardian hand... 
[13:40.20]From every peril on the land... 
[13:47.11]O spirit, whom the father sent... 
[13:51.71]To spread across the firmament... 
[13:55.85]O wind of heaven, by thy might... 
[14:00.82]Save all who dare the eagle's flight... 
[14:05.89]And keep them by thy watchful... 
[14:12.16]Hello, Mr Andrews. 
[14:14.07]Hello, Jack. 
[14:23.74]- Sir... - I just need to talk to somebody... 
[14:26.98]You're not supposed to be in here. 
[14:29.52]Fire and foe... 
[14:31.68]Protect them... 
[14:33.19]- You don't remember me? - No, I don't. 
[14:35.82]- You'll have to turn around. - He'll tell you. 
[14:38.72]I just... 
[14:40.09]Mr Hockley and Mrs DeWitt Bukater 
[14:42.93]continue to be appreciative of your assistance. 
[14:46.90]They asked me to give you this in gratitude. 
[14:50.34]I don't want your money... 
[14:51.80]You hold a third-class ticket. Your presence here is no longer appropriate. 
[14:57.94]Please, I just wanna speak to Rose... 
[15:00.05]Gentlemen, please see that Mr Dawson gets back to where he belongs 
[15:03.98]and that he stays there. 
[15:06.19]Yes, sir. 
[15:07.25]Come along, you. 
[15:11.02]O hear us when we cry to Thee... 
[15:14.46]For those in peril on the sea... 
[15:20.17]- Why two steeri, ng wheels? - We only use this near shore. 
[15:24.20]Sir, another ice warning. This one's from the Noordam. 
[15:28.11]Thank you, Sparks. 
[15:31.14]Oh, not to worry. Quite normal for this time of year. 
[15:35.01]In fact, we're speeding up. I've just ordered the last boilers lit. 
[15:43.69]Okay, son, wind it up tight like I showed you. 
[15:46.83]Okay, let it go. 
[15:51.63]- Was good, wasn't it? - Quite nice. 
[15:53.63]That's excellent, son. 
[15:59.30]Mr Andrews, forgive me... 
[16:03.81]I did the sum in my head... 
[16:05.94]With the number of lifeboats times the capacity you mentioned 
[16:10.58]it seems there are not enough for everyone. 
[16:13.82]About half, actually. 
[16:15.95]Rose, you miss nothing, do you? 
[16:18.66]In fact, I put in these new type davits 
[16:21.59]which can take an extra row of boats. 
[16:24.53]But it was thought by some that the deck would look too cluttered 
[16:28.93]so I was overruled. 
[16:32.07]Waste of deck space on an unsinkable ship. 
[16:35.31]Sleep soundly, young Rose. 
[16:37.31]I have built you a good ship, strong and true. 
[16:40.58]She is all the lifeboat you need. 
[16:42.88]Just keep heading aft. 
[16:45.02]Come on. 
[16:50.56]Jack, this is impossible. 
[16:53.06]I can't see you. 
[16:55.19]- I need to talk to you. - No, Jack, no. 
[16:58.93]Jack, I'm engaged. 
[17:02.77]I'm marrying Cal. 
[17:04.90]I love Cal. 
[17:09.11]Rose... you're no picnic. 
[17:13.11]You're a spoiled little brat, even. 
[17:15.91]But you're the most amazingly astounding, wonderful girl, 
[17:22.95]- that I've ever known, and... - Jack... 
[17:25.86]Let me try and get this out. 
[17:27.96]You're ama... 
[17:31.06]I'm not an idiot. I know how the world works. 
[17:34.53]I've got ten bucks in my pocket and I have nothing to offer you. 
[17:39.37]I understand. 
[17:41.77]But I'm too involved now. 
[17:43.91]You jump, I jump, remember? 
[17:46.04]I can't turn away without knowing you'll be all right. That's all I want. 
[17:53.45]Well, I'm fine. 
[17:56.05]I'll be fine... Really. 
[18:03.06]I don't think so. 
[18:05.16]They've got you trapped, Rose, and you'll die if you don't break free. 
[18:10.07]Maybe not right away because you're strong, but 
[18:13.37]that fire that I love about you, Rose, 
[18:16.74]that fire is gonna burn out. 
[18:23.22]It's not up to you to save me, Jack. 
[18:28.62]You're right. 
[18:31.06]Only you can do that. 
[18:38.53]I'm going back. 
[18:40.63]Leave me alone. 
[18:52.74]Tell Lucille about the disaster you had with the stationer's. 
[18:57.18]The invitations had to be sent back twice. 
[19:00.09]Oh, my dear! 
[19:01.59]And the dreadful bridesmaids' gowns - what an odyssey that has been! 
[19:05.72]Rose decided she wanted lavender. 
[19:08.79]She knows I detest the colour, so she did it to spite me. 
[19:12.03]If only you'd come to me sooner. 
[19:14.27]Ruth saw some of my designs in "La Mode Illustree". 
[19:17.30]They were for the Duchess of Marlborough's youngest. 
[19:20.67]They were quite charming. But I think you'll agree, my dear, 
[19:24.04]together we've created something of a phoenix from the ashes! 
[19:41.03]Hello, Jack. 
[19:48.57]I changed my mind. 
[19:55.81]- They said you might be... - Shh... 
[20:00.05]Give me your hand. 
[20:09.59]Now close your eyes. 
[20:12.52]Go on. 
[20:17.03]Step up. 
[20:21.70]Now hold on to the railing. 
[20:24.00]- Keep your eyes closed. Don't peek. - I'm not. 
[20:28.57]Step up onto the rail. 
[20:34.38]Hold on... Hold on. 
[20:36.48]Keep your eyes closed. 
[20:38.78]Do you trust me? 
[20:40.92]I trust you. 
[20:52.13]All right... 
[20:53.80]Open your eyes. 
[21:02.01]I'm flying! 
[21:29.83]Come, Josephine, on my flying machine... 
[21:33.97]Going up, she goes, up, she goes... 
[22:24.76]That was the last time Titanic ever saw daylight. 
[22:28.93]So we're up to dusk the night of the sinking. 
[22:32.66]Six hours to go. 
[22:34.70]Smith's standing there, the iceberg warning in his fucking hand, 
[22:39.94]and he's ordering more speed. 
[22:42.67]26 years of experience working against him. 
[22:46.34]He figures anything big enough to sink the ship they'll see in time to turn. 
[22:51.25]But the ship's too big with too small a rudder. Doesn't corner worth a damn. 
[22:56.42]Everything he knows is wrong. 
[23:10.44]It's quite proper, I assure you! 
[23:13.57]This is the sitting room. 
[23:16.71]- Will this light do? - What? 
[23:19.14]Don't artists need good light? 
[23:21.45]I am not used to working in such 
[23:24.65]horrible conditions. 
[23:29.25]- Do you know his work? - Of course! 
[23:32.36]Look at his use of colour here! 
[23:34.53]I know, it's extraordinary. 
[23:38.46]Cal insists on carting this hideous thing everywhere. 
[23:43.07]Should we be expecting him any time soon? 
[23:46.40]Not as long as the cigars and brandy hold out. 
[23:51.91]That's nice! 
[23:54.01]What is it? A sapphire? 
[23:56.55]A diamond. 
[23:58.55]A very rare diamond. 
[24:02.42]Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls 
[24:07.49]wearing this. 
[24:09.59]All right. 
[24:12.43]Wearing only this. 
[24:49.93]The last thing I need 
[24:51.84]is another picture of me looking like a porcelain doll. 
[24:57.54]As a paying customer 
[25:01.61]I expect to get what I want. 
[25:21.57]Over on the bed... the couch. 
[25:32.51]Go... lie down. 
[25:37.15]Tell me when it looks right. 
[25:39.25]Put your arm back the way it was. 
[25:43.52]Put that other arm up... That hand right by your face. 
[25:50.93]Now, head down... 
[25:55.53]Eyes to me. Keep them on me. 
[25:58.44]And try to stay still. 
[26:19.86]So serious! 
[27:02.97]I believe you are blushing, Mr Big Artiste. 
[27:10.74]I can't imagine Monsieur Monet blushing. 
[27:14.45]He does landscapes. 
[27:16.95]- Just relax your face. - Sorry. 
[27:20.22]No laughing. 
[27:52.42]My heart was pounding the whole time. 
[27:55.85]It was the most erotic moment of my life. 
[28:03.59]Up until then, at least. 
[28:06.16]So what happened next? 
[28:08.03]You mean... did we do it? 
[28:13.97]Sorry to disappoint you, Mr Bodine. 
[28:16.47]Jack was very professional. 
[28:27.62]Thank you. 
[28:36.59]What are you doing? 
[28:37.93]Will you put this back in the safe for me? 
[28:53.31]Would you excuse me? 
[28:56.45]None of the stewards have seen her. 
[28:59.55]This is absurd. 
[29:01.69]It's a ship. There's only so many places she could be. 
[29:05.62]Lovejoy, find her. 
[29:25.04]- Clear. - Yes. 
[29:27.78]I don't think I've ever seen such a flat calm. 
[29:31.12]Like a millpond. 
[29:32.92]Not a breath of wind. 
[29:36.72]It will make the bergs harder to see 
[29:39.89]with no breaking water at the base. 
[29:53.00]Well, I'm off. 
[29:54.97]Maintain speed and heading, Mr Lightoller. 
[29:58.38]Yes, sir. 
[30:10.52]It's getting cold. 
[30:12.62]You look nice. 
[30:14.29]Miss Rose? 
[30:15.99]My drawings! 
[30:49.29]Wait, wait, wait! 
[30:51.13]Go, go! 
[30:52.23]Down, down! 
[31:27.53]Pretty tough for a valet, this fellow. 
[31:30.43]- Seems more like a cop. - I think he was. 
[31:33.34]Oh, shit! 
[31:40.38]No, over here! 
[31:50.25]Now what! 
[32:00.26]What are you two doing here? 
[32:03.00]You shouldn't be here! It's dangerous! 
[32:09.47]Carry on! 
[32:11.18]Don't mind us! You're doing a greatjob! Keep up the good work! 
[32:31.56]Look what we have here, huh? 
[32:51.75]Thank you. 
[33:04.66]Where to, miss? 
[33:07.90]To the stars. 
[33:28.45]Are you nervous? 
[33:50.61]Put your hands on me, Jack. 
[34:15.57]God, it's bloody cold. 
[34:18.10]You know, I can smell ice, you know... when it's near. 
[34:25.01]But I can, all right? 
[34:26.91]Did you ever find those binoculars? 
[34:29.65]Haven't seen them since Southampton. 
[34:32.35]Well, I'll be on my rounds. Cheerio. 
[35:06.65]You're trembling. 
[35:10.05]Don't worry. I'll be all right. 
[35:33.61]They ran down there. 
[35:44.32]Anything missing? 
[36:12.35]I've got a better idea. 
[36:39.04]Did you see those guys' faces? 
[36:41.65]Did you see the...? 
[36:49.72]When the ship docks 
[36:52.29]I'm getting off with you. 
[36:54.46]This is crazy. 
[36:56.79]I know! It doesn't make any sense. 
[37:00.76]That's why I trust it. 
[37:11.44]Oh, yes... Here, look at this. 
[37:14.71]- Look at that, would ya? - They're a bit warmer than we are. 
[37:19.25]Well, if that's what it takes for us to get warm, I'd rather not! 
[37:35.60]Bugger me! 
[37:42.54]Pick up, you bastards! 
[37:47.28]- Is there anyone there?! - Yes, what do you see? 
[37:50.28]Iceberg! Right ahead! 
[37:52.05]Thank you. 
[37:54.95]Iceberg! Right ahead! 
[37:56.89]Hard to starboard! 
[38:05.70]Turn! Turn! Steady! 
[38:12.94]Full astern! 
[38:16.31]Hard over! 
[38:17.81]Helm's hard over, sir! 
[38:23.38]Go, lads! Go! 
[38:31.49]Shut all the dampers! 
[38:33.72]Shut them! 
[38:39.46]Hold it! 
[38:42.10]Hold it! 
[38:44.70]Now! Engage the reversing engine! 
[39:14.77]Why aren't they turning?! 
[39:17.20]Is it hard over?! 
[39:18.84]It is, yes, sir, hard over! 
[39:24.31]Come on... come on... come on... 
[39:46.46]It's going to hit! 
[39:59.74]Jesus Christ! 
[40:23.37]Hard to port! 
[40:24.64]Hard to port! 
[40:35.88]Get back! 
[41:06.81]Come on, let's go! They're closing the doors! 
[41:10.31]Get out! 
[41:13.05]Get out! Get out! 
[41:18.22]Get out the door! 
[41:19.69]Go on! 
[41:20.89]Come on, lads! 
[41:22.79]Go, lads, go! 
[41:31.37]Get out! 
[41:52.19]Oh, my God... 
[41:53.62]That was a close shave, weren't it? 
[41:56.36]Smell ice, can ya? Bleedin' Christ! 
[42:03.33]Note the time and enter it in the log. 
[42:11.81]What was that, Mr Murdoch? 
[42:14.11]An iceberg, sir. 
[42:16.38]I put her hard to starboard and ran the engines full astern 
[42:20.22]but it was too close. I tried to port round it, but she hit and... 
[42:23.82]- Close the watertight doors. - Doors are closed, sir. 
[42:30.03]All stop. 
[42:38.77]Find the carpenter. Get him to sound the ship. 
[42:41.71]Yes, sir! 
[42:46.44]Porca puttana! 
[42:49.31]Che cazzo e? 
[42:53.15]Come on, let's get the hell out of here! 
[42:56.05]Come on, hurry up! 
[43:02.56]Why have the engines stopped? I felt a shudder. 
[43:05.90]I shouldn't worry, madam. We've likely thrown a propeller blade. 
[43:09.70]- May I bring you anything? - No, thank you. 
[43:18.24]- Did you see anything? - I don't see anything now, do you? 
[43:23.85]If this is the direction the rats are going, that's good enough for me. 
[43:29.95]Please, sir, please... everything's under control. 
[43:34.76]- You there. - Sir, there is no emergency. 
[43:37.46]- I have been robbed. - Get the master-at-arms. 
[43:39.96]- Now, you moron! - Yes, sir. 
[43:46.34]Hey, you're gonna miss the fun. 
[43:48.71]- Did you see what happened? - No. Apparently, it hit over there. 
[43:54.75]It's flooded eight feet and the mail hold is worse. 
[43:57.78]- Can you shore up? - Not unless the pumps get ahead. 
[44:01.05]- Have you seen the mail-hold damage? - No, she's already underwater. 
[44:04.92]This is bad. 
[44:07.79]We should tell Mother and Cal. 
[44:11.60]I think they're very good, sir. 
[44:14.90]Don't touch anything. I want the entire room photographed. 
[44:19.30]Just keep holding my hand. 
[44:23.91]We've been looking for you, miss. 
[44:30.15]Well, here we go. 
[44:37.22]Something serious has happened. 
[44:41.16]Yes, it has. 
[44:43.16]Indeed. Two things dear to me have disappeared this evening. 
[44:47.80]Now that one is back, I've an idea where to find the other. Search him. 
[44:52.80]- Take your coat off, sir. - Now what? 
[44:55.74]Cal, we're in the middle of an emergency. 
[44:58.18]What's going on? 
[44:59.94]- Is this it? - That's it. 
[45:01.81]This is horseshit! 
[45:04.21]Don't you believe it, Rose! 
[45:06.42]- He couldn't have. - Of course he could. 
[45:10.95]But I was with him the whole time. 
[45:13.46]Perhaps he did it while you were putting your clothes back on, dear. 
[45:18.23]Rose, they put it in my pocket. 
[45:20.53]Shut up. 
[45:21.67]It isn't even your pocket. 
[45:23.67]Property of AL Ryerson. 
[45:29.54]- That was reported stolen. - I borrowed it. I was gonna return it. 
[45:33.84]- We have an honest thief, do we? - You know I didn't do this, Rose. 
[45:38.05]Don't you believe them, Rose. 
[45:41.05]You know I didn't do it. You know I didn't do it, Rose! 
[45:44.32]Come on, son. There's a good lad. 
[45:46.86]Come on. 
[45:47.92]You know I didn't do it! You know me! 
[45:51.86]Most unfortunate, Captain. 
[45:57.37]Water... 14 feet above the keel in 10 minutes 
[46:01.34]in the forepeak, in all three holds and in boiler room six. 
[46:04.94]That's right, sir. 
[46:06.41]- When can we get under way, damn it! - That's five compartments! 
[46:11.25]She can stay afloat with the first four compartments breached, but not five. 
[46:16.59]Not five. 
[46:18.16]As she goes down by the head 
[46:20.29]the water will spill over the bulkheads, from one to the next. 
[46:24.69]Back and back. There's no stopping it. 
[46:27.60]The pumps... 
[46:28.67]The pumps buy you time, but minutes only. 
[46:32.60]From this moment, no matter what we do, 
[46:35.47]Titanic will founder. 
[46:40.51]But this ship can't sink. 
[46:42.68]She's made of iron, sir. I assure you she can, 
[46:45.75]and she will. 
[46:48.22]It is a mathematical certainty. 
[46:54.22]How much time? 
[47:02.37]An hour... 
[47:04.00]Two at most. 
[47:10.97]And how many aboard, Mr Murdoch? 
[47:13.88]2,200 souls on board, sir. 
[47:23.32]Well, I believe you may get your headlines, Mr Ismay. 
[47:44.64]Oh, it is a little slut, isn't it? Look at me when I'm talking to you! 
[47:49.35]- Mr Hockley? - Not now! We're busy! 
[47:52.65]Sir, please put on your lifebelt... 
[47:55.49]I said not now. 
[47:57.39]I'm sorry but it's Captain's orders. Now, please, dress warmly. 
[48:01.73]It's quite cold out tonight. 
[48:05.40]May I suggest topcoats and hats? 
[48:07.73]This is ridiculous. 
[48:11.07]Not to worry, miss. I am sure it's just a precaution. 
[48:14.91]Everybody up! Lifebelts on! 
[48:18.64]What's he on about? 
[48:20.31]- Lifebelts on! - What's the ruckus? 
[48:21.61]Just put your lifebelts on! 
[48:30.22]That's right. CQD. The distress call. 
[48:32.76]That's our position. 
[48:39.53]Tell whoever responds that we're going down by the head 
[48:42.47]and need immediate assistance. 
[49:04.42]Keep lowering! Keep lowering! 
[49:30.21]Mr Wilde! Where are the passengers? 
[49:32.12]We moved them back inside. It's too damn cold and noisy for them. 
[49:37.25]Help with these lines! 
[49:54.44]Care for a drink, sir? 
[49:58.68]Hey, sonny, what's doing? You got us all trussed up here 
[50:02.21]- and now we're cooling our heels. - Sorry, ma'am. Let me find out. 
[50:05.72]I don't think anybody knows what the hell's going on. 
[50:08.89]It's the goddamned English doing everything by the... book. 
[50:12.46]There's no need for language, Mr Hockley. 
[50:14.83]Go and turn the heaters on in our rooms. I'd like a cup of tea when I return. 
[50:19.53]Yes, ma'am. 
[50:23.07]This ship has 15 watertight barricades. 
[50:26.14]Would you put your lifebelt on, please? 
[50:31.21]Mr Andrews... 
[50:33.54]I saw the iceberg, and I see it in your eyes. 
[50:37.31]Please tell me the truth. 
[50:46.76]The ship will sink. 
[50:49.89]You're certain? 
[50:52.66]Yes. In an hour or so 
[50:54.93]all this will be at the bottom of the Atlantic. 
[51:01.00]Tell only who you must. I don't want to be responsible for a panic. 
[51:05.44]And get to a boat quickly. Don't wait. 
[51:09.31]You remember what I told you about the boats? 
[51:17.85]I understand. 
[51:27.60]Over here, sir. 
[51:29.40]Sir, they need you in the second-class purser's office. There's a mob up there. 
[51:34.07]- Go on. I'll keep an eye on him. - Aye. Right. 
[51:50.79]Sir! Carpathia says they're making 17 knots. 
[51:55.53]Full steam for them, sir. 
[51:58.40]- She's the only one responding? - The only one close, sir. 
[52:01.67]They can be here in four hours. 
[52:03.70]Four hours?! 
[52:10.84]Thank you, Bride. 
[52:16.51]My God...! 
[52:27.69]We are swung out and ready, sir. 
[52:30.19]Hadn't we better get the women and children into the boats, sir? 
[52:36.87]Yes, we... 
[52:42.57]Women and children first. 
[52:46.81]Yes, sir. 
[52:50.58]Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please! 
[52:54.28]Step this way, please! That's right. 
[52:57.22]Come towards me! 
[52:59.42]Thank you. 
[53:02.39]For the time being I shall require only women and children. 
[53:06.93]Right here. 
[53:07.96]Like the Captain said, 
[53:10.23]nice and cheery so there's no panic. 
[53:13.10]"Wedding Dance." 
[53:23.68]Lifebelts on! Put your lifebelts on! 
[53:26.68]Put your lifebelts on! 
[53:28.25]Here, put your lifebelt on. Here, come on... 
[53:37.63]It isn't time to go up to the boats yet. 
[53:40.46]Please stay calm. 
[53:42.63]Look, please make sure you've got your lifebelts on. 
[53:46.54]Women and children to the front. 
[53:48.84]What are we doing, Mummy? 
[53:51.07]When the first-class people are in the boats, they'll start with us 
[53:54.98]and we'll want to be ready. 
[54:00.92]Go and get some help. 
[54:02.49]Lower away! Left and right together! 
[54:07.62]Both sides together! 
[54:14.93]Stop! Stop! 
[54:17.73]Hold the left side! 
[54:19.14]Right side only! Right side only! 
[54:22.04]Right side only! 
[54:23.54]Hold the left side! 
[54:25.01]Right side down! Lower away together! 
[54:29.31]Steady, lads! 
[55:18.93]You know, I do believe this ship may sink. 
[55:22.90]I've been asked to give you this small token of our appreciation. 
[55:31.44]Compliments of Mr Caledon Hockley. 
[55:40.12]Come on, sister, you heard the man. Into the boat. 
[55:43.75]- Any room for a gentleman, gentlemen? - Only women at this time, sir. 
[55:49.29]Will the lifeboats be seated according to class? 
[55:54.96]I hope they're not too crowded. 
[55:57.93]Oh, Mother... Shut up! Don't you understand?! 
[56:01.94]The water is freezing and there aren't enough boats! Not enough by half. 
[56:06.64]Half the people on this ship are going to die. 
[56:10.25]Not the better half. 
[56:13.75]Come on, Ruth, get in the boat. 
[56:16.22]First-class seats are right up here. 
[56:17.82]It's a pity I didn't keep that drawing. It'll be worth more by morning. 
[56:22.09]Women and children towards the front. 
[56:26.13]You unimaginable bastard. 
[56:29.33]Come on, Rose, darling. There's plenty of room for you. 
[56:33.84]- Come on, Rose. You're next. - Come into the boat, Rose. 
[56:43.25]Get into the boat! 
[56:47.92]Goodbye, Mother. 
[56:53.39]Where are you going? 
[56:56.06]To him?! 
[56:58.06]To be a whore to a gutter rat?! 
[57:00.53]I'd rather be his whore than your wife! 
[57:05.57]No... No! 
[57:08.30]I said no! 
[57:12.48]Please stop! 
[57:14.54]- And lower away! - Rose! 
[57:17.68]- Man the tiller! - No, wait! 
[57:22.59]Hold the left side there! 
[57:28.86]Can anybody hear me! 
[57:32.13]Hello, help me! 
[57:35.20]Help me! 
[57:38.50]Help me! Can anybody hear me! 
[57:41.14]Somebody help me! 
[57:45.21]Mr Andrews! 
[57:49.95]Check the starboard corridor. 
[57:52.22]Madam, please, put on a lifebelt. 
[57:55.49]Lucy, for God's sake, put on your lifebelt. Set a good example. 
[57:59.76]Anyone in here? 
[58:00.92]Mr Andrews, thank God! Where would they take someone under arrest? 
[58:05.76]You have to get to a boat right away. 
[58:08.63]I'm doing this with or without your help, but without will take longer. 
[58:13.97]Take the elevator to the very bottom. Go left down the crewmen's passage. 
[58:19.61]Go right and left again at the stairs. You'll come to a corridor. 
[58:27.85]This could be bad. 
[58:33.92]Oh, shit. 
[58:35.76]Oh, shit! 
[58:41.97]Excuse me! 
[58:43.60]- The lifts are closed. - I do not care... 
[58:46.77]The lifts are... 
[58:48.27]I'm sorry, miss, but the lifts are closed. 
[58:52.51]I'm through being polite, goddamn it! Now take me down! 
[58:57.01]"E" deck. 
[59:02.12]Come on... Come on, come on... 
[59:22.17]I'm going back up! 
[59:24.97]No! No! 
[59:26.28]Miss, wait! 
[59:29.35]Come back! I'm going back up! 
[59:32.25]I'm going back up! 
[59:41.62]Crew passage... 
[59:44.06]Crew passage. 
[60:24.10]Rose, I'm in here! 
[60:26.34]- I'm in here! - Jack! 
[60:27.67]I'm in here! 
[60:29.24]- Jack! - Rose! 
[60:30.44]Jack! Jack! 
[60:32.24]I'm sorry! 
[60:33.41]I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! 
[60:36.95]- Lovejoy put it in my pocket. - I know! I know, I know, I know! 
[60:40.95]Rose, you have to find a spare key, all right? 
[60:44.05]Look in that cabinet. 
[60:46.89]It's a little silver one, Rose. 
[60:51.33]These are all brass! 
[60:53.06]Check right here, Rose. 
[61:01.57]How did you find out I didn't do it? 
[61:03.84]I didn't. 
[61:06.11]I just realised I already knew. 
[61:10.25]Keep looking! 
[61:19.36]No key. 
[61:21.02]- There's no key! - Rose, listen. 
[61:24.13]You have to go find help. 
[61:26.03]It'll be all right. 
[61:32.97]I'll be right back. 
[61:41.21]I'll just wait here. 
[61:56.89]Hello, is there anyone here? 
[62:01.40]Is there anybody down here? 
[62:04.60]We need help! Hello! 
[62:06.64]Damn it! 
[62:15.68]Can anybody hear me! Please! Hello! Hello! 
[62:20.55]Oh, thank God! 
[62:22.52]I need your help. There's a man back here and... Wait! 
[62:59.26]- Miss, you shouldn't be here now. - Please, I need your help. 
[63:04.06]There is a man down here and he is trapped! 
[63:07.20]- No need to panic. - I'm not panicking! 
[63:09.40]You're going the wrong way! Let go of me! Listen! 
[63:18.41]To hell with you. 
[63:42.97]Lower away! 
[63:51.51]Oh, God... 
[63:57.78]Oh, my God... 
[64:51.30]Will this work? 
[64:53.40]I guess we'll find out. Come on. 
[64:58.47]Wait, wait, wait, wait! 
[65:00.64]Try some practice swings. 
[65:09.79]Good. Try to hit the same mark again, Rose. You can do it. 
[65:18.06]Okay. That's enough practice. 
[65:20.66]Come on, Rose. You can do it. 
[65:23.50]Listen, just hit it really hard and really fast. 
[65:28.27]Wait! Open your hands up a little more. 
[65:32.51]- Like that? - Right. 
[65:34.48]Listen, Rose... I trust you. 
[65:48.42]You did it! 
[65:50.59]Come on, let's go! 
[65:51.66]Oh, shit, this is cold! Oh, shit! 
[65:54.16]Shit! Shit! 
[66:02.37]This is the way out. 
[66:03.44]We have to find another way. Come on. 
[66:11.68]Put your backs into it! Pull! 
[66:20.42]Now there's something you don't see every day. 
[66:45.61]What's this luggage doing here? Get rid of it! We need the room! 
[66:55.36]Keep calm! 
[66:58.16]Move along there. Make more room. That's right. Look sharp. 
[67:03.80]- Lovejoy! - She's not on the starboard side. 
[67:06.77]We're running out of time and this martinet isn't letting any men on. 
[67:11.54]There's one on the other side letting men on. 
[67:14.18]Then that's our play. We'll need some insurance first. Come on. 
[67:20.95]This way. All the way down here. 
[67:25.25]Here! What do you think you're doing? 
[67:28.76]You'll have to pay for that! That's White Star Line property! 
[67:32.60]Shut up! 
[67:35.53]Will you hold the boat a moment? I just have to run back to my room... 
[67:40.14]Sit down! 
[67:42.37]Mr Lightoller, why are the boats being launched half full? 
[67:46.64]- Not now, Mr Andrews. - 20 or so in a boat built for 65 
[67:51.15]and I saw one boat with only 12! 12! 
[67:53.58]We weren't sure of the weight, Mr Andrews. These boats may buckle. 
[67:59.39]They were tested in Belfast with 70 men! 
[68:02.43]Now fill these boats, Mr Lightoller, for God's sake, man! 
[68:12.32]I need more women and children, please! 









[00:00.33]I need more women and children, please! 
[00:07.14]Get back in there. This is not an exit. 
[00:08.68]- Get back in there. - This is not an exit! 
[00:13.82]You can't keep us locked in here! The ship's bloody sinking! 
[00:17.79]Bring forward the women! 
[00:19.89]Unlock the gates. 
[00:22.86]Women only! 
[00:24.86]No men! 
[00:26.76]No men! 
[00:32.60]Get back! 
[00:37.14]Lock the gates! 
[00:39.14]Get them back from those gates! 
[00:42.14]Don't touch the gates! 
[00:46.75]There are women and children down here! 
[00:50.32]Let us up so we can have a chance! 
[00:52.99]Get back! 
[00:57.49]- Jack! - Tommy! 
[00:59.16]- Can we get out? - It's hopeless that way! 
[01:01.50]Whatever we do, we've gotta do it fast. 
[01:06.47]The boats are all gone. 
[01:08.37]- This whole place is flooding. - There is niente this way. 
[01:11.64]All right. Let's go this way. Come on. 
[01:18.48]I make my own luck. 
[01:20.45]So do I. 
[01:30.36]Come on! 
[01:32.03]No, come on. Let's go this way. 
[01:42.87]This way! 
[01:44.57]Go back to the main stairwell and everything will be sorted out there. 
[01:48.58]The hell it will! 
[01:50.01]It will get sorted out back there. 
[01:52.11]Go back to the main stairwell. 
[01:53.58]- Open the gate. - Go back... 
[01:56.05]- Open the gate now! - Go back down the main stairwell! 
[02:01.26]Goddamn it! Son of a bitch! 
[02:06.13]Open the damn gate! 
[02:07.80]Go back! 
[02:10.30]- Fabri, Tommy. Give me a hand here! - Move aside! Move aside! 
[02:17.04]- Move aside! - Put that down! 
[02:19.21]Move aside! 
[02:21.31]- One! Two! - Stop that! 
[02:30.39]Let's go! 
[02:33.66]Let's go, Rose. 
[02:35.09]You can't go up there! You can't do this! 
[02:41.76]Keep order! Keep order here! 
[02:45.67]Back! Back! Back! 
[02:53.18]Hold on to her! 
[02:55.18]Pull her in! 
[02:58.11]Get back, I say! 
[02:59.72]Or I'll shoot you all like dogs! 
[03:02.99]Keep order here! 
[03:05.55]Keep order, I say. 
[03:08.19]Mr Lowe, man this boat. 
[03:15.00]Is everybody all right? 
[03:17.57]Nobody panic. 
[03:25.04]Stay back! 
[03:26.18]- We're too late. - There are more boats at the front. 
[03:31.05]Stay with this one. Murdoch seems to be quite practical. 
[03:48.83]Sit down! 
[03:50.10]Stay back, you lot. 
[03:52.27]Stay back! Stay back, the lot of you! Stay back! 
[03:57.71]It's starting to fall apart. We don't have much time. 
[04:02.98]Mr Murdoch? 
[04:05.21]Mr Hockley... 
[04:06.45]You two, with me, now! 
[04:07.98]I'm a businessman, as you know, and I've a business proposition for you. 
[04:11.99]Easy now! All together! 
[04:15.56]Lower away! Lower away! 
[04:18.66]Come on, Rose. 
[04:23.57]The boats are gone! 
[04:29.40]Colonel, are there any boats on that side? 
[04:32.31]No, miss, but there are a couple of boats all the way forward. 
[04:42.12]What's the use? Nobody's listening to us, anyway. 
[04:46.05]They don't listen to us at dinner, either. 
[04:49.02]Come on, let's play. Keep us warm. 
[04:57.03]Music to drown by. Now I know I'm in first class! 
[05:05.57]- Where is everyone? - They're all still aft, sir. 
[05:11.31]We have an understanding, then, Mr Murdoch? 
[05:30.20]Women and children only! 
[05:33.50]Get back! Step back, sir. 
[05:36.20]Come through, madam. This way. Step back, sir. 
[05:39.31]You better check the other side. 
[05:45.55]Any more women and children? Any children? 
[05:50.99]I found her on the other side waiting for a boat. 
[05:54.82]With him. 
[05:56.29]- Any more women and children? - They're all aboard. 
[06:00.06]Anyone else, then! 
[06:02.26]- Anyone else! - Hurry along. 
[06:08.90]Stand by the falls. 
[06:11.01]Oh, goddamn it all to hell! 
[06:19.18]Sir! Sir, you can't go through here. 
[06:22.02]Sir, you can't go through. 
[06:25.45]Yes, yes, splendid. Right. 
[06:31.43]Prepare to lower! 
[06:36.37]Ready on the left. 
[06:43.31]Take them down. 
[06:49.78]Keep it steady. 
[06:53.18]Both sides together. Steady... 
[06:56.28]Keep it steady. 
[06:58.62]Give her to me. 
[07:01.76]It'll be fine, darling. Don't you worry. 
[07:05.33]It's goodbye for a little while. Only a little while. 
[07:08.90]There's another boat for daddies. This one's for mummies and children. 
[07:13.80]Hold mummy's hand and be a good girl. 
[07:16.44]- I'm not going without you. - You have to... Now! 
[07:19.81]No, Jack. 
[07:20.91]- Get in the boat, Rose. - No, Jack. 
[07:23.78]Get on the boat! 
[07:25.68]Yes, get on the boat, Rose. 
[07:30.32]My God, look at you. You look a fright! 
[07:36.39]Put this on. 
[07:44.17]- Go on. I'll get the next one. - No! Not without you! 
[07:48.34]I'll be fine. I'm a survivor, all right? Don't worry about me. 
[07:52.61]Now go on, get on. 
[07:54.21]I have an arrangement with an officer on the ship. 
[07:56.55]Jack and I can get off safely. 
[08:01.78]- Got my own boat to catch. - Hurry! 
[08:04.85]They're almost full. 
[08:07.39]Step aboard, miss. 
[08:10.96]Step aboard, please. 
[08:13.36]Keep back. Keep back, I say! 
[08:17.17]Clear the row, please. 
[08:20.97]Lower away! 
[08:27.34]Keep going, keep going. 
[08:30.55]And lower away evenly, lads. 
[08:33.45]Easy... Lower away. 
[08:36.05]You're a good liar. 
[08:38.15]Almost as good as you. 
[08:39.65]Easy now... and lower away. 
[08:44.29]There's no, uh... There's no arrangement, is there? 
[08:49.50]No, there is. 
[08:51.73]Not that you'll benefit much from it. 
[08:55.87]I always win, Jack. 
[08:57.77]One way or another. 
[09:05.91]Even, lads. 
[09:07.98]Keep going, keep going. 
[10:01.77]- Stop her! - What are you doing! 
[10:04.04]Stop her! 
[10:29.90]You're so stupid! Why'd you do that? 
[10:34.14]You're so stupid, Rose! 
[10:36.37]Why did you do that? Why? 
[10:39.11]You jump, I jump, right? 
[10:47.18]Oh, God, I couldn't go. 
[10:49.95]I couldn't go, Jack. 
[10:51.85]It's all right. We'll think of something. 
[10:55.09]At least I'm with you. 
[11:10.01]Come on! 
[11:12.94]Come on! 
[11:14.41]Come on! Move! 
[11:22.85]Come on! 
[11:38.70]Come on, Rose. Come on. 
[11:43.87]Rose, come on! 
[11:47.84]Move, Rose! 
[12:03.59]I hope you enjoy your time together! 
[12:20.44]What could possibly be funny? 
[12:24.08]I put the diamond in the coat 
[12:28.68]and I put the coat on her! 
[12:31.75]Come on! 
[12:56.68]We can't leave him. 
[13:01.82]All right, come on! 
[13:21.30]Go back! 
[13:32.71]It's the wrong way! Come back! 
[14:15.72]This way! 
[14:25.93]Come on. 
[14:27.80]Give me your hand. 
[14:38.91]Oh, God! 
[14:54.50]- Wait, sir! Open the gate, please! - Help us, please! 
[14:58.30]Help us! 
[15:02.47]Bloody hell! 
[15:10.08]Come on! Come on! 
[15:12.65]- Go! - Jesus... 
[15:14.35]- Please! - Come on! 
[15:18.22]Come on! 
[15:24.26]I'm sorry, I dropped the keys! 
[15:27.50]Wait! Please! 
[15:29.93]Don't leave! Please! Get more help! 
[15:51.09]I got 'em! Which one is it, Rose? 
[15:53.92]The sharp one, try the sharp one. 
[15:56.59]Hurry, Jack. 
[16:01.66]Oh, no! 
[16:03.40]Hurry, Jack. 
[16:07.44]It's stuck! 
[16:10.37]Hurry, Jack! 
[16:18.35]I got it! I got it! Go! Go, Rose! 
[16:21.88]Go! Go! 
[16:35.20]Jack! Come on! 
[16:39.43]Move! Move! 
[16:48.61]Keep on rocking! 
[16:50.75]Oars in place! Get an oar under it! 
[16:53.31]Women and children only, damn you! 
[16:56.68]Hold it! Hold it! 
[17:10.40]Get these davits cranked in! Then get the falls hooked up! 
[17:24.15]Stay back! 
[17:35.99]Keep going up! 
[17:40.13]Stop pushing! 
[17:43.77]Stay back! 
[17:45.47]Give us a chance to live, you limey bastard! 
[17:48.20]I'll shoot any man who tries to get past me! 
[17:52.24]Get back! 
[17:53.44]We had a deal, damn you. 
[17:58.11]Your money can't save you any more than it can save me. 
[18:02.15]Get back! 
[18:03.75]Women and children only! 
[18:13.76]No! Tommy... 
[18:17.30]Oh, no! Oh, no...! 
[18:20.67]Oh, no...! Tommy...! 
[18:42.09]Stand back, damn you! 
[19:00.31]I have a child! 
[19:02.44]- I have a child! - Clear a path here! 
[19:04.81]Please, I have a child! 
[19:07.58]Please, I'm all she has in the world. 
[19:10.69]Go on. 
[19:13.65]Step back! 
[19:15.36]Here, give her to me. 
[19:20.70]Give her here. 
[19:24.13]There, there. 
[19:29.27]Wait, wait, wait. 
[19:31.11]Mr Andrews... 
[19:37.31]Won't you even make a try for it? 
[19:42.45]I'm sorry that I didn't build you a stronger ship, young Rose. 
[19:47.69]It's going fast. 
[19:49.42]We have to move. 
[19:54.43]Good luck to you, Rose. 
[19:58.27]And to you. 
[20:11.28]Mr Guggenheim... These are for you, Mr Guggenheim. 
[20:15.38]No, thank you. 
[20:17.05]We are dressed in our best and are prepared to go down as gentlemen. 
[20:21.49]But we would like a brandy. 
[20:36.30]Capitan, where should I go? Please... 
[20:45.61]Captain... Sir. 
[21:18.45]Right... That's it, then. 
[21:21.35]Goodbye, Wally. Good luck. 
[21:24.25]So long, old chap. 
[22:40.33]And so they lived happily together for 300 years 
[22:45.63]in the land of Tir Na Nog. 
[22:48.67]Land of eternal youth and beauty. 
[23:25.97]There's no time! 
[23:28.41]Cut those falls! Cut 'em! Cut 'em if you have to! 
[23:32.11]I need a knife! I need a knife! 
[23:37.95]Cut her loose! 
[23:51.33]Cut those bloody falls! 
[24:40.11]Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight. 
[25:45.41]We have to stay on the ship as long as possible! Come on! 
[26:00.29]This way. Over the rail! 
[26:05.00]Come on, Rose. Jump! 
[26:10.27]Come on! 
[26:43.80]I got you. Jump! 
[26:47.81]I've got you, miss! 
[26:54.11]Get back! 
[27:25.21]No! You'll swamp us! 
[27:40.06]Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death... 
[27:43.30]You wanna walk a little faster through that valley?! 
[28:10.36]Pull together! 
[28:35.58]Holy Mary, Mother of God, 
[28:38.25]pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen. 
[28:41.99]Hail Mary, full of grace... 
[28:43.52]This way. 
[28:53.47]Come on! 
[28:55.17]Come on! 
[29:06.28]I saw a new heaven and a new earth 
[29:08.55]when the first heaven and the first earth had passed away 
[29:12.85]and there was no more sea. 
[29:21.00]It'll be over soon. It'll all be over soon. 
[29:29.74]And he shall dwell with them and they shall be his people 
[29:33.84]and God himself shall be with them. 
[29:40.91]this is where we first met. 
[29:50.02]And God shall wipe away all the tears from their eyes. 
[29:53.69]And there shall be no more death. 
[29:55.83]Neither shall there be sorrow or crying. 
[29:58.93]Neither shall there be any more pain 
[30:02.54]for the former world has passed away. 
[30:19.55]Bloody pull faster, and pull! 
[30:45.28]Hang on, Miss Trudy! 
[31:15.91]Help me! Please, save me! 
[31:22.88]Hold on real tight! 
[31:41.57]God Almighty! 
[31:50.78]Get those breakers in! Keep 'em in! 
[33:12.49]We have to move! 
[33:19.83]Give me your hand. I'll pull you over. 
[33:22.90]Give me your hand! 
[33:25.71]I've got you. I won't let go. 
[33:28.78]Come on, I've got you! 
[33:40.99]- What's happening, Jack? - I don't know! 
[33:53.33]- Hold on! - Jack! 
[33:55.47]Help me, please! 
[33:58.37]Someone help me! 
[34:22.86]Please help! Help! 
[34:36.58]This is it! 
[34:49.92]Oh, God! Oh, God! 
[34:52.63]Hold on! 
[34:55.03]Oh, God! Oh... 
[35:10.08]The ship is gonna suck us down. 
[35:12.41]Take a deep breath when I say. 
[35:19.02]Kick for the surface and keep kicking. 
[35:22.36]Do not let go of my hand. 
[35:31.43]We're gonna make it, Rose. Trust me. 
[35:34.43]I trust you. 
[35:39.44]Ready? Ready? 
[36:20.18]Jack! Jack! 
[36:53.55]Jack! Jack! 
[37:06.43]Get off her! Get off her! 
[37:11.30]- Rose! - Jack! 
[37:13.87]Swim, Rose! I need you to swim! 
[37:19.51]Keep swimming! 
[37:25.48]- It's so cold! - Swim, Rose! 
[37:32.99]Come on... here... 
[37:35.79]Keep swimming... come on. 
[37:40.53]Here, get on it. 
[37:43.10]Get on top. 
[37:51.97]Come on, Rose. 
[38:03.65]Stay on it, Rose. 
[38:26.64]You'll be all right now. 
[38:30.91]You'll be all right now. 
[38:41.35]the boats! 
[38:46.36]The boats are coming back for us, Rose. Hold on just a bit longer. 
[38:51.06]They... had to row away from the suction 
[38:54.57]but... now they'll be coming back. 
[38:57.30]Come back! 
[39:00.24]- For God's sake! - Please! Help us! 
[39:06.75]Come back! For God's sake! 
[39:09.48]You don't understand. If we go back, they'll swamp the boat! 
[39:15.06]- They'll pull us right down! - Knock it off. You're scaring me. 
[39:19.53]Come on, girls, grab an oar. 
[39:21.90]Are you mad?! We're in the middle of the North Atlantic! 
[39:25.80]Do you people want to live or do you want to die! 
[39:36.04]I don't understand a one of you. 
[39:40.01]What's the matter with you?! 
[39:42.48]It's your men out there! 
[39:45.02]- There's plenty of room for more. - There'll be one less on this boat 
[39:50.02]if you don't shut that hole in your face! 
[39:53.79]Come back! 
[40:07.57]Take this one. 
[40:09.31]Bring in your oars over there. Tie these two boats together as well. 
[40:17.65]Now make sure that's tied up nice and tight. 
[40:23.76]Listen to me, men, we have to go back. 
[40:26.79]I want to transfer all the women from this boat into that boat. 
[40:32.10]Let's get some space there. 
[40:43.98]It's getting quiet. 
[40:47.85]It's just gonna take 'em a couple of minutes to get 
[40:51.82]the boats organised. 
[40:56.56]I don't know about you, but 
[40:59.16]I intend to write a strongly worded letter to the White Star Line 
[41:04.43]about all this. 
[41:12.44]I love you, Jack. 
[41:20.91]Don't you do that. 
[41:24.05]Don't you say your goodbyes. Not yet. 
[41:27.35]Do you understand me? 
[41:29.62]I'm so cold. 
[41:31.76]Listen, Rose... 
[41:33.76]You're gonna get out of here. 
[41:36.66]You're gonna go on, and you're gonna make lots of babies, 
[41:41.97]and you're gonna watch 'em grow. 
[41:45.44]You're gonna die an old 
[41:47.54]an old lady warm in her bed. 
[41:51.58]Not here. 
[41:53.71]Not this night. Not like this. 
[41:57.25]Do you understand me? 
[42:02.12]I can't feel my body. 
[42:05.59]Winning that ticket was the best thing that ever happened to me. 
[42:11.66]It brought me to you 
[42:14.80]and I'm thankful for that, Rose. 
[42:17.64]I'm thankful. 
[42:21.01]You must... You must... 
[42:25.38]You must do me this honour... 
[42:29.75]You must promise me that you'll survive... 
[42:35.76]that you won't give up, 
[42:38.32]no matter what happens... 
[42:43.13]no matter how hopeless. 
[42:48.87]Promise me now, Rose... 
[42:52.94]and never let go of that promise. 
[42:56.78]I promise. 
[43:00.51]Never let go. 
[43:05.05]I will never let go, Jack. 
[43:09.86]I'll never let go. 
[43:35.05]Right ahead, sir. 
[43:42.36]Do you see any moving? 
[43:44.76]No, sir. None moving, sir. 
[43:47.09]Check them. 
[43:49.76]Bring that oar up here. 
[43:56.04]Check them. Make sure. 
[43:59.71]These are dead, sir. 
[44:01.84]Now give way. 
[44:03.54]Ahead easy. 
[44:11.08]Careful with your oars. 
[44:13.49]Don't hit them. 
[44:16.92]Is there anyone alive out there! 
[44:20.46]Can anyone hear me? 
[44:24.63]Is there anyone alive out there! 
[44:33.81]We waited too long. 
[44:39.45]We'll, keep checking them! Keep looking! 
[, 44:42.98]Is there anyone alive out there! 
[44:49.62]Can anyone hear me! 
[45:12.05]And it's up she goes. 
[45:15.45]Up she goes. 
[46:14.71]Jack... there's a boat. 
[46:44.84]There's a boat, Jack. 
[47:30.62]Come back. 
[47:32.99]Come back! 
[47:36.76]Come back! 
[47:39.36]Come back! 
[47:41.03]Come back! 
[47:44.03]Come back! Come back! 
[47:51.07]Can anyone hear me! 
[47:53.81]There's nothing here, sir. 
[47:57.94]Come back! 
[48:00.78]Come back... 
[48:09.52]I'll never let go. 
[48:11.66]I promise. 
[48:55.80]Come about! 
[49:19.43]1,500 people went into the sea when Titanic sank from under us. 
[49:28.30]There were 20 boats floating nearby 
[49:32.71]and only one came back. 
[49:39.68]Six were saved from the water, 
[49:42.62]myself included. 
[49:45.62]Six... out of 1,500. 
[49:55.96]the 700 people in the boats had nothing to do but wait. 
[50:02.64]Wait to die, wait to live... 
[50:07.24]Wait for an absolution 
[50:09.58]that would never come. 
[51:14.21]Sir, I don't think you'll find any of your people down here. 
[51:18.64]It's all steerage. 
[51:22.01]His hair is reddish brown. Reddish brown and a white beard. 
[51:26.85]- Is there another passenger list? - There's no other list. 
[51:31.02]- Perhaps he's on another ship. - We're doing all we can, ma'am. 
[51:57.98]That's the last time I ever saw him. 
[52:00.92]He married, of course, and inherited his millions. 
[52:05.06]But the crash of '29 hit his interests hard 
[52:08.63]and he put a pistol in his mouth that year. 
[52:11.66]Or so I read. 
[52:26.15]Can I take your name, please, love? 
[52:34.92]Rose Dawson. 
[52:37.09]Thank you. 
[52:45.33]We never found anything on Jack. There's no record of him at all. 
[52:50.14]No, there wouldn't be, would there? 
[52:53.41]And I've never spoken of him until now. 
[52:56.91]Not to anyone. 
[52:59.01]Not even your grandfather. 
[53:01.71]A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. 
[53:05.95]But now you know there was a man named Jack Dawson 
[53:10.26]and that he saved me. 
[53:12.43]In every way that a person can be saved. 
[53:17.83]I don't even have a picture of him. 
[53:23.07]He exists now only in my memory. 
[53:31.58]Keldysh, Keldysh, Mir 2 on our way to the surface. 
[53:51.13]I was saving this for when I found the diamond. 
[54:03.94]I'm sorry. 
[54:08.35]Three years I've thought of nothing except Titanic 
[54:13.92]but I never got it. 
[175:59.71]I never let it in. 

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