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[01:48.00]- [ Ringing ] - Huh? 
[01:50.77]What the--Aw.. 
[01:58.45][ GrOans ] 
[02:04.72]I hate MOndays. 
[02:07.42][ Yawning ] 
[02:16.20]POOky, cOver me. I'm gOin' in. 
[02:21.50]Alley-- oop! 
[02:23.51]B-b-b-b-b-bah, ha! 
[02:28.01][ SingsOng ] Oh, Sleeping Beauty, wake up. 
[02:32.55]YOu can stOp dreaming abOut me because I'm here. 
[02:35.68]NOw,just wake up. YOu've gOt wOrk tO dO. 
[02:40.49]YOu're nOt just my Owner, yOu're my primary caregiver. 
[02:44.39]- NOw be a-- - NOt nOw, Garfield. 
[02:46.53]Get-- A-Ah-- Just-- All right. 
[02:48.53]Cut the sweet stuff. Easy nOw.Just-- 
[02:53.67]Trying tO cuddle with me, huh? 
[02:56.24]Trying tO avOid yOur duties, huh? 
[02:59.74]Well, that just ain't gOnna... fly! 
[03:02.51]It isn't gOnna wOrkwith m-- me. 
[03:05.81]See, I'm getting my exercise, dOin' myjOb. 
[03:08.68]Just One quick cannOnball! 
[03:11.12]- Oh! - MOrning. 
[03:14.02]@@[Jon Singing] 
[03:17.39]Okay! I thinkyOu're clean enOugh nOw. 
[03:21.83]- H-H-Hot! Hot! Hot! - Gotyourtow.el right here. 
[03:23.90]Garfiield! No! 
[03:30.87][ Beeps ] 
[03:36.88]- It's liver flavOred. - Mm! DeliciOus. 
[03:40.35][ Gags ] 
[03:43.32]Mm. Mm! 
[03:49.49]Oh! Oh, liver! 
[03:51.96]- [ Spitting ] - Well, actually, it's liver flavOred. 
[03:56.23][ Sighs ] That was a gOOd breakfast. 
[03:58.20]NOw I think I'll just fall Offthe "Catkin's" diet... 
[04:00.97]and get myself a little high-fat chaser. 
[04:05.67]- Garfield, lOOk, the milk truck. - Oh, attabOy, Nermal. 
[04:08.51]- The milk truck cOmes every day. - Yeah, but maybe nOt tOday. 
[04:11.91]Maybe it's changing routes. Maybe this'll be the last w.e'll eversee ofit. 
[04:15.55]COme On. It's just acrOss the street. We're cats. We like milk. 
[04:18.02]- Let's gO fOr it. - NO. 
[04:19.62]- But, yOu--- - But nOthin'. 
[04:21.02]I dOn't leave the cul-de-sac fOr anything. 
[04:23.86]Out there, it's a hOrnet's nest OftrOuble. 
[04:26.46]Bad things happen Out there. SO I dOn't gO Out there. 
[04:30.67]Besides, I've found ifyou w.ait long enough... 
[04:33.64]everything comes toyou. 
[04:37.11][Nermal]@ Here come the milkman Here come the milkman @ 
[04:40.64]- @ He gOt his shOes On, he gOt his m i I k pan @@ - Hey, Nermal... 
[04:43.38]Iet's play astronaut again today. 
[04:45.41]- Yeah? - Yeah, I lOve that game. 
[04:47.72]YOu're such a brave little astrOnaut. 
[04:49.72]- All right. - Prepare tojump intoyourspaceship, commander Nermal. 
[04:53.42]But wh-wh-what abOut the milk? 
[04:55.42]- WhO needs milk when yOu can be in Outer space? - Ah. 
[04:57.36]- YOu gOt a secret missiOn tOday. - Yeah? 
[05:00.06]- YOu'll be explOring the MilkyWay. - Okay. 
[05:02.10]I get the chills when yOu jump in yOur little spacecraft. 
[05:05.80]The natiOn thanks yOu. Prepare tO blast Off. 
[05:07.90]- I'm ready tO gO, friend. - Three, twO, One. 
[05:10.17]WhOa! NOw I feel like it. 
[05:12.34]BOn vOyage. 
[05:14.11]Look at me go! Whoo-hoo! 
[05:16.01]- [ Garfiield] Don't look dow.n! - I'm an eagle flying! 
[05:18.08][ Garfiield] come to papa, baby. 
[05:20.92]I can see everything up here. I can see my house. 
[05:23.45][ Burps ] GOt m i I k? 
[05:25.62]I can see the whOle neighbOrhOOd. 
[05:28.32]- Well, that's nice. That's very nice. - Hey, there's another milk truck. 
[05:31.26]Ooh! And that is even nicer. 
[05:34.76]- I can see-- WhOa! - MissiOn accOmplished, Nermal. 
[05:37.27]Whoa! Whoa, Garfiield, do it again. 
[05:39.80]Where did everybody go? 
[05:41.80]YOu're On the wrOng side Of the street, fat cat. Beat it! 
[05:45.44]And yOu, Luca, the wrOng side Of the evOlutiOnary curve. 
[05:48.04]Okay, that's it. 
[05:50.21]- You're gonna get it good today. - I make a pOint tO get it gOOd every day. 
[05:53.88]The real question, Luca, is how. shall I outw.ityou this time? 
[05:56.88]- What? - Shall I baffle yOu with simple math? 
[05:59.65]- I knOw hOw tO spell. - Or shOuld I distract yOu with sOmething shiny? 
[06:02.99]- Now.you're making fun ofme. - I hOpe sO. YOu're nO fun tO lOOk at. 
[06:05.83]YOu'll never get the best Of me! Aaah! 
[06:08.06]- I think I just did. - NOt the ducks again! 
[06:12.50]Jump back! And kiss myself. 
[06:19.24]Ifl ever get Offthis chain, yOu're gOin' dOwn. 
[06:22.58]EverybOdy back up! I dOn't knOw hOw wild this thing is gOnna get. 
[06:26.48]I lOve the smell Of cinnamOn-apple in the mOrning. 
[06:29.68][ Sniffs ] It smells like... victOry. 
[06:32.12][ Luca ] OOOh! I hate this fat cat. 
[06:37.53]SO much time, and sO little I need tO dO. 
[06:42.16][ Squeaking ] 
[06:47.40]NO thanks, I'm full. 
[06:50.91]Get him, Garfield! 
[06:53.67]Get him,JOn! 
[07:01.02]- [Jon Yelling] - [ Objects crashing] 
[07:03.02]Oh, it's always gOtta be smashing and crashing. 
[07:05.85]Nobodypoisons anymore. 
[07:11.59]WhOa-- [ GrOans ] 
[07:14.36]There's my ball! 
[07:16.20]What gOOd is a cat that can't chase a mOuse? 
[07:19.30]I dOn't dO the chase thing. 
[07:21.44]All right, I'll handle this. 
[07:25.81]I knOwyOu dOn't hear me, but can'tyOu just listen? 
[07:31.08][ Panting ] 
[07:33.65]LOuis, what areyOu dOing in the hOusewhen JOn's hOme? 
[07:37.05]SOrry, Garfield, man. I cOuldn't help it. 
[07:39.09]LOOk, when he sees yOu, he expects mOre frOm me. DOn'tyOu get that? 
[07:42.66]JOn's gOt thOse macadamia nut cOOkies. I'm trying tO maintain. 
[07:45.49]- You understand? - Sure. As lOng as yOu understand I have tO eatyOu. 
[07:52.60][ GarfiieldSw.allow.s ] 
[07:54.60]Mm. Mmm. 
[07:59.41][ Slurping ] 
[08:01.41]- Mm! Mmm! - Oh, gOOd bOy. 
[08:04.41]See, I knew yOu cOuld dO it ifyOu put yOur mind tO it. 
[08:07.15]- YOu are the best cat a guy cOuld have. - Mmm. 
[08:10.28][ chuckles ] Mm! Mm! 
[08:14.09]Mmm. M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Mm. 
[08:18.69]HaveyOu tasted yOurselflately? 
[08:20.93]Hey, it wasn't exactly the first-class lOunge in there fOr me either. 
[08:23.87]GetyOurselflOst. Take a pOwder fOr a cOuple days, get a haircut and grOw a beard. 
[08:28.00]COOl. I OweyOu One, "G." 
[08:30.37]I got a question foryou. Doyou loveyour cat? 
[08:33.84]Finally, back On my regular schedule. 
[08:36.54]YOu're gOnna make sure he has nOthing but Kibbly Kat fOOd. 
[08:39.51]Isn't that right, Persnikitty? 
[08:41.52]That cat's puss is everywhere-- TV, newspapers, T-shirts. 
[08:46.02]WhO wOuld want that kind Of expOsure? 
[08:48.92][DoorOpens ] 
[08:51.26]- Hey, buddy. - Yeah, cut the small talk. What's in the bag? 
[08:55.06]Remember, be happy. 
[08:57.37]I 'm happy when I'm with yOu, yOu delicate melange... 
[08:59.87]Of tOmatO paste, ricOtta cheese, grOund meat and pasta! 
[09:03.14]Garfield, dOn't even think abOut it. 
[09:05.64]That's my fOOd. 
[09:08.41]I mayjust nibble. 
[09:10.41]Thanks, Happy. And thankyOu fOrjOining us. 
[09:12.75]I'm ChristOpher MellO. Remember-- 
[09:15.22]Be happy. 
[09:18.99]- [Bell Rings ] - Okay, cut. GOOd. 
[09:20.99]- [ Sneezing ] - [Man ] We're clear. 
[09:24.63]Give me the Benadryl. Give me the Benadryl. 
[09:27.56]Yeah! Yeah. 
[09:28.76]Yeah! Yeah. 
[09:31.97]Damned cat allergies. 
[09:36.54][ Sneezes ] 
[09:41.34]AnywOrd frOm the netwOrkyet? 
[09:43.34]Uh, nO, but they're lOOking fOr a dOg act On Good Day, New. York. 
[09:46.28]DOg act! StOry Of my life. 
[09:48.98]LOOking fOr a dOg, and I'm stuckwith a cat. 
[09:51.59]I thought the segment w.ent quite w.ell. 
[09:53.59][ Whiny VOice ] "I thOught the segment went quite well." 
[09:55.66]Of cOurse it went well, yOu tOad! 
[09:57.66]The 50 hOusewives whO saw it, lOved it. 
[10:00.56]This is WalterJ. Chapman repOrting live frOm The Hague. 
[10:04.60]Oh, please, what a knOw-it-all! 
[10:06.97]...were met with angry crOwds-- 
[10:08.70]And everybOdy always said I was the handsOme One. 
[10:12.24]I was the smart One. And I was bOrn first. 
[10:15.78]But thereyou are "live from The Hague'".. 
[10:18.78]and here I am wOrking with this sack Of dander On a dead-end regiOnal mOrning shOw. 
[10:23.05]Back tO yOu, Dan. 
[10:24.45]Back tO yOu, Dan. 
[10:29.99]- [ MOaning ] - Did yOu eat all fOur bOxes Oflasagna? 
[10:32.99][ Hiccups ] It's nOt my fault. They started it. 
[10:35.90]What am I gOnna dO with yOu? 
[10:37.83]LOve me. Feed me. Never leave me. 
[10:40.70]COme On. Let's gO fOr a ride tO sOmeplaceyOu lOve... 
[10:43.17]that always leaves yOu feeling pampered and refreshed. 
[10:46.01]Huh? Oh, I knOw-- Chuck E. Cheese. 
[10:48.98][ Garfield ] ThankyOu. 
[10:51.48]NO? Wendy's? TacO Kitty? NO? 
[10:55.85]Well, I'm stumped. Maybe Olive Garden fOryOu? 
[10:59.95]Hmm. The Only time I ever leave my cul-de-sac is when JOn takes me tO the vet... 
[11:05.73]which he's been dOing a lOt recently, and it appears tO have nOthing tO dO with me. 
[11:10.70]JOn must want tO gO fOr his Own reasOn. 
[11:14.40]Well, there's nOthing wrOng with Garfield. 
[11:17.04]He's just a happy, fat, lazy cat. 
[11:19.27]NO need fOr a secOnd OpiniOn. 
[11:21.28]- Well, I wOrry abOut him. - I knOwyOu dO. 
[11:23.48]OOh! [ Giggles ] 
[11:25.65]YOu knOw, yOu care abOut him mOre than any Owner I've ever knOwn. 
[11:28.62]"Him" has a name. Is this an H.M.O.? 
[11:31.65]Let's get Garfield in fOr his dip. I wanna talk tOyOu in private. 
[11:37.12]- Mm. Oh! - She's sO beautiful. 
[11:40.70]Uh, Mr. Pathetic, yOu've had a crush On her since high schOOl. 
[11:43.63]Wouldyouplease ask her outso she can rejectyou, and w.e can get on w.ith mylife? 
[11:47.97]- I have tO ask her Out. - [ GrOans ] 
[11:50.57]- Wish me luck. - Okay, gO get 'em, big tiger. 
[11:53.21]YOu the man. YOu the fella. YOu the bOss. 
[11:55.81]YOu preach tO her. ShOw her hOw the cOw eats the cabbage... 
[11:58.88]yOu hOpeless lOser. 
[12:03.58]Betty, today, w.hy don'tyou start me off w.ith a Sw.edish massage... 
[12:06.95]a manicure and a pedicure, Okay? 
[12:09.22]Seaweed wrap, lOOfah... 
[12:11.53]belly rub, uh... 
[12:13.53]tail waxing and then crack my tOes tO finish. 
[12:16.43]JOn, there's sOmething impOrtant I need tO askyOu. 
[12:20.23]SOmething that I wOuldn't ask mOst guys whO cOme in here. 
[12:23.00]Wait, nO. I think I knOw where this is gOing. 
[12:25.94]- YOu dO? - I dO. 
[12:27.94]Liz, I've wanted tO askyOu the same thing fOr a very lOng time. 
[12:31.18]- AreyOu sure that we're talking abOut the same thing? - AbsOlutely. 
[12:33.88]Yeah, uh, I've never been mOre sure Ofanything in my entire life. 
[12:36.85]Liz, I am ready tO take a chance. 
[12:39.52]- I am ready fOr-- - [Yips ] 
[12:42.12][ Laughs ] ThankyOu. 
[12:44.36]- A dOg! - [ Laughs ] 
[12:47.13]A dog. I'm readyfora dog. 
[12:49.56]- [ Laughs ] - Hi. 
[12:51.57]- Hey, I think he likes yOu. - Hi. Yeah. 
[12:53.67]- [ Whines ] - Hi. 
[12:55.84][ Chuckles ] He's a frisky-- frisky little fella, isn't he? 
[12:58.87]His name's Odie, and he's nOt gOnna make it... 
[13:01.24]ifhe has tO live his life in a cage. 
[13:03.68]He needs tO be lOved. 
[13:06.78][ Hair Dryer BlOwing ] 
[13:14.39]Well, thankyOu. ThankyOu very much, ladies and gentlemen. 
[13:17.83]- NO, maybe nOt in my neighbOrhOOd. - [Whining] 
[13:20.56]Hey, Boomer, I reallygotta run. 
[13:24.60]GOtta fly, everybOdy. Really, please, stay behind the security fences. 
[13:28.90]SO great OfyOu tO cOme Out tO see me... 
[13:31.14]but I've gOt sOmebOdy waiting fOr me, very devOted, almOst crippled. 
[13:34.18]- [ MeOwing ] - No, please, don't cry. 
[13:36.18]I know. w.hat it's like to be unloved. Well,you do. 
[13:40.11]I'll try tO cOme back and visit, and if I dOn't, I'll try tO write. 
[13:43.32]- Bye-bye. - DOes anybOdy knOw this guy? 
[13:45.62]Bye-bye, everybOdy. Garfield is leaving the building. 
[13:48.29]JOn, yOu knOw yOu dOn't have tO dO this ifyOu dOn't want tO. 
[13:50.76]NO. NO, it's Okay. 
[13:53.33]SOme part Of me always wanted tO knOw what it'd be like... 
[13:55.93]tO have a pet that actually wants tO playwith yOu. 
[13:58.53][ Laughs ] YOu're a gOOd friend. 
[14:00.53]One questiOn-- Am I still gOrgeOus? [ Gasps ] 
[14:04.51]JOn, I thinkwe gOt a little prOblem here. 
[14:06.87]- [ Whining ] - Uh,Jon-- 
[14:08.94]I can help the transitiOn gO smOOthly. 
[14:11.18][Garfiield] Jon, it's in myseat.Jon! 
[14:13.65]- We cOuld all gO Out tOgether. Park, dOg shOws, - Jon! Uh,Jon? 
[14:16.65]- stuff like that. - Uh,Jonnyboy? 
[14:19.25]W-Wait a minute. Are-- Are yOu... asking me Out? 
[14:23.52]Oh,Jonnyboy, the time has come to get a caralarm. 
[14:27.80]YOu're nOt gOnna believe it. A mOngrel mutt has brOken intO yOur car! 
[14:31.20]Garfield, this is Odie. He's cOming hOme with us. 
[14:34.00]WhOa! YOu went in there tO get a date and came Out with a dOg? 
[14:37.54]Oh, that's bad even fOryOu. Oh, yOu're sO sad! 
[14:41.01]Oh, nO, nO, nO. We're nOt bringing a dOg hOme with us. 
[14:44.81]Hey, I ride shOtgun! 
[14:48.08]What areyOu lOOking at, tick bOy? 
[14:51.52][ Garfiield] Jon, it's not too late. 
[14:53.52]Quickly, turn around-- before he finds out w.here w.e live! 
[14:57.46][ crying] 
[15:00.13]Please take this trouser sniffer back! 
[15:03.36]- Please. - COme On, Odie. Let's gO. 
[15:05.57]This is yOur new hOme. 
[15:08.47][ crying] 
[15:13.54]COme On, buddy. 
[15:15.91]J On, yOu had me, a chick magnet... 
[15:20.11]and nOw yOu've gOt a tick magnet. 
[15:23.55][ Sniffling ] 
[15:25.72]Garfield, JOn brOught a dOg hOme. 
[15:28.06]- I am aware, Nermal. - WhywOuld he dO a thing like that? 
[15:31.36]Gee, I dOn't knOw, Nermal. 
[15:33.59]It just seems like a weird thing tO dO... 
[15:35.83]bringing a dOg intO a hOuse that already has a cat. 
[15:38.76]Can we drOp it? I mean, it's nO big... deal. 
[15:41.37]It's...just asplatteredbug on the w.indshieldofmylife. 
[15:44.40]A bug? 
[15:46.44]A dim-witted, smelly, gOOfy-- [ Sighs ] 
[15:48.67]splattered bug that I will deal with apprOpriately and enthusiastically. 
[15:52.38]- come on. - As yOu can see, I'm still JOn's favOrite. 
[15:55.65]Seeya later, Garfield. GOOd luckwith the bug thing! 
[15:58.62]come on. 
[16:02.45][ Laughs ] This is payback fOr the liver thing, isn't it? 
[16:05.62]Payback. [ Laughs ] He's a nut. 
[16:08.83]This isyournew.home, Odie. That's myoffice overthere. 
[16:13.20]And, uh, the TV Over there. 
[16:15.43]- And, uh, the kitchen. - Hm. 
[16:17.80]YOu wanna gO see it? Okay, gO see the hOuse. GO see it. 
[16:20.51]Why don'tyou draw. him a map? 
[16:23.48]Okay, I've gOtta... remain calm, that's all. 
[16:27.78]JOn's a cat guy, nOt a dOg guy. 
[16:29.95]This'll last a w.eek, maybe 10 days. Tops. 
[16:33.02]BOy, this puppy is stupid gOne wild! 
[16:37.02]Nah, this is just a bad dream. I'm gOnna clOse my eyes and when I Open them... 
[16:41.33]everything will be back tO nOrmal. 
[16:50.00]- [ Panting ] - Ah! That's nOt nOrmal. 
[16:52.67]NOt clOse. Oh, great. 
[16:54.67]DOg cOOties. SOmebOdy inOculate me, please. 
[16:59.95]- [Thuds ] - [ Shudders ] 
[17:02.25]This is a nightmare. I-- 
[17:04.25]I just need a little quality time with man's real best friend-- 
[17:11.79][ Chuckles ] 
[17:15.73][ Sputters ] NO, nO, nO. NO, nO. NO. 
[17:18.56]Hey, new guy, let me hipyOu tO the rules, Okay? 
[17:21.70]Number One-- that's my chair, all right? 
[17:24.17]I even seeyOu raise a leg, and it's On, it's gO time, pal. 
[17:34.01]- [Smack] - [ Whines ] 
[17:45.66]Yeah, I think Ijust mayhave a mentaladvantage on this guy. 
[18:03.04]Leave me alOne. I'm nOt kidding, YOdel Odie. 
[18:06.68]Pop a w.orm pill and hit the road. I'm busy. 
[18:10.45]YOu wanna play? Fine. YOu can be my new astrOnaut. 
[18:14.55]GO jump in the pail, and we'll shOOt yOu intO Outer space. 
[18:17.86]COme On. It's real simple. Here, I'll even thrOwyOur ball in there. 
[18:21.39]Follow.the ball, andjump in the pail. 
[18:23.80]COme On, Odie. Just like this. 
[18:26.06]COme On Over here and just jump right intO the pail, and help me. 
[18:30.04]come on. No. Just in here like this. 
[18:32.27]Uh-oh! Don't touch that! 
[18:38.98]Oh, no! 
[18:54.83]Oh, nO! 
[19:00.67]Houston, w.e have a problem. 
[19:04.10]Odie, get offthe pail. 
[19:07.17]Wouldyou get off the pail, please? 
[19:09.94]Okay, time for a new. game. 
[19:12.31]It's called "my claw. in your butt'"game. 
[19:14.41]COme here! Get back here! 
[19:17.08]COme On! I 'l I just use my left claw. 
[19:19.85]Ifmy legs w.ere longer, I'd have caughtyou by now.. come here. 
[19:23.09]Just w.ait for one second. 
[19:25.59]SlOw... dOwn. 
[19:26.79]- [ Laughs ] - Ahhh--- 
[19:29.19]Well, well, well. I've gOt yOu nOw, fat cat. 
[19:32.63]Hey, Luca, is that a new chain yOu're wearin', fella? 
[19:36.27]LOOks gOOd On ya. YOu lOOk great. YOu been wOrking Out? 
[19:38.84]Oh, I've been waiting years fOr this. 
[19:41.87]- WOuld that be regularyears Or dOg years? - [ GrOwls ] 
[19:44.21]- [ COwering ] - [ Barks ] 
[19:46.85]What the-- Get away frOm me, pip-squeak. 
[19:49.82]Uh, Luca, this is Odie. Odie, Luca. 
[19:53.85]Luca, dO me a favOr and eat him fOr me, wOuld yOu, please? 
[19:56.19]- [ Girl Cat ] Garfield, areyOu all right? - I think sO. 
[19:58.69]Luca's abOut tO have Odie fOr lunch. 
[20:01.06]Ifit wasn't fOr Odie, yOu'd be Luca's chew tOy. 
[20:03.66][Nermal] Yeah, he savedyourlife. 
[20:06.13]- Odie's a herO! - Why? Because I wasn't ripped tO shreds? 
[20:09.74]NO, Odie's an imbecile until further nOtice. 
[20:12.64][Jon Gurgling] 
[20:15.44]Hey, moondust... 
[20:17.44]if I were yOu, I'd grab a nice piece Of carpet. 
[20:20.18]JOn dOesn't let me sleep up tOp. Ever. 
[20:22.75][ Sighs ] 
[20:25.25]Odie-- YOu wanna sleep in the bed? 
[20:33.02]Hey, buddy. GOOd bOy. WhO's a gOOd bOy, huh? 
[20:36.50]You w.ant to sleep on the bed tonight? 
[20:38.50][Jon In High Voice ] Yes, I do. Yes, I do. 
[20:40.50]I think I 'm gOing tO blOw cat-chOw chunks. 
[20:44.17]GOOd night, Odie. GOOd night, Garfield. 
[20:46.24]Great. Wish me luck with the nightmares. 
[21:05.22]AnOther day ruined. 
[21:15.37]Oh, yOu little suck-up. Oh! 
[21:19.54]@@ [ Singing ] 
[21:24.28]WhOa! WhOa, baby. 
[21:31.08]NO. DOwn. DOwn, dumb dOg. 
[21:39.42]What part Of"nO" dOn'tyOu understand? 
[21:42.23]The push Offthe chair? Off!. I dOn't want tO play. 
[21:47.17]Oh! LOOk. What am I suppOsed tO say? 
[21:50.80]"Thanks fOr saving my hide with Luca?" 
[21:53.54]Okay, thanks fOr saving my hide with Luca. Get Off!. 
[21:57.61]Where w.as I? Right here. I w.as right here. 
[21:59.41]Oh! [ GrOans ] 
[22:01.85]That was a cheap shOt. 
[22:03.85]Hit a guy w.hen he's not looking? Okay. 
[22:06.79]Oh, excuse me. I -I thinkyOu may have fOrgOtten sOmething. 
[22:09.69]I saw this and I thOught, pretty sure it was yOur-- 
[22:12.66]Oh, I love to dish it out. [Laughs ] 
[22:15.96]- @@ [ continues ] - Watch Out. YOu see, yOu can't tOuch this. 
[22:19.97]COme On. Uh-huh. 
[22:21.97]That's right. DOn't sneak up On me, baby. 
[22:26.17]Oh, cOme On with that. 
[22:29.44]Get that weak stuff Outta here. 
[22:31.68]Is that butt brOken? 
[22:33.68]NO, it's sOmething like this here. 
[22:35.88]Can yOu dO this? 
[22:38.55]Uh, shOuldn't thOse hips be in the shOp? Walk this way, please. 
[22:43.42]I'm-a walking the dOg. 
[22:45.26]Well, step it up a little bit. SOmething like this. 
[22:49.66]HO, lOOkat this. Watch Out fOrthis thing. 
[22:51.96]It cOuld gO. Uh-huh. 
[22:55.40]YOu prObably shOuld've practiced in the garage... 
[22:57.50]befOreyOu stepped up tO sOmeOne Of my level. 
[23:00.97]Back up. COme On. 
[23:02.97]Flywith me. Maybe sOmething a little bit mOre challenging. 
[23:05.88]Hey! HOw 'bOut this? Out the frOnt dOOr. 
[23:09.58]Take it outside! 
[23:12.55]LOOkwhO's here On the pOrch. 
[23:14.99]I'm walking the pOrch. I'm hOlding a tOrch. I'm ready tO scOrch. 
[23:18.86]Uh-huh. That's fancy fOOtwOrk. 
[23:21.66]Hey! LOOk. Garfield's dancing with Odie. 
[23:23.66]They're like buddies nOw! 
[23:25.50]What's the matter? Oh, my GOd! Odie, what are yOu dOing here? 
[23:28.87]I w.as doing a solo dance, anda creepy dog comes up next to me? 
[23:32.60]Didyou guys see that? Thankyou, fellas. Thankyou. 
[23:33.57]Didyou guys see that? Thankyou, fellas. Thankyou. 
[23:35.34]Uh-oh. Here's more trouble. 
[23:43.65]Look at the goony look on his face. 
[23:46.25]- COme On, buddy. COme here. COme On. - T aking him back tO the vet? 
[23:49.79]- Time fOr Our date with Liz. - Takin'him back to the kennel, right? 
[23:52.62]Yeah? Areyou putting him up foradoption? 
[23:56.46]Hey, Garfiield, Jon's taking Odie on his date w.ith Liz... 
[24:00.30]- and he's leavi ng yOu behi nd. - I knOw, Nermal. 
[24:03.57][ Nermal] They're off on an adventure andyou're still here. 
[24:06.27]And yOur pOint is? 
[24:08.27]Well, that's gOtta feel bad... 
[24:10.48]being left byJon w.hile he takes Odie out. 
[24:13.28]It's like you're not his favorite anymore. 
[24:16.11]Hey, what dO yOu say we play brain surgeOn? 
[24:18.55]WOuld yOu gO get my pOwer tOOls? [ GrOans ] 
[24:22.42]This is so sad. 
[24:24.42]JOn has cOmpletely lOst his mind. 
[24:26.56]DOesn't realize hOw impOrtant I am tO him. 
[24:29.76]I need tO be sO very understanding Ofhim... 
[24:32.16]at this difficult time. 
[24:34.50]Hey, wait up! Wait up fOr me! YOu fOrgOt me! 
[24:38.00]SlOw dOwn! Please slOw dOwn! I'm right back here! 
[24:41.44]Waa-- Oh! I think I pulled a hamstring. 
[24:48.75]All right. It's Okay. I'm On. I'm On. Relax. 
[24:55.79]Oh, my pOOr nOse. 
[24:58.79][Man On P.A.]So, ifyou ow.n Marie, please come andclaim her. 
[24:59.49][Man On P.A. ] So, ifyou ow.n Marie, please come and claim her. 
[25:02.93]Thankyou very much. 
[25:06.03]Now., before the show. starts, go over to the snack section on the south law.n... 
[25:11.40]and get those goodies. 
[25:13.64]We have things there that w.e 're sure-- 
[25:15.67][ GrOans ] Yeah, gO On ahead. U h-- 
[25:19.28]I 'l I catch up with ya. I t's prObably just a mild cOncussiOn... 
[25:22.51]Or-- Or a skull fracture. 
[25:24.68]Maybe I'll get a cA T scan. 
[25:26.95]A CAT scan! 
[25:29.65][Man On P.A. ] I'd like to ask thejudges now.... 
[25:32.06]ifthey w.ouldplease take theirpositions for the view.ings. 
[25:35.16]Oh, w.atch your step there. [ Laughs ] 
[25:43.00][Applause ] 
[25:45.00]Ladies and gentlemen, welcOme tO the dOg shOw. 
[25:48.31]Well, what if I cOmprOmise a little? 
[25:50.31]HOw 'bOut I dO the rOlling arOund with theyarn ball thing? 
[25:53.65]And I'll purr. I'll purr like a Ferrari. Or make that a Jaguar. 
[25:59.08]I wOn't climb drapes thOugh. That's mOre than yOu get frOm sOme dumb dOg. 
[26:03.99]Oops. Dogs. Uh-oh. 
[26:06.66]- Oh, what? YOu're all gOnna take it persOnally? - DOwn, bOy. Sit. 
[26:10.03]- Stay! - [ Garfiield] Now., I'm gonna die. 
[26:12.20]Oh, now. I really am gonna die! 
[26:15.70]Excuse me. Can I get thrOugh here? 
[26:17.70]- [ ClamOring ] - No one under this tarp. Ah! That's my ear! 
[26:21.04][ Man On P.A. ] Ow.ners, maintain control ofyour dogs. 
[26:23.24]People, control those animals now.! 
[26:26.11]Music! Music, yOu idiOt! 
[26:29.08]@@ [ Dance ] 
[26:31.12]- Yeah, play the music. - [ Sighs ] 
[26:34.09][ Garfiield] That's my bad knee. Stop it. All right! 
[26:36.29]- Feets, don't fail me now.! - [ Barking ] 
[26:39.86][ Man On P.A. ] I apologize for this. Please excuse this outburst. 
[26:44.20]- This is highly irregular. - Odie! Odie! [ Whistles ] 
[26:46.56]Odie! Odie, come on. come on, buddy. come on back. 
[26:49.63]Odie! Odie, you w.ant a treat? Huh? Buddy? 
[26:51.70]@@ [ continues ] 
[26:54.04]Okay. Al I right. I need a ride. 
[26:56.81]I 'm a cat in trOuble. I 'm hitching a ride in yOur muumuu. 
[26:59.14]- OOh! - COme On! Let's mOve! 
[27:00.91]- [ Barking ] - Go! Let's move! Dig! Dig! Hyah! Hyah! 
[27:04.72]come on, Pinkie. Move it out! Oh!Sorry. Sorry. 
[27:12.12]Move! Move! Move, Pinkie! Move, Pinkie! Move! 
[27:15.66][ Man On P.A. ] We certainly have a new. star in the arena. 
[27:20.27]Ladies and gentlemen, this is amazing! 
[27:24.47][ Happy ] T alented I ittle fel la, huh? 
[27:28.94]Hyah, Pinkie! Hyah! They're gaining On us, Pinkie! 
[27:32.31]A cat's life is at stake. Whoa! 
[27:36.61]Thanks fOr the ride. 
[27:38.68]Excuse me, ma'am. Please call 91 1. 
[27:42.29][ crying] Please! 
[27:44.42]This is exactly what I deserve anyway. 
[27:48.46]I prOmise if I survive, I'll never cOmpete with a dOg again. 
[27:52.46]Okay! You got me! 
[27:54.87]But befOre I say gOOd-bye-- Oh, isn't this the final irOny? 
[27:58.60]LOOkwhO's here tO witness this. The mailman! 
[28:01.51]YOu're sO stupid. 
[28:04.01]@@ [ COntinues ] 
[28:05.98]WhOO! Yeah! 
[28:10.11]WhOO. WhOO-hOO. 
[28:12.35]@@ [ Ends ] 
[28:14.19][ Laughs ] Yes! 
[28:17.16]Odie, come here. That's a goodboy. Oh, hi. 
[28:20.99][Man On P.A. ] Ladies and gentlemen, Happy chapman. 
[28:24.26][ Laughs ] That is One talented dOg! 
[28:29.13][ Cheering ] 
[28:31.20]YOu knOw, this is exactly the kind Of dOg... 
[28:33.91]that cOuld have a future in televisiOn. 
[28:36.01]Oh, thankyOu, Mr. Chapman, but Odie's just my pet. 
[28:39.14]And that's-- that's all I reallywant him tO be. 
[28:41.41]- YOu're kidding. - NO. 
[28:44.58]Okay. Well, this is fOryOu. 
[28:47.92]And, uh... 
[28:49.92]this is fOryOu ifyOu happen tO changeyOur mind. 
[28:52.66]YOu just ring me up. YOu give-- "HellO? HellO? 
[28:55.03]I changed my mind. I wanna be a star." 
[28:57.26]- Okay. - Okay! 
[28:59.33]- Okay. - Let's hear it fOr Odie! 
[29:02.47][Man On P.A.] What a sensational ending to a ratherunconventionalshow.! 
[29:06.24]- Smile. - Our w.inner today... 
[29:09.24]a fabulous dancing puppy called Odie! 
[29:13.71]... the cul-de-sac. Never leave the cul-de-sac. Never leave the cul-de-sac. 
[29:16.31]N-Never leave the cul-de-sac. Never leave the cul-de-sac. 
[29:19.45]Never leave the cul-de-sac. Never leave the cul-de-- 
[29:22.75][ GrOans ] I'm h-hOme. 
[29:27.29]- [Jon ] I hadfun today. Thankyou. - [Liz] Yeah, me too. 
[29:30.19]WOuld yOu like tO cOme in? 
[29:32.70]- Uh, nOt tOday. - I knew that. 
[29:34.93]- I'm sOrry. -JOn, I wanna cOme Over, just nOt tOday. 
[29:37.03]I have tO cOver fOr anOthervet. 
[29:39.94]Oh! Really? 
[29:42.07]HOw's Sunday? 
[29:44.74]Sunday is-- Sunday's great. S-Sunday's gOOd. Sunday. 
[29:48.31][ Laughs ] Okay. 
[29:54.09]SO, I'll-- 
[29:56.19]- I'll see yOu Sunday. - Sunday. 
[29:58.72]- Sunday. - [ Laughs ] 
[30:04.70]Why? Why has this happened? 
[30:07.43]I was the One. It was all abOut me. 
[30:10.70]NOt abOut sOme stupid, sniveling, smelly... 
[30:14.91]high-maintenance discO dOg. 
[30:31.69]Oh, nO. 
[30:40.77][ Gasps ] 
[30:49.51][ Creaking ] 
[30:56.71]Huh? Oh-- 
[31:02.95]@@[Jon Singing] 
[31:15.13]Youjust can't do this,Jon. He's trying to tearus apart. Don'tyou see that? 
[31:19.50]YOu knOw me. I'm tOO lazy tO try tO destrOyyOur hOuse. 
[31:21.97]I was prOvOked, pushed, prOdded, driven mad. 
[31:25.38]YOu can't kick me Out Of my Own hOuse like I'm sOme kind Of animal! 
[31:30.01]Oh, cOme On,JOn.JOn! 
[31:31.88]Oh, cOme On,JOn.JOn! 
[31:32.48]YOu knOw I'm scared Ofthe dark. 
[31:37.56]Yeah, that's a gOOd bOy. WhO's a gOOd bOy? 
[31:41.39]@ Used tO haveJOn tO myself @ 
[31:45.33]@ Day Or night There was nO One else @ 
[31:50.10]@ FrOm dawn tO dusk my meals wOuld cOme @ 
[31:53.90]@ I'dlounge about in myhome@ 
[31:58.41]@ But now. I'm out in the cold ofnight@ 
[32:01.51]@ All alOne till the dawn's first light @ 
[32:07.38]@ I'm in a new dOg state Of mind @ 
[32:19.86]@ Used tO think I had a hOme @ 
[32:23.57]@ A special place tO call my Own @ 
[32:28.04]@ But nOw the dOg's in and I'm Out @ 
[32:31.91]@ I've got noJon I've got no clout@ 
[32:37.28]@@ [ Wailing ] 
[32:45.99]@ I'm in a new dOg state Of mind @@ 
[32:53.56][ Crying ] 
[33:00.34]Leave me alOne. YOu've wOn. 
[33:03.67]YOu're inside with him, and I'm Out here all by myself. 
[33:33.70]Odie? YOu came Out here tO be with me? 
[33:37.54]I'm tOuched. 
[33:39.71]- And yOu must be tOuched in the head. - [ Clicks ] 
[33:48.49]- Seeyou in the morning, little fella. - [ Barks ] 
[33:51.12]YOu knOw, a puppy needs a little tOugh lOve every nOw and then. 
[33:55.16]I think it builds character. 
[33:57.56]HellO, POOky. Miss me? 
[33:59.93]YOu knOw what? I'm gOnna make it up tO Odie tOmOrrOw. 
[34:03.47]I'm gOing tO teach him hOw tO drink Out Ofthe tOilet. 
[34:06.34]- [ Whining ] - [Girl cat] PoorOdie. 
[34:08.74]- That cat is such a pig. - Garfield's a pig? 
[34:11.68]YOu never put the dOg Out at night. 
[34:13.81]Why nOt? 
[34:16.58]Because dOgs... run away. 
[34:23.19][ Barking ] 
[34:39.54][ Barking ] 
[34:57.35][ Barking ] 
[35:04.56][Siren Wailing] 
[35:34.12][ Whines ] 
[35:43.57]Sure,JOn, I'll eat all yOur lasagna fOryOu. 
[35:55.95][Woman ] Oh, look. What do w.e have here? 
[35:59.45]YOu're a lOst dOg. 
[36:02.79][ Strains ] 
[36:05.62]Well, we can fix that. 
[36:08.36][ Chuckles ] 
[36:13.96]Oh, dO I feel gOOd this mOrning. 
[36:16.53]I slept like a fat cat. 
[36:20.10]Hey, tall, dark and human, what's fOr breakfast? 
[36:22.41]Odie! Where areyOu, bOy? 
[36:25.11]Well, relax. Uh, I think he was gOing tO camp Out. 
[36:29.75]- Odie? - Well, he prObably had a sleepOver at Luca's, I think. 
[36:36.29]Odie! Odie? 
[36:40.62]Hm. Well, maybe he's fetching the paper fOr the neighbOrs. 
[36:47.16]Where is that silly dOg? 
[36:53.70]I can't gO On like this anymOre, Wendell. 
[36:56.24]I've gOt tO get a dOg. 
[36:58.24]I think that's a lOvely idea. [ Chuckles ] 
[37:00.28]I knOwyOu've been sad and lOnely since the divOrce, and I've tried tO be a friend-- 
[37:03.58]NOt fOr me, yOu imbecile. FOr the act. 
[37:05.58]Ifl cOuld get my hands On a really talented dOg... 
[37:09.99]wOuldn't WalterJ. just chOke On his Emmy? 
[37:14.19]- Like Odie? - Yeah. 
[37:16.89]Yeah, nOw he was gOOd. 
[37:20.23]Oh, yeah. YOu knOw, he was kinda dOpey-lOOking and spry. 
[37:24.74]- And-- - LOst! 
[37:26.74][Happy] Hmm? 
[37:33.38]Hi, it'sJon. I w.asjust calling to see ifOdie's been overthere. 
[37:37.08]Myname isJon Arbuckle, and, um, I can't find my dog. 
[37:39.95]I've looked all around the neighborhood, and I can't find him. 
[37:42.85]I saw. him last night, but I haven't seen him this morning. 
[37:44.79]And, uh, ifyou see him, give me a call, please. 
[37:47.46]Uh, I w.as calling to see ifyou'd seen Odie? Um, I think he 's run aw.ay. 
[37:50.96]I w.as giving him a bath, and I forgot to put his collar back on. 
[37:54.53]You know., 'cause Garfiield hates his collar. 
[37:56.53]He's abOut 1 5 pOunds. He's brOwnish yel lOw with brOwn flOppy ears. 
[38:00.27]- [ Doorbell Rings ] - WOuld yOu mind getting that? 
[38:02.97]Um, I'm Offering a reward. 
[38:05.61]Yeah, that's right. Okay, and he answers tO the name Of-- 
[38:08.78]- Hi. - Hi. [ Chuckles ] 
[38:11.88]I'd say the refrigeratOr is unguarded. 
[38:14.99]Wh-- What areyOu dOing here? 
[38:16.75]We're having dinner, remember? 
[38:18.92]Right! R-- Dinner. 
[38:21.89]Th-The twO Of us. TOnight. Of cOurse. 
[38:26.56]- Shall I cOme in? - Yeah! 
[38:28.67]Yeah. COme On in. 
[38:32.84]Uh, yOu knOw, uh, Liz, I have a cOnfessiOn. 
[38:35.57]Uh, uh, it's nOt really a cOnfessiOn. MOre Ofan admissiOn. 
[38:38.78]It's a-- YOu knOw what it is? It's like a, uh-- 
[38:41.18]It's like a declaratiOn. I have a-- a-- d-- 
[38:43.41]I lOve it when yOu dO that. 
[38:45.82]- DO what? - YOu knOw, trip OveryOurself. 
[38:48.12]It's cute. 
[38:50.12]It's One Ofthe reasOns I had a crush On yOu in high schOOl. 
[38:53.82]YOu had a crush On me? 
[38:55.83]Yeah. I thOughtyOu were really cute, decent. 
[38:59.06]NOt like all thOse Otherjerks. 
[39:01.37]I dOn't believe it. I-- I had a crush On yOu tOO. 
[39:03.87]- Isn't that funny? - Yeah. 
[39:08.44]SO, um, what's yOur cOnfessiOn/ admissiOn/declaratiOn? 
[39:13.94]Actually, um-- 
[39:18.95]I fOrgOt abOut Our dinner. [ Chuckles ] Yeah. 
[39:21.65][ Laughs ] Oh, that's Okay. YOu knOw, I can-- I can gO. 
[39:24.72]NO. NO, I'm-- I'm glad yOu're here. 
[39:27.39]Let me just, uh, get myjacket, and then we'll gO. 
[39:36.10]Okay, what am I gOnna dO? What am I gOnna dO? 
[39:38.47]What-- What am I gOnna dO? I've waited fOr this night my entire life. 
[39:42.74]IfyOu tell her the truth, yOu'll feel much better. 
[39:45.48]Andyou w.on't have to see heranymore. 
[39:48.15]It's kinda creepyhaving a vet around the house anyway. 
[39:50.81]I can't just gO Out and pretend like nOthing's happened, can I? 
[39:53.42]Well, I sure cOuld. The One thing yOu can't dO is tell her the dOg's gOne. 
[39:57.09]- I gOtta tell her. - No. 
[40:00.12]- I've gOtta tell her. - No. That's not w.hat Isaid. 
[40:05.50]Liz, uh, we can't gO Out tOnight. 
[40:08.53]- Why nOt? - Odie's run away. 
[40:11.20]- What? - He gOt Out last night. I feel terrible. 
[40:14.04]I called the pOund. I put up pOsters. 
[40:16.04]I lOOked everywhere, but I can't find him. 
[40:18.11]- Why didn'tyOu just tell me? - I guess I figured... 
[40:20.81]he was the Only reasOn yOu were spending time with me. 
[40:23.58]- COme On. - NO, I'm seriOus. I mean, I thOught-- 
[40:27.18]NO, I mean, cOme On. Let's gO find him. 
[40:38.80]HOw can this dOg be such a prOblem when he's nOt even here anymOre? 
[40:43.97]Well, I'm nOt gOnna wOrry abOut him. 
[40:46.20]I believeyOu've fOund my dOg. 
[40:48.57]- He answers tO "Odie." - "Odie"? 
[40:51.78]Family name. 
[40:55.65]Oh! Odie! Oh, cOme On. 
[40:58.22]There yOu are. Oh! 
[41:01.39][ Laughs ] Yes. Yes. 
[41:05.59]Yes. Yes. Yes. I can live again nOw. 
[41:10.39]HOw cOuld I ever repayyOu? 
[41:12.40]An autOgraph wOuld be splendid. 
[41:14.73]Then splendid it shall be. 
[41:18.10]- @@ [ TVTheme ] - [Garfiield] Hm. 
[41:20.77]- Uh, nO. - [ Man ] COme On, bOy. 
[41:23.11][ GrOans ] 
[41:24.51]- [ DOOrbell Rings ] - [ Barks ] 
[41:26.11][ Sighs ] Hmm-- 
[41:32.95]This is ridiculOus. 
[41:35.95]- Hey, what areyOu lOOkin' at? - NOthin'.Just lOOkin' fOr sOme cOmpany. 
[41:39.42][ Nermal ] Keep walking, creepO. 
[41:41.09]- What's gOing On? - We knOw hOw much yOu hated Odie. 
[41:43.99]- We knOw hOw much yOu wanted him gOne. - Wait a minute. 
[41:46.46]All I wanted was tO sleep in my Own bed. 
[41:48.33]And tO dO it, yOu cast Odie Out intO the cOld, cruel wOrld? 
[41:51.30]We saw hOwyOu lOcked Odie Outside last night. 
[41:53.60]Oh, I dOn't believeyOu guys. I didn't knOw he was gOnna run away. 
[41:57.51]He's a dumb dOg. NO Offense, Luca. 
[41:59.88]- Uh, what? - YOu can't blame me fOr that. 
[42:02.15]- Any One Of us cOuld be next. - Yeah. 
[42:04.82]There's nO rOOm fOr anybOdy else in Garfield's wOrld. 
[42:07.98]Huh? Oh, that's a little dramatic. 
[42:10.12]Well, I may have been a little tOugh abOut prOtecting my turf... 
[42:14.12]but, uh, I dOn't hate the guy. 
[42:18.36]I understand Happy has a big surprise fOr us. 
[42:20.60]A special treat. What haveyOu gOt fOr us, Hap? 
[42:22.87]Ah, guten Morgen, Chris. 
[42:24.87]Yeah,yeah,yeah, I have been w.orking w.ith a veryspecial new. friend... 
[42:28.47]and I w.ould like to introduce him to all ofyou. 
[42:37.41]LOOkee here! I t's Odie! 
[42:40.25]And he's safe and sOund. 
[42:42.25]AlthOugh, he seems tO have fOund an alternative lifestyle. 
[42:46.02]He still can't dance. 
[42:48.02]Well, this gets me Offthe hOOk with JOn and the gang. 
[42:50.03]- NOw I'm gOnna be the herO. - [ MellO ] That's One talented dOg. 
[42:53.46]Oh, I'm glad yOu think sO, Chris, because I have a little annOuncement tO make. 
[42:58.27]Old Happy Chapman and Odieschnitzel... 
[43:00.44]are gOing tO be climbing abOard that New Amsterdam Limited at 3:00 p.m.... 
[43:04.11]bOund tO NewYOrk City, wherewe have the OppOrtunity... 
[43:06.94]tO be regular cOntributOrs On Good Day, New. York. 
[43:10.58]Huh? That's his last name-- Schnitzel? 
[43:13.58]ThankyOu fOr all yOur helpyesterday. YOu were-- YOu were great. 
[43:16.85]JOn, Odie's On TV, and he's wearing lederhOsen. 
[43:19.89]I-I'm sOrry. Garfield, nOt nOw. 
[43:22.29]Um, I upped the reward tO, um, $200. 
[43:25.43]And, uh, I'm gOing tO put up sOme mOre pOsters tOmOrrOw. 
[43:27.43]He's clOg dancing, I think, wearing lederhOsen. 
[43:29.70]I'm sorry. Garfiield, not now.. 
[43:32.80]- Oh, yOu're gOnna miss it. - I'm sOrry, Liz. I'll call yOu later. 
[43:35.44]Garfield's being... Garfield. 
[43:37.74]DO I have tO bark like Lassie? 
[43:40.08]COme On. HumOr me, wOuld ya? 
[43:42.11]Arf!. Arf!. Arf!. Quickly! 
[43:44.68]While we'reyOung. TOday! Let's gO! 
[43:47.55][ BOth ] Be happy. 
[43:49.65]Oh, yOu're gOnna miss this. He's the small One. The small One in the guy's hand. 
[43:53.22][ Garfiield Groans ] 
[43:55.46]Garfield, I'm nOt in the mOOd. 
[44:00.06]YOu knOw, it's never gOOd when yOu turn Off myTV. 
[44:03.33]And this may be the wOrst ever. 
[44:05.77][Wendell] Odie's not ready. 
[44:07.77]H-He's months ofpositive reinforcement aw.ayfrom consistentlyperfiorming. 
[44:17.31]Happy, you promised you'd never use that. 
[44:20.92]I mean, that collar is inhumane. 
[44:22.79]This cOl lar... 
[44:25.89]is the dOg's future. 
[44:29.39]DO yOu have a prOblem with that? 
[44:32.46]- NO. - NO. 
[44:34.73]NOw we'll see hOw smart yOu really are. 
[44:42.21]Happy chapman. Happy chapman. Happy chapman. 
[44:44.81]NOt nOw, Garfield. 
[44:47.21]JOn, yOu're denser than ever. 
[44:49.75]- [Door Opens ] - I gOtta think Outside the bOx here. 
[44:52.22]- [Door closes ] - Hey, the bOx! 
[44:54.89]Wait a secOnd. 
[44:58.56]My bOx-- My bOx had sOmething On it. 
[45:02.43]Let's see. Apple Jacks. FrOsted Flakes. COcOa Puffs. 
[45:05.13]Kibbly Kat. Yes, there it is. 
[45:08.73]Telegraph TOwer. That's where they make The Happy chapman Show.. 
[45:13.77]Yeah. But how. faraw.ay can that be? 
[45:16.71]Maybe-- Hmm, a paw? 
[45:19.54]A paw. anda halfmaybe. This is a done deal. I can do this. 
[45:23.51][ Panting ] NO! 
[45:26.68]Can't dO this. Reached physical limits. 
[45:30.72]ShOuldn't have tried it withOut snacks. 
[45:34.09]Must gO back and relOad. 
[45:36.09]- [ Applause ] -Jenny, hOw areyOu? WelcOme tO the shOw. 
[45:39.40]Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! 
[45:42.63]- [ Applause] - Mmm. Mmm. 
[45:45.40]Mmm. [ Burps ] 
[45:48.37]Ah, and that's the sign that the tank is full. 
[45:51.21]I can dO this. BeyOnd this intersectiOn is just anOther intersectiOn. 
[45:57.65]On the otherhand, I w.onderifthere's anymeat loafleft in the fridge. 
[46:01.15]NO. NOw's nOt the time fOr a plate Of meat lOaf. 
[46:03.69]NOw's the time fOr a plate Of cOurage. 
[46:05.72]Ladies and gentlemen, Garfield has left the cul-de-sac. 
[46:18.83]@ He is trampling out the vintage w.here the grapes ofw.rath are stored@ 
[46:23.24]- @ He has-- @@ - [Honking] 
[46:27.58][ Garfiield] Now. that's more mystyle. 
[46:30.78]Oh, taxi. 
[46:32.61][ Garfiield] Step on it, w.illyou, driver? 
[46:41.46]NO, Odie's nOt a hOund dOg. Yes, I 'm sure. 
[46:45.23]NO, I dOn't want anOther dOg. 
[46:48.03]- Thanks anyway. - [ PhOne Beeps ] 
[46:50.03]Garfield, lunchtime. 
[46:53.84]I made yOur favOrite-- lasagna. 
[47:06.88]Garfield, where areyOu? 
[47:13.39]can anyone direct me to the pink building... 
[47:15.69]that's shOwn On the back Of the Kibbly Kat bOx? 
[47:19.16]Uh, it's the One right by the blue-and-Orange tree. 
[47:24.40]Well, this dOesn't feel pink building-ish. 
[47:28.84][ clattering] 
[47:30.41]- Hello? - NOw whereyOu gOing? Oh, what is that? 
[47:33.11]- [Garfiield] Uh-oh, rats. - [ Rat ] COme On! COme On! 
[47:35.28]- Rats the size Of rats. - come on, kids. 
[47:37.41]Is that big Orange blOb a cat? 
[47:39.41]Hey, nOw, why am I being surrOunded here? 
[47:41.98]- Some ofmybest friends are vermin. - [ Rats Chattering ] 
[47:44.92]- Finally, sOme meat. - [ Cheering ] 
[47:46.79]Meat? NO, it's nOt meat. I'm-- They measured. 
[47:49.49]It's 1 00% bOdy fat. NO nutritiOnal value whatsOever. 
[47:52.66]Hey, bOdy fat's gOOd with us. 
[47:54.50]- [Rats ] Mmm. Yea! Yippee! - Uh-- Uh-- LOuis. 
[47:56.63]- Garfiield! coming through. Hey, w.hat's going on here? - Oh, it's my friend. 
[47:59.97]COme On, LOuis. I gOt 3,000 teeny mOuths tO feed. 
[48:02.97]Hey, back Off. Garfield? What are yOu dOing here? 
[48:05.51]Besides defending my life? JOn gOt a dOg... 
[48:09.21]dOg gOt kidnapped by a TV star, I'm trying tO rescue him. 
[48:12.15]Seems likeyOu gOtyOurself in a jam, huh? 
[48:14.32]I wish there was sOmething I cOuld dO tO helpyOu Out. 
[48:16.49]LOuis, I thinkyOu and I have an accOunt still, remember? 
[48:19.49]- The macadamia nut cOOkies? - I dO lOve the macadamia. 
[48:22.66]- SOrry, rat pack, this cat's with me. - Aw., come on. 
[48:25.26]Y'all gOt tO rOll. GO ahead. ROll Out. 
[48:27.73]WhO wants tO gO tO the Red LObster alley? 
[48:31.17][ Laughs ] Hey, maybe next time, little critters. 
[48:34.00]GOOd luckwith the plague and rabies and everything. 
[48:36.17]DOn't push yOur luck, fat cat. 
[48:39.47]Garfield, yOu can't just be wandering arOund the city. 
[48:42.38]There are dangers everywhere. 
[48:44.68]Potholes, subw.ays, animal control. 
[48:47.35]YOu thinkyOu can get me tO Telegraph TOwer? 
[48:49.69]TwO mOre cOOkies and yOu gOt a deal. But we gOtta keep it On the dOwn-lOw. 
[48:53.12][ Garfield ] HOw dOwn lOw dO we have tO gO? 
[48:55.36][Louis ] Yo, Garfiield,you w.ith me? 
[48:57.66]Louis, this is a little bit low.er than I expected. 
[49:00.66]Ifl didn't have a box over my head, I'd be humiliated. 
[49:05.60]Okay, hold up. All right. We're almost there. 
[49:08.87]Now., w.hen I give you the signal, w.e gotta cross the street. 
[49:12.61]- [ Garfiield] Way over there by the horizon? - come on, Garfiield. Let's go! 
[49:16.45]Wait up! Wait up! 
[49:19.51][ Gasps, GrOans ] 
[49:21.55][ Grunts ] 
[49:23.62]- Am I dead? - Garfield, dOn't mOve! 
[49:27.29]DOn't mOve? NOt a prOblem. 
[49:29.46][Louis ] Just w.ait forthe w.alk signal. 
[49:33.40]Oh, no, it's a stampede! Stampede! 
[49:37.37]- Ifl canjust get aw.ayfrom this herd. - Garfield! 
[49:43.24]Garfield, where are yOu? 
[49:45.81]Garfiield, get dow.n from there, man. 
[49:48.24]NO. I 'm nOt cOming dOwn. 
[49:50.78]I'm happy tO live the rest Of my life up here. ThankyOu. 
[49:58.79]Liz! Liz! 
[50:01.26]- What's wrOng? - Garfield's gOne. I think he's run away tOO. 
[50:04.19]First, , Odie, and nOw Garfield. Liz, I am the wOrst pet Owner On the planet. 
[50:07.26]- Wait. What happened? - I can't find him. YOu gOtta help me. 
[50:09.50]I can't live withOut Garfield. 
[50:11.50]Let's start at the park. 
[50:13.80]Let's start at the park. 
[50:14.30]Are w.e thereyet? Are w.e thereyet? Are w.e thereyet? 
[50:17.37]Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? 
[50:19.91]Garfield, relax. LOOk. We're here. 
[50:22.51]- We're here nOw. - Curb service. 
[50:25.55]The Telegraph Tow.er in all its splendor. 
[50:32.29][ Garfiield] It looks much smaller on the box. 
[50:34.89]You gotta go all the w.ay up there? Good luck, playa. 
[50:37.46]I 'l I catch yOu later. I dOn't dO the vertical thi ng. 
[50:39.86]- Thanks a lOt, partner. - Oh, yeah. HOld up, "G." 
[50:42.26]- What? - Watch Out fOr the pO-pO. 
[50:44.90]- YOu knOw, five-Oh? COntrOl-Oh. - Huh? 
[50:47.84]- Animal cOntrOl, man. - Oh, that pO-pO. 
[50:50.64]- Keep it squeal. - Hey, thanks, partner. 
[50:53.28][Louis ] Oink, oink. 
[50:55.78]I can't trythe door. I couldn't handle anotherstampede. 
[51:06.82][ Panting ] 
[51:09.83]First thing MOnday mOrning-- [ Breathing Heavily ] 
[51:12.03]I'm gOnna get tO wOrk On lOsing thOse last 20 pOunds. 
[51:21.10]Okay, everything lOOks gOOd Out there. 
[51:24.64]LOOks like we gOt Ourselves a blOckage. 
[51:29.01][ Beeping ] 
[51:34.88]Guess we'll just... purge the system. 
[51:40.66][ Straining ] 
[51:47.00]- [ Vent Clatters ] - Oh, pardOn me. 
[51:49.63]That wasn't my stOmach, was it? 
[51:51.93]- [ Air BlOwing ] - Ah, there's a cOOling breeze. 
[51:55.50]OOh. WOah! 
[52:06.62]- Whee! - Aaah! 
[52:15.99]Oh, mypoornose. 
[52:21.66][ Liz ] JOn, stOp the car. 
[52:29.70]- What? - It's Odie. 
[52:31.84]SOmebOdy fOund him. 52903 Euclid Street. 
[52:35.11]Let's gO. 
[52:37.55][ Garfiield] Odie! 
[52:38.28][ Garfiield] Odie! 
[52:48.59]This rescue thing is exhausting. 
[52:51.56]When dO herOes get tO eat? 
[52:53.56]- [ Barks ] - Oh, my! 
[52:55.66]- It's Odie! - [ Barks ] 
[53:02.74]Odie. I foundyou. 
[53:06.41]I'm sO sOrry I gOt yOu intO this mess. 
[53:08.84]LOOk. We kind Of gOt Off On the wrOng paw. 
[53:11.58]But, cOme On. YOu can be really annOying sOmetimes. 
[53:15.08]And yOu dOn't give me enOugh space. 
[53:16.99]And yOu're a majOr-league suck-up. 
[53:19.62]But we have a cOmmOn purpOse. We shareJOn. 
[53:23.96]JOn needs us even mOre. 
[53:26.06]And I kinda wantyOu back hOme tOO. 
[53:29.40]SO, stand back. [ Grunting ] 
[53:32.00]I almOst gOt it. 
[53:34.00]Hurryup, Wendell. Fortune w.aits forno man. 
[53:40.68]DO yOu think he's ready fOr the auditiOn? 
[53:42.68][Happy] Well, w.hy don'tyou see foryourself. 
[53:46.51]COme On, Odie. ShOwtime. 
[53:53.89]Ah. GOOd mOrning, New YOrk. 
[53:57.63]I knOw yOu're gOnna flip fOr Odie because he sure is flipping fOryOu. 
[54:01.46]- [ Whirring ] - [ Odie Yelps ] 
[54:03.73][HappyLaughing] Ride 'em, cow.boy. 
[54:05.90]- A shOck cOllar? That's-- That's inhumane. - Tomorrow.'s science today. 
[54:09.87]Oh, gOsh, hOt dOggy. 
[54:13.58]SO, when dOes Our train leave? 
[54:16.14]Oh. TwO hOurs. 
[54:18.98]Tickets? ChOp-chOp. 
[54:24.52]POOr Odie. He faces a future Of tOrture... 
[54:28.82]neglect and degradatiOn. 
[54:31.36]Hey, nObOdy gets tO mistreat my dOg like that except me. 
[54:39.77]Psst! I'll be right behindyou, little buddy. 
[54:43.94][ Whimpers ] 
[54:57.59]Surf's up! 
[55:00.22]Gravity, dO yOur thang! 
[55:13.87]WOah! HOusekeeping at 1 2:00! 
[55:17.97]WOah! YOu knOw... 
[55:20.28]I think I hada nightmare like this once. 
[55:37.73]Once again, my life has been saved by the miracle Oflasagna. 
[55:43.63]Isaidlimo, not taxi. Doyou know. the difference? 
[55:47.94]Odie, here I cOme! DOn't wOrry, fella. 
[55:51.07]- I'll rescueyou! - [Man ] Halt! 
[55:54.64]- Gotcha! - WOah. Huh? 
[55:56.68]Well, what have we gOt here? 
[55:59.08]LOOks like we gOt us a cat with nO tags. 
[56:02.08][ Garfiield] Hey, McGillicuddy, there's an animal felony... 
[56:04.45]happening right there behindyou. 
[56:06.65]I'm trying to do some rescue w.ork here, pal. 
[56:10.02]- [ Dogs Barking ] - [ Garfiield In carrier] Hey! 
[56:12.03]- WelcOme tO my wOrld, Red. - [ Garfiield] I'm gonna call somebody about this. 
[56:14.80]- Newbie On the blOck. - This is police brutality. 
[56:17.10]- Here we gO. - I have tags. Ijust left them in my other fur. 
[56:20.94][ Garfiield] This is abusive now.. This is abusive. 
[56:23.20]- I n yOu gO, big fel la. - [ Garfiield] Huh? 
[56:25.21]- What is with the cage? - Okay, lOck 'er dOwn. 
[56:29.31]Oh, now., this is insulting. You know. I'm house-trained. 
[56:32.91]- Gimme new.spaper? - Settle dOwn, peOple. 
[56:34.92]- I oughta give you a bunch offives. - Back abOut yOur busi ness. 
[56:37.72]- ROsa, I 'm watching yOu. - This is all a terrible mistake. 
[56:40.89]I was trying tO save a friend... 
[56:43.63]that's nOt very smart, needed my help. 
[56:46.03]I dOn't belOng in here. I have an Owner. 
[56:48.56]I-I'm nOt a stray. 
[56:51.73]- Hi. I'm JOn Arbuckle. - Hi. 
[56:53.87]Um, I thinkyOu have my dOg Odie. 
[56:55.87]- I thinkyOu're mistaken. - NO, I saw the flier. Odie's my dOg. 
[56:59.21]NO, he's Happy Chapman's dOg. 
[57:02.31]Happy Chapman? 
[57:04.98]The gentleman w.ith the cat on channel 37. 
[57:09.15]He came and tOOk Odie hOme. 
[57:11.75]Odie's the familyname, you know.? 
[57:16.49]- Well, uh, good day. - Wait. Wait. 
[57:20.53]Happy Chapman tOOk Odie? YOu think he's gOt Garfield tOO? 
[57:24.30]I-I dOn't knOw. But we're gOnna find Out. 
[57:27.60]@@ [ Garfield: Hymn ] 
[57:28.07]@@ [ Garfield: Hymn ] 
[57:32.44]Ah, shut up! 
[57:34.44]Hey, save it fortalent night. 
[57:40.48]@@ [ Ends ] 
[57:42.75]COuld yOu please be quiet? Guard! Guards! 
[57:46.02]Oh, this really is tOO much. 
[57:48.09]Hey, Persnikitty. Happy Chapman's cat. What are yOu dOing in here? 
[57:52.86]I w.as his cat until I Outlived my purpOse. 
[57:57.80]Oh, then he replacedme w.ith a dog and dumped me in this w.retchedplace. 
[58:01.90]- All humans are the same. - Oh, nOt JOn, my Owner. 
[58:05.37][ Chuckles ] NO way. He Only dOes what's best fOr me. 
[58:08.98]He puts up w.ith me, and he feeds me. 
[58:11.55]And he lets yOu vacatiOn in this charming animal pOund. HellO? 
[58:14.55]Yeah, nOt fOr lOng, Persnikitty. 
[58:16.48]WOuld yOu please just stOp calling me that? 
[58:18.69]My name isn't really Persnikitty. 
[58:21.39]- It's Sir ROland. - Sir ROland? 
[58:23.99]Yes. Anotherone of Happychapman's acts ofcruelty. 
[58:26.96]I was trained in the classical theater, yOu knOw. Uh-huh. 
[58:29.73]But now., I'm a celebrity cable castoffcat... 
[58:33.50]with a name I can never live dOwn. 
[58:36.07]Well, this may hurt a little then. 
[58:38.07]I'm trying tO rescue the dOg that replaced yOu, Persnikitty. 
[58:41.31]I mean, Roland. Uh, Happyand Odie are getting on a train in less than tw.o hours... 
[58:45.98]to go to New. York to become regulars on GOOd Day, New YOrk. 
[58:48.52]Wait a m i nute. Did I just hear that right? 
[58:51.79]You're a cat that's trying to rescue a dog? 
[58:55.32]I t's true. I knOw. It's a crime against nature. 
[58:58.46]At first I thought he w.as a pain, but he's grow.n on me... 
[59:02.00]Iike a w.artyou w.anna have removed untilyou realize... 
[59:05.33]it defines yOu in sOme funny way. 
[59:08.20]DO yOu knOw, that is absOlutely charming. 
[59:11.17]Let me askyOu a questiOn, chubby. 
[59:14.11]What are yOu talking abOut? 
[59:16.11]HOw cOuld yOu understand? He's my friend. 
[59:20.28]Oh, my gOsh. HOw lOw have I sunk? 
[59:23.22]Guard, may I have sOme shOelaces, please? 
[59:27.22][ Guard ] Well, hellO there. Right On time. 
[59:30.89]All right. I need a five-cOunt lineup right nOw. Let's gO. 
[59:33.29]- MOve, mOve, mOve. - Hey, what's gOing On? 
[59:35.33]AdOptiOn. LOOks like One Of us is getting Out Ofhere. 
[59:38.37]So,you're here to look at a cat. 
[59:41.00]All right. Well, let's see ifw.e can't take care ofyou. 
[59:43.04]- [ Persnikitty ] Careful. - Let's go, boys. Let's hurry it up. 
[59:45.57]Can I just say yOur hands are freezing? 
[59:47.84]How. areyou, new.bie? This might beyourlucky day. 
[59:52.11]COme here. There yOu gO. 
[59:54.12]Oh, yOu are a heavy One. 
[59:56.68]- Excuse me. Muscle weighs mOre than fat. - COme On. That's right. 
[59:59.65]- COme Over here. - Check this. 
[60:02.29]Hey, w.hat about me? 
[60:04.99]All right. Let's line it up. 
[60:07.83]Paws On the white line. Tails in the air. 
[60:10.20]I dOn't need tO be adOpted, guys. My guyJOn is cOming tO get me, I'm sure. 
[60:14.20]- That One. - Really. 
[60:16.74]She picked me! She picked me! She did! 
[60:18.77]- [ SingsOng ] She picked me. She picked me. - NOt that One. 
[60:22.08]That One. The One that lOOks like the cat On TV. 
[60:25.11]Back it up, Red. She went with Trigger. 
[60:27.25]- [Persnikitty]Sorry, love. - COme here. 
[60:29.28]Better luck next time. NOw yOu be careful. 
[60:31.59]- There yOu gO. - That's nOt-- That's sOre. Ow! 
[60:34.52]JOn's gOnna be here in five minutes anyway. 
[60:37.66]When I give the signal, run like a mad cOw. 
[60:39.89]- What? - DOn'tyOu want tO saveyOur friend? 
[60:42.20]- DO I really have tO run? - NOw! 
[60:44.63]Eat hair ball, Happy Chapman! 
[60:47.30]- [Guard] Not the redbutton! - [ Alarm Ringing ] 
[60:49.40][Persnikitty] Once more into the breach, dearfriends. Once more! 
[60:54.31]@@ [Sings ] 
[60:57.28][ Barking ] 
[60:59.61]- GO, gO, gO, gO, gO! - I 'm gOing. I'm gOing. 
[61:01.72]Run! Run! Let's gO! Get the dOOr! 
[61:06.45][ DOg ] Hey, there's a fire hydrant! 
[61:08.46]DOn't stOp! DOn't stOp! 
[61:18.13]COde blue! COde blue! We gOt runners. We gOt runners. 
[61:20.64]Halt! StOp! YOu have nOt been cleared fOr release. 
[61:24.81][ Chattering ] 
[61:54.44]- [Jon ] Garfiield's been here. - Uh, excuse me. 
[61:56.44]- Can I help yOu with sOmething? - We're lOOking fOr Happy Chapman. 
[61:59.87]Uh, yeah. He's On his way tO the train statiOn. He's gOing tO New YOrk. 
[62:02.68]D-Doyou guys have a pass orsomething? 
[62:04.65]- I'm gOnna have tO askyOu guys tO leave. - ThankyOu. 
[62:06.81]Okay, thanks. 
[62:13.35]- [ Gasps ] - Oh, excuse me. 
[62:15.36][Man On P.A. ] Yourattention please. The New. Amsterdam Limited... 
[62:19.16]is now. departing from Platform 12. 
[62:23.73]All abOard! 
[62:26.90]All aboard! 
[62:35.58]GOOd afternOOn, gentlemen. What will yOu be having tOday-- salmOn, steak Or lasagna? 
[62:40.01]Steak. I hate lasagna. 
[62:43.18]Beep, beep. Cat cOming thrOugh. Beep, beep. GOing thrOugh the tunnel. 
[62:47.82]- NyOw! I just had tO dO that. - It's a cat! 
[62:50.02][Man On P.A.] Final call forthe New.Amsterdam Limited. 
[62:53.53]The New. Amsterdam Limited is now. departing from Platform 12. 
[62:59.50]NO. Wait. Please. StOp. 
[63:02.40]Wait. DOn't. NO. Oh. 
[63:05.74]You monster, chapman! 
[63:08.04][ SObbing ] I can't Outrun a train. 
[63:12.38]WhOa. Watch the train, pal. 
[63:14.38]- Let's wait here nOw, hOney. - Hey. 
[63:17.05]I got it. It'sjust a train set, onlybigger. 
[63:23.59]- Oh, nO, we're tOO late. - NO. 
[63:25.59]We're gonna stop that train. come on. 
[63:29.76]SOmewhere arOund here... 
[63:32.07]there's gOtta be a big table... 
[63:34.34]with all the trains On it. 
[63:36.70][ Man On RadiO ] Yeah, nOw's a gOOd time tO take a 1 0-minute break, Ted. 
[63:43.65]He lOOks like the type. 
[63:46.08]And this must be where he's gOt his little table. 
[63:52.15][Woman ] I'm verysorry, sir. There's simplyno w.ayto stop that train. 
[63:55.12]Ma'am, yOu dOn't understand. YOu have tO stOp that train. 
[63:58.16]My dOg and my cat are On that train. 
[64:01.16]I suppOse ifJOn can dO this, I can. 
[64:08.97]Okay, we gOtta find Our train. Let's see what happens when I dO this. 
[64:11.81]- [ Beeps ] - [ Clatters ] 
[64:15.64][ Female COmputerVOice ] BOstOn Express switching tO Track 1 8. 
[64:19.11]Well, I'm sOrry. FOlks in BOstOn are gOnna be a little late tOday. 
[64:22.25]- Ha! - [ Clatters ] 
[64:25.65]Let's see what happens when I dO this. 
[64:28.52]- Warning: Seattle Wind-- - NO, I dOn't care abOut Seattle. 
[64:33.26]Warning: COllisiOn. 
[64:35.10]Ma'am, I'm lOOking fOr One train in particular. 
[64:37.80]Just onesecond. I'm trying to findmyfriend. 
[64:41.34]- The New Amsterdam Limited-- - There's the Amsterdam. 
[64:45.27]- [ HOrn SOunds ] - Warning: COllisiOn, 20 secOnds. 
[64:49.78]- GOsh, yOu sOund like my mOther. - [ Clacking ] 
[64:52.85]- [Alarm Blaring] - All right, hold up. Everybodystop. 
[64:55.48]- Warning. - [ Metal Scraping ] 
[64:59.85]- Five, fOur-- - [ Garfiield] Stop w.hatyou're doing! 
[65:02.99]- StOp. StOp. StOp. StOp. StOp. - All stOp. 
[65:05.63][ HOrns Blaring ] 
[65:09.80]- [ Beeping ] - Yeah! 
[65:12.43]Okay, everybOdy. Let's take it frOm the tOp. 
[65:15.14]- Okay? - [ Whimpering ] 
[65:19.67]- YOu have tO stOp that train. - HOld On. 
[65:21.71][ Beeping ] 
[65:23.81]I'll be dOwn tO meet yOu at the statiOn, Odie. 
[65:26.91]Actually, that train has stOpped. It's returning tO the statiOn. 
[65:32.85]Are we On the right train? 
[65:38.76][ Beeps ] 
[65:44.00]- Where areya? - [ Odie Whining] 
[65:48.07]I think I recOgnize that whine. 
[65:52.04][ continues Whining] 
[65:55.61]Hey, cOme On. 
[65:57.61]- [ Scratching ] - See, these are the kinds Of seats yOu get... 
[66:00.68]w.henyou book at the last minute. 
[66:04.55]GOOd tO see yOu, partner. 
[66:11.76]Let's get Outta here. 
[66:13.76]Yourattention please. The New. Amsterdam Limited... 
[66:15.93]Your attention please. The New. Amsterdam Limited... 
[66:17.73]is making an unscheduled stop on Platform 1 2. 
[66:20.74]NO, si r, please take yOur seat. 
[66:22.80]- NO, nO, my future is running away frOm me. - What's the trOuble here? 
[66:26.04][ NO Audible DialOgue ] 
[66:30.31][ conductor] Please, stay calm and go back toyourseat. 
[66:32.91]- [Man ] Hey! - HOw rude! 
[66:40.76][ Panting ] 
[66:54.77]Hey, cOuld yOu slOw dOwn? I've been dOing this running thing all day. 
[66:58.67]And I am Over it. Hey, we-re-- we're safe nOw. 
[67:02.08]We're free. Oh. 
[67:04.35]- If it isn't Unhappy Chappy. - GOing sOmewhere? 
[67:10.08]Nice accessory, but I don't think I w.ant to play "dress up'" w.ithyou, pal. 
[67:13.09]Let's get outta here. Let's beat it! 
[67:19.96]Oh, right in the nOse again! 
[67:22.26]- [ Odie Whimpering ] - SO, it's gOnna get physical, is it? 
[67:26.07]Did yOu really thinkyOu cOuld just run away frOm Happy Chapman? 
[67:30.04][ Garfield ] Oh, is this a cry fOr help. 
[67:32.04]NO dumb dirty animal is ever gOnna get the better Of me. 
[67:35.21]And let's see hOwyOu feel with 200 vOlts cOursing... 
[67:38.61]- thrOugh that thick canine skull OfyOurs. - Chapman... 
[67:41.32]- COme here. - getyourhands offofmyfriend! 
[67:46.02][ Garfield Yelling ] 
[67:50.73][ Grunts, GrOaning ] 
[67:53.63]- Hey, BOOmer. What rOund is it? - GOOd tO see yOu, chubby. 
[67:56.73]- We're here tO help. - Sir ROland? 
[67:59.20]In the fur! 
[68:01.40]- COme On. COme On. COme On. - [Dog How.Iing] 
[68:05.14][ BOth GrOwling ] 
[68:09.18][ Whistling ] 
[68:12.58][Dogs continue Barking] 
[68:19.35][ DOg GrOwling ] 
[68:21.82]- [ Barks ] - [ Gulps ] - [ GrOwls ] 
[68:24.93]- Okay. Okay. - [ Rats Chattering ] 
[68:27.50]Rats! Aah! [ Whimpering ] 
[68:34.67]All right, here's the drill. cats, scratch likeyou've neverscratched before. 
[68:39.14]DOgs, bite but dOn't chew. And, rats... 
[68:41.41]- [ Gulps ] - see ifyOu can get that pretty necklace arOund his neck. 
[68:47.75][ Garfiield] canines, felines and "vermines'".. 
[68:51.95]it's show.time. 
[68:55.19]All right, boys. Dog pile! 
[68:58.06][ clamoring] 
[69:00.53]Thanks, bOys. The hOme team will take it frOm here. 
[69:03.93]Better split before animal control gets here. 
[69:06.20]- Hey, Garfield, shake it easy. - See yOu later, Garfield. - Yeah, gOOd luck. 
[69:11.81]Odie, w.ouldyou mind sharing the remote, please? 
[69:17.75]Every dOg has his day, Happy. 
[69:22.05]- Nice kitty. - Let's see what's On the news. 
[69:24.92][ Electrical Surge ] 
[69:29.12]Let me tell yOu sOmething, Happy. 
[69:31.46]TO yOu, Odie might be just a dumb, stupid, smelly dOg. 
[69:35.60]- But to me, he's all that andmuch more. - [ Barks ] 
[69:39.67]He's my friend. 
[69:42.50]Odie, try sOmething else. Maybe there's a game On. 
[69:46.97][ Electrical Surge ] 
[69:52.75]StrOng finish, little buddy. 
[69:55.68]Odie? Garfiield? 
[69:57.82]- Odie? - Odie? Odie? 
[70:03.06]- Be happy. - This is fOr stealing my dOg and my cat. 
[70:10.13]He didn't steal me. I was dOing the rescue wOrk. 
[70:12.13]Garfield! Odie! 
[70:14.54]- COme here. Hi. - Oh, cOme here. 
[70:16.97]Oh, I missed yOu guys sO much. I was sO wOrried abOutyOu. 
[70:20.47]I'm never gOnna letyOu Out Of my sight again. 
[70:22.48]Never. YOu guys are my best friends. 
[70:26.41]- YOu had me at hellO. - Oh. 
[70:30.55]- Get Outta here. - This is WalterJ. chapman... 
[70:33.52]with breaking news frOm the Midwest. 
[70:35.52]Abby Shields repOrting. Whatcha gOt fOr me, Abby? 
[70:38.29]Details are sketchy, but it appears that a deranged man... 
[70:42.53]may be the cause Of all the trOuble here. 
[70:44.53]A deranged man? What is this? 
[70:46.67]In fact, the pOlice are bringing the suspect Out as we speak. 
[70:50.17]Aah! GOOd grief. It's my idiOt brOther. 
[70:52.64][Nermal] Hey, that's Happy chapman. 
[70:55.68]He's going fora ride in the police car. 
[70:58.61]But sources tell me that this incident... 
[71:01.18]sOmehOw invOlved a dOg and a very herOic cat. 
[71:05.39]- [ Girl cat ] Garfiield! - [ Nermal] Hey, he saved Odie! 
[71:09.09]- NOw he's a herO. - Oh, I didn't realize. 
[71:12.13]Garfield's On TV. He's a herO. 
[71:16.96][Nermal] Garfiield! That's Garfiield. 
[71:19.57]- Garfiield's a hero now.! - [ Garfiield] Thanks, everybody. 
[71:21.94]- [ Nermal] Hero! - Well, thanks for saying so. It's nice to hear. 
[71:24.24]- [ Nermal ] We're a whOle street ful I Of herOes. - I t sOunds sincere. Thank yOu. 
[71:27.58]- [ Nermal] Yeah. Heroes! - [ Luca ] Okay. 
[71:29.98][ Luca ] I've been w.aitingyears for this. 
[71:31.98]- [Nermal] Whoa! - COme On, pal. 
[71:34.08]- [ Nermal] Hey, Arlene. - WOw. I t's nice tO be recOgnized by yOur peers. 
[71:38.19]I cOuldn't have dOne this withOut yOu. I-- 
[71:44.59]YOu're a really great friend. 
[71:47.36]JOn, I wanna be mOre than yOur friend. 
[71:52.40]- YOu dO? - Yeah. 
[71:58.17][ Garfiield] Where do theyfind the energy? 
[72:14.69]@@ [ chorus On TV] 
[72:19.86]Yeah, just One big happy family. 
[72:24.66]Yeah, right! Hit the flOOr. 
[72:28.27][ Chuckles ] NO, seriOusly, yOu can cOme up, buddy. 
[72:30.67]COme On. COme On. NO, seriOusly. COme On up. 
[72:35.21]DOwn yOu gO. We just hit it Off sO great... 
[72:38.04]because we bOth lOve the same thing, and that is-- 
[72:40.88]- [ Whimpers ] - me. 
[72:43.15]@@ [Singing] 
[73:12.04][ Chuckles ] 
[73:14.11]@@ [ Ends ] 
[73:18.58]Uh, OOps. 
[73:21.02]Hey, Odie, help me. I can't get up. 
[73:27.36]Odie, myfriend, bring me some ice. 
[73:31.86]Willyou hurry up,you dumb dog? I'm in pain.

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