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[03:24.55]Ice Age 
[03:53.88]Why not call it the Big Chill or the Nippy era? 
[03:57.65]I'm just saying, how do we know it's an ice age? 
[04:00.79]Because of all the ice. 
[04:05.86]Well, things just got a little chillier. 
[04:08.46]Help. Help. 
[04:12.16]Come on, kids, let's go. The traffic's moving. 
[04:15.83]But, but, but, Dad. 
[04:18.00]No buts. You can play extinction later. 
[04:21.04]OK. Come on, guys. 
[04:24.78]So, where's Eddie? 
[04:26.95]He said he was on the verge of an evolutionary breakthrough. 
[04:33.42]I'm flying. 
[04:37.39]Some breakthrough. 
[04:40.66]- Look out. - You're going the wrong way. 
[04:44.23]Crazy mammoth. 
[04:53.10]Do the world a favor. Move your issues off the road. 
[04:58.21]If my trunk was that small, I wouldn't draw attention to myself, pal. 
[05:02.55]Give me a break. We've been waddling all day. 
[05:07.99]Go ahead. Follow the crowd. 
[05:10.82]It'll be quieter when you're gone. 
[05:14.19]Come on. If he wants to freeze to death, let him. 
[05:27.27]I'm up. I'm up. 
[05:31.78]Rise and shine, everybody. Huh? Zak? Marshall? 
[05:37.22]Bertie? Uncle Fungus? 
[05:40.59]Where is everybody? Come on, guys, we're gonna miss the migration. 
[05:49.43]They left without me. They do this every year. 
[05:55.80]Why? Doesn't anyone love me? 
[05:59.17]Isn't there anyone who cares about Sid the Sloth? 
[06:06.18]All right, I'll just go by myself. 
[06:12.75]Wide body, curb it next time. 
[06:15.52]Oh, jeez. Yuck. 
[06:18.26]I can't believe it. Fresh wild greens. Frank, where did you ever...? 
[06:24.00]- Go ahead. Dig in. - A dandelion. 
[06:27.23]- I thought the frost wiped 'em all out. - All but one. 
[06:32.34]It makes me so... I wanna... Yuck. 
[06:36.17]This has definitely not been my day. You know what I'm saying, buddy? 
[06:41.08]What a mess. You rhinos have tiny brains. Did you know that? 
[06:44.88]It's just a fact. No offense. You probably didn't even know what I'm talking about. 
[06:52.26]A dandelion. Must be the last one of the season. 
[06:58.30]- Carl. - Easy, Frank. 
[07:00.77]He ruined our salad. 
[07:04.14]My mistake. That was my mistake. Let me... 
[07:07.54]No, no, seriously, let me take care of this. What is this? 
[07:11.41]Pine cones. Oh, my goodness. They're my favorite. 
[07:16.98]Delicious. That's good eating. 
[07:21.75]But don't let me hog them all up. Here, you have some. 
[07:42.97]- Just pretend that I'm not here. - I wanted to hit him at full speed. 
[07:47.08]- That's OK. We'll have some fun with him. - Don't let them impale me. I wanna live. 
[07:52.45]- Get off me. - Come on, you're making a scene. 
[07:55.89]We'll just take our furry pinata and go. 
[07:58.79]If it's not them today, it's someone else tomorrow. 
[08:01.83]Well, I'd rather it not be today. OK? 
[08:04.33]We'll break your neck so you don't feel a thing. 
[08:07.77]Wait a minute. I thought rhinos were vegetarians. 
[08:11.00]- An excellent point. - Shut up. 
[08:13.20]Who says we're gonna eat him after we kill him? 
[08:16.94]I don't like animals that kill for pleasure. 
[08:19.98]- Save it for a mammal that cares. - I'm a mammal that cares. 
[08:23.61]OK, if either of you make it across that sinkhole in front of ya, you get the sloth. 
[08:28.85]That's right, you losers. You take one step and you're dead. 
[08:36.96]- You were bluffing, huh? - Yeah. Yeah, that was a bluff. 
[08:41.73]Get him. 
[09:19.44]A dandelion? 
[09:24.51]We did it. 
[09:34.95]- You have beautiful eyes. - Get off my face. 
[09:39.96]Whoa, we make a great team. What do you say we head south together? 
[09:44.16]Great. Jump on my back and relax the whole way. 
[09:46.73]- Wow, really? - No. 
[09:49.03]Wait, aren't you going south? The change of seasons, migration instincts. 
[09:53.44]- Any of this a-ringing a bell? - I guess not. Bye. 
[09:56.27]OK, then. Thanks for the help. I can take it from here. 
[10:00.28]You overgrown weasel. Wait till we get down there. 
[10:04.75]That south thing is way overrated. The heat, the crowds - who needs it? 
[10:08.62]Isn't this great? You and me, two bachelors knocking about in the wild. 
[10:13.29]No, you just want a bodyguard so you don't become somebody's side dish. 
[10:17.23]You're a very shrewd mammal. 
[10:19.63]OK, lead the way, Mr Big... Didn't get the name. 
[10:22.67]- Manfred. - Manfred? Yuck. 
[10:24.80]How about Manny the Moody Mammoth? Or Manny the Melancholy... Manny the... 
[10:32.51]Stop following me. 
[10:36.28]OK, so you've got issues. You won't even know I'm here. I'll just zip the lip. 
[11:26.16]Look at the cute little baby, Diego. 
[11:32.50]- lsn't it nice he'll be joining us for breakfast? - It wouldn't be breakfast without him. 
[11:38.01]Especially since his daddy wiped out half our pack and wears our skin to keep warm. 
[11:43.88]An eye for an eye, don't you think? 
[11:47.12]Let's show him what happens when he messes with sabers. 
[11:50.79]Alert the troops. We attack at dawn. 
[11:55.03]And, Diego, bring me that baby alive. 
[11:59.70]If I'm gonna enjoy my revenge, I want it to be fresh. 
[12:26.39]Phew. I'm wiped out. 
[12:28.89]- That's your shelter? - You're a big guy. You got a lotta wood. 
[12:32.63]- I'm a little guy. - You got half a stick. 
[12:35.50]But with my little stick and my highly evolved brain, I shall create fire. 
[12:44.44]We'll see if brains triumph over brawn tonight. Now, won't we? 
[12:54.52]Think I saw a spark. 
[13:00.69]Any chance I could squeeze in there with you, Manny, ol' pal? 
[13:04.36]Isn't there someone else you can annoy? 
[13:06.96]Friends? Family? Poisonous reptiles? 
[13:10.87]My family abandoned me. They just kinda migrated without me. 
[13:15.67]You should see what they did last year. 
[13:18.41]They woke up early and tied my hands and feet 
[13:21.25]and they gagged me with a field mouse, 
[13:24.15]covered their tracks, went through water so I'd lose their scent, 
[13:27.85]and... who needs 'em, anyway? 
[13:35.23]So what about you? You have family? 
[13:41.80]OK, you're tired. I see. We'll talk more in the morning. 
[13:47.51]Manfred? Manfred? Could you scooch over a drop? 
[13:52.21]Come on. Nobody falls asleep that fast. 
[16:48.22]There's Diego. Fall back. 
[16:56.96]- Where's the baby? - I lost it over the falls. 
[17:00.03]You lost it? 
[17:05.37]- I want that baby, Diego. - I'll get it. 
[17:08.04]You'd better, unless you want to serve as a replacement. 
[17:11.91]We'll go up to Half Peak. Meet us there. 
[17:16.58]It had better be alive. 
[17:19.95]Can we trust you with that, Diego? 
[17:22.55]Let's go. 
[17:47.85]She picked a hair off my shoulder and says, "lf you have an extra mating dance, 
[17:51.95]at least pick a female with the same color pelt." 
[17:54.69]I thought "Whoa. She's gonna go praying mantis on me." 
[17:58.22]If you find a mate, you should be loyal. In your case, grateful. 
[18:01.96]- Now get away from me. - I think mating for life is stupid. 
[18:05.36]There's plenty of Sid to go around. 
[19:06.72]Look at that. He's OK. 
[19:21.54]She's gone. 
[19:33.98]- Manny, are you forgetting something? - No. 
[19:37.55]- But you just saved him. - I'm trying to get rid of the last thing I saved. 
[19:41.66]But you can't leave him here. 
[19:48.20]Look, there's smoke. That's his herd right up the hill. 
[19:52.00]- We should return him. - Let's get this straight. There is no "we." 
[19:56.04]There never was a "we." In fact, without me, there wouldn't even be a "you." 
[20:02.61]- Just up the hill. - Listen very carefully: I'm not going. 
[20:09.75]- Fine, be a jerk. I'll take care of him. - Yeah, that's good. 
[20:14.76]You can't even take care of yourself. This, I gotta see. 
[20:18.26]I'll return you. We don't need that meany-weeny mammoth, do we? 
[20:22.63]No, we don't. 
[20:54.23]You're an embarrassment to nature. Do you know that? 
[20:58.24]This is cake. I'm fine, I'm fine. 
[21:01.54]I'm gonna die. 
[21:32.24]- That pink thing is mine. - No. Actually, that pink thing belongs to us. 
[21:39.28]"Us"? You two are a bit of an odd couple. 
[21:42.78]There is no "us." 
[21:44.65]I see. Can't have one of your own, so you want to adopt. 
[21:48.09]Look, I'm sorry to interrupt your snack, but we gotta go. 
[21:51.39]The baby? Please. I was returning him to his herd. 
[21:54.92]Oh, yeah. Nice try, bucktooth. 
[21:57.13]- Calling me a liar? - I didn't say that. 
[21:59.30]You were thinking it. 
[22:01.50]I don't like this cat. He reads minds. 
[22:04.64]- Name's Diego, friend. - Manfred, and I'm not your friend. 
[22:08.54]Fine, Manfred. If you're looking for the humans, you're wasting your time. They left. 
[22:15.68]Thanks for the advice. Now beat it. 
[22:18.95]I'll help you bring it to its herd, but leave me alone after that. 
[22:23.09]- OK. OK, deal. What's your problem? - You are my problem. 
[22:26.76]I think you're stressed, so you eat too much. It's hard to get fat on a vegan diet. 
[22:31.20]I'm not fat. It's all this fur. It makes me look poofy. 
[22:35.40]All right, you have fat hair. But when you're ready to talk, I'm here. 
[22:42.47]What are you doing? Just drop it on the ledge. 
[22:45.91]- We should make sure they found him. - Good idea. 
[22:49.25]No, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait. 
[22:51.78]Don't spear me. 
[22:57.32]- This is a problem. - Now what? 
[23:01.23]That's perfect. 
[23:33.79]- I told you they were gone. - Look who it is. 
[23:36.43]Don't you have some poor animal to disembowel? 
[23:39.23]They couldn't be far. I mean, they went this way, or this way? 
[23:43.17]You don't know much about tracking, do you? 
[23:45.64]I'm a sloth. I see a tree, eat a leaf. That's my tracking. 
[23:49.57]You didn't miss them by much. 
[23:51.91]It's still green. They headed north two hours ago. 
[23:55.61]It's still green. They headed north two hours ago. 
[24:02.15]You don't need this aggravation. 
[24:05.79]Give me the baby. I can track humans down a lot faster than you. 
[24:09.73]And you're just a good citizen helping out? 
[24:12.53]- I just know where the humans are going. - Glacier Pass. 
[24:16.13]Everybody knows they have a settlement on the other side. 
[24:20.67]Unless you know how to track, you'll never reach them before snow closes the pass. 
[24:25.78]Which should be, like, tomorrow. 
[24:28.95]So, you can give that baby to me, or go get lost in a blizzard. It's your choice. 
[24:41.43]Here's your little bundle of joy. We're returning it to the humans. 
[24:45.83]The big, bad tigey-wigey gets left behind. Poor tigey-wigey. 
[24:51.47]Sid, tigey-wigey is gonna lead the way. 
[24:57.87]Manny, can I talk to you for a second? 
[25:00.54]No. The sooner we find the humans, the sooner I get rid of Mr Stinky Drool-Face, 
[25:05.45]and the baby, too. 
[25:09.05]You won't always have Jumbo around to protect you. 
[25:11.79]And when that day comes, I suggest you watch your back, cos I'll be chewing on it. 
[25:21.40]Help me. 
[25:38.75]You gotta make it stop. I can't take it anymore. 
[25:42.62]- I've eaten things that complained less. - He won't stop squirming. 
[25:46.82]- Watch its head. - Put it down. 
[25:49.06]Jeez, "pick him up, put him down..." 
[25:51.90]- lts nose is dry. - That means something's wrong with it. 
[25:55.27]- Someone should lick it. Just in case. - I'll do it. 
[25:58.37]- He's wearing one of those baby thingies. - So? 
[26:00.90]So if he poops, where does it go? 
[26:06.01]- Humans are disgusting. - OK, you. Check for poop. 
[26:10.11]- Why am I the poop-checker? - Returning him was your idea, 
[26:13.45]you're small and insignificant, and I'll pummel you if you don't. 
[26:16.99]- Why else? - Now, Sid. 
[26:26.16]I mean, my goodness. Look out. Coming through. 
[26:29.40]- Watch out. - Stop waving that thing around. 
[26:32.37]I'm gonna slip. 
[26:38.54]It's clean. Got ya! 
[26:43.05]Will you cut it out? 
[26:46.98]Do that again. He likes it. 
[26:51.96]It's making me feel better too. 
[26:55.19]Here, you hold it. 
[27:03.83]Turn him towards me. 
[27:05.84]Where is the baby? 
[27:09.14]There he is. 
[27:11.41]Where is the baby? 
[27:14.81]There he is. 
[27:18.18]Stop it. You're scaring him. 
[27:24.79]- I bet he's hungry. - How about some milk? 
[27:27.32]- I'd love some. - Not you. The baby. 
[27:30.43]I aingt exactly lactating right now, pal. 
[27:33.16]- You're a little low on the food chain to... 
[27:35.97]Enough, enough, enough. 
[27:52.35]I don't know, but I've been told 
[27:54.12]I don't know, but I've been told 
[27:56.35]End of the world be mighty cold 
[27:58.25]End of the world be mighty cold 
[28:00.96]Prepare for the lce age! 
[28:03.43]Protect the dodo way of life! 
[28:06.03]Survival separates the dodos from the beasts! 
[28:11.37]Protect the dodo way of life! 
[28:14.10]Prepare for the lce age! 
[28:16.51]- lce age? - I've heard of these crackpots. 
[28:22.41]- lntruders. - Now, don't fall in. 
[28:25.02]- If you do, you will definitely... - lntruders. Intruder... 
[28:30.82]..burn and die. 
[28:33.86]Can we have our melon back? Junior's hungry and... 
[28:37.16]No way. This is our private stockpile for the lce age. 
[28:40.60]Subarctic temperatures will force us underground for a billion years. 
[28:44.77]So you got three melons? 
[28:48.37]If you weren't smart enough to plan ahead, then doom on you. 
[28:52.44]Doom on you. Doom on you. Doom on you. 
[28:56.28]- Get away from me. - Doom on you. 
[28:59.15]Oh, no. No. 
[29:01.82]Retrieve the melon. Tae kwon dodos, attack. 
[29:17.10]- The melon. - The melon, the melon, the melon... 
[29:22.44]There goes our last female. 
[29:32.32]- Got it, got it, got it. - Don't got it. 
[29:36.82]The last melon. 
[31:05.94]Sid. Now we gotta find more food. 
[31:12.48]Right, more to the right. Right, right, right. 
[31:16.59]- Look at that. Dinner and a show. - Left, left, left. 
[31:26.20]Now to find a meal befitting a conquering hero. 
[31:32.77]What ho? A foe? Come on, come on. You want a piece of me? 
[31:39.81]Spoils worthy of such a noble... 
[31:51.02]Bedtime, squirt. 
[32:02.63]The triumphant return. 
[32:05.20]Huh? Oh, that. 
[32:08.67]I'm so full. How about a good-night kiss for your big buddy, Sid? 
[32:13.81]- He's asleep. - I was talking to you. 
[32:17.81]Fine, I'll tuck myself in. 
[32:26.26]All right, good night. 
[32:51.92]Will you stop it? 
[32:54.45]All right, all right. I was trying to relax. 
[33:53.18]- What the...? - Slice me. It'll be the last thing you ever do. 
[33:56.61]- I'm working here, you waste of fur. - Frustrated, Diego? 
[34:00.28]Tracking down helpless infants too difficult for you? 
[34:03.39]- What are you two doing here? - Soto's getting tired of waiting. 
[34:07.81]Yeah, he said "Come back with the baby, or don't come back at all." 
[34:14.40]I have a message for Soto. 
[34:16.80]Tell him I'm bringing the baby. 
[34:20.54]And tell him I'm bringing... 
[34:23.34]a mammoth. 
[34:25.54]- A mammoth? - Mammoths never travel alone. 
[34:28.85]This one does, and I'm leading him to Half Peak. 
[34:33.98]Look at all that meat. Let's get him. 
[34:36.29]Not yet. We'll need the whole pack to bring this mammoth down. 
[34:40.66]Get everyone ready. 
[35:08.58]- Where's the baby? - You lost it? 
[35:15.43]It's so ugly. Positively adorable. 
[35:19.23]Hello, pumpkin. Hello, little baldy bean. 
[35:23.40]- Where'd you find it? - The poor kid, all alone in the wild. 
[35:27.40]Sabers were closing in on him. 
[35:29.67]- So I just snatched him. - So brave. 
[35:32.94]Yeah, well, he needed me, and I only wish I had one of my own, too. 
[35:37.65]Really? I find that attractive in a male. 
[35:41.95]Alas. Who wouldn't want a family, I always say. 
[35:46.16]- Where've you been hiding? - Yeah, well, you know... 
[35:53.30]Cute kid, huh? So, as I was saying, ladies... 
[35:59.23]Hey. Hi, Manny. 
[36:02.34]What's the matter with you? 
[36:05.04]Excuse me, ladies. You just keep marinating and I'll be right back. 
[36:14.55]He's not much to look at, but it's so hard to find a family guy. 
[36:17.82]Tell me about it. All the sensitive ones get eaten. 
[36:22.26]No, no, no. Manny, please, I'm begging you. I need him. 
[36:25.56]- A good-looking guy like you? - You say that, but you don't mean it. 
[36:29.47]No, seriously. Look at you. Those ladies, they don't stand a chance. 
[36:33.84]- You have a cruel sense of humor. - Don't let me cramp your style. 
[36:37.41]- Thanks, Manny. You're a pal. - Without Pinky. 
[36:40.58]Manny, I need him. 
[36:46.48]So, ladies, where were we? 
[36:49.82]- Carl. - Easy, Frank. 
[36:55.22]Pretty tail walks by, suddenly he moves like a cheetah. And that tiger... 
[36:59.63]Yeah, Mr Great Tracker. Can't even find a sloth. 
[37:03.50]What am l? The wet nurse? What are you looking at, bone bag? 
[37:09.61]Look at you. You're gonna grow into a great predator. 
[37:13.78]I don't think so. What have you got? You got a little patch of fur. 
[37:18.21]No fangs, no claws. 
[37:20.85]You're folds of skin wrapped in mush. 
[37:24.62]What's so threatening about you? 
[37:32.46]Does this look like a petting zoo to you? Huh? 
[37:38.37]OK. All right, wise guy. You just earned a time-out. 
[37:44.81]You think that's funny? How about this? 
[37:50.05]You'll be a little snack for the owls. 
[37:54.55]You're a brave little squirt, I'll give you that. 
[38:03.69]Thank goodness. Thank goodness. No. 
[38:06.90]A tiger. 
[38:08.50]Help. Help. 
[38:11.13]- Where's the baby? - Manfred has him. 
[38:13.40]Just put me in your mouth. Come on. Hurry up. He got me. 
[38:19.71]- Get away from me. - It went this way. 
[38:23.11]Over here. 
[38:33.12]Carl. The tiger beat us to him. 
[38:37.06]Wait a minute. 
[38:44.63]He's dead all right. 
[38:47.17]Carnivores have all the fun. 
[38:51.97]Gosh, I hate breaking their hearts like that. But you know how it is. 
[38:57.45]All right, thanks. You can put me down now. 
[39:00.72]Manny. Manny. 
[39:03.22]Guys, I thought we were in a hurry. And Diego, spit that out. 
[39:07.22]You don't know where it's been. 
[39:10.39]Boy. For a second there, I thought you were gonna eat me. 
[39:14.23]- I don't eat junk food. - Thought you were gonna... 
[39:17.43]I thought you were gonna... Were you? 
[39:22.71]Come on, wait up. Wait up. Come on, come on. Can you wait a second, please? 
[39:31.05]Thanks for waiting. 
[39:33.22]Three, two, one... 
[39:38.85]Sure is faithful. 
[39:55.81]- Don't make me reach back. - He started it. 
[39:58.07]I don't care who started it. I'll finish it. 
[40:34.18]Modern architecture. It'll never last. 
[40:51.46]Hiya, Manny. 
[40:55.43]Hi, Diego. 
[41:04.54]Hey, Sid. 
[41:07.01]- You're lost. - No. I know exactly where we are. 
[41:10.85]Ask him directions. 
[41:13.28]- I don't need directions. - Fine, I'll ask him. 
[41:16.09]Buddy. You see any humans go by here? 
[41:22.80]I love this game. I love this game. OK, OK. 
[41:25.80]Three words. First word. Stomp. No, no. Stamp, stamp. 
[41:30.37]Let me try. Pack. 
[41:32.67]Good one, Manny. Pack of long teeth and claws. 
[41:38.41]Pack of wolves? Pack of... 
[41:40.51]Pack of bears? Pack of fleas? 
[41:43.32]Pack of whiskers? Pack of noses? 
[41:45.82]- Pachyderm? - Pack of lies. 
[41:48.19]Pack of troubles. Pack a wallop. Pack of birds. 
[41:51.39]Pack of flying fish.





[00:15.40]Great news. I found a shortcut. 
[00:20.80]- What do you mean, shortcut? - I mean faster than the long way around. 
[00:25.34]I know what a shortcut is. 
[00:27.21]Either we beat the humans to Glacier Pass or we take the long way and miss 'em. 
[00:32.75]Through there? What do you take me for? 
[00:36.35]This time tomorrow, you could be a free mammoth. 
[00:40.22]Or a nanny. I never get tired of peekaboo. 
[00:43.09]Guys. Guys. Check this out. 
[00:48.29]Sid, the tiger found a shortcut. 
[00:52.93]No, thanks. I choose life. 
[00:55.13]Then I suggest you take the shortcut. 
[00:57.84]- Are you threatening me? - Move, sloth! 
[01:06.71]Way to go, tiger. 
[01:09.25]Quick. Get inside. 
[01:34.47]OK, I vote shortcut. 
[01:51.69]Guys, stick together. It's easy to get lost in here. 
[02:30.40]A fish. 
[03:14.74]Will you keep up, please? Hard enough to keep track of one baby. 
[04:04.12]I gotcha. 
[04:22.84]Captain, iceberg ahead. 
[04:31.78]Oh, no. 
[05:25.17]Yeah. Who's up for round two? 
[05:31.94]Tell the kid to be more careful. 
[06:15.29]Look, look. Tigers. 
[06:20.19]No, it's OK, it's OK. Look, the tigers are just playing tag with the antelope. 
[06:27.00]- With their teeth. - Come on, Sid, let's play tag. 
[06:31.60]You're it. 
[06:34.84]Sure. OK, OK, OK, where are the sloths? 
[06:38.11]You never see any sloths. Have you ever noticed? 
[06:41.08]- Look, Manny, a mammoth. - Somebody pinch me. 
[06:45.08]Hey, hey, this fat one looks just like you. 
[06:48.85]And he's got a family. 
[06:51.26]And he's happy. Look, he's playing with his kid. 
[06:54.73]See? That's your problem. That's what mammoths are supposed to do. 
[06:58.96]- Find a she-mmoth, have baby mammoths... 
[07:01.69]- Sid. 
[07:02.55] - What? - Shut up. 
[10:32.81]Would you look at that. 
[10:35.11]The tiger actually did it. There's Half Peak. 
[10:38.28]Next stop, Glacier Pass. 
[10:41.35]- How could I ever have doubted you? - Did you hear that, little fella? 
[10:45.22]You're almost home. 
[10:52.03]- My feet are sweating. - Do we need a news flash 
[10:54.63]- every time your body does something? - lgnore him. 
[10:58.14]Seriously. My feet are really hot. 
[11:07.05]Tell me that was your stomach. 
[11:09.45]I'm sure it was just thunder. 
[11:11.98]From underground? 
[11:35.14]Come on, keep up with me. 
[11:37.38]I would if you were moving. 
[11:42.55]- I wish I could jump like that. - Wish granted. 
[11:50.12]- Come on, move faster. - Have you noticed the river of lava? 
[12:13.75]Hold Pinky. 
[13:00.89]Manny, Manny, Manny, you OK? Come on, come on, say something. Anything. 
[13:07.97]What? What? I can't hear you. 
[13:10.20]You're standing on my trunk. 
[13:14.51]- You're OK. You're OK. - Why did you do that? 
[13:18.01]You could have died, trying to save me. 
[13:21.18]That's what you do in a herd. 
[13:23.85]You look out for each other. 
[13:26.19]Well, thanks. 
[13:30.66]I don't know about you guys, but we are the weirdest herd I've ever seen. 
[13:53.55]I can't wait to get my claws in that mammoth. 
[13:56.72]No one touches the mammoth until I get that baby. 
[14:03.89]First, I'll slice its hindquarters into sections. 
[14:06.63]- I'll put the white meat in one pile and... - Knock it off. I'm starving. 
[14:10.93]Next, the shoulders. Occasionally tough, but extremely juicy. 
[14:14.73]- I told you to knock it off. - Save your energy. 
[14:18.04]Mammoths don't go down easy. 
[14:21.31]There's only one way to do it. 
[14:23.74]First, you have to force it into a corner. 
[14:27.15]Cut off its retreat. And when you three have it trapped, 
[14:31.22]I'll go for the throat. 
[14:43.26]Guys, we gotta get this kid outta the wind. 
[14:50.34]- How much further? - Three miles. 
[14:52.70]I'm beat. We'll get there in the morning. 
[14:59.21]- What are you doing? - I'm putting sloths on the map. 
[15:05.75]Why don't you make it realistic and draw him lying down? 
[15:09.02]And make him rounder. 
[15:13.63]- Perfect. - I forgot how to laugh. 
[15:24.84]I'm a genius. 
[15:30.61]From now on you'll have to refer to me as Sid, Lord of the Flame. 
[15:35.65]Lord of the Flame, your tail's on fire. 
[15:47.16]Thank you. From now on, I'm gonna call you Diego. 
[15:51.26]Lord of "Touch Me and You're Dead". 
[15:53.67]I'm just kidding, you little knucklehead. 
[15:59.67]Look at this. 
[16:05.68]I don't believe it. 
[16:21.19]Come here, you little biped. Come here, you little wormy-worm. 
[16:26.30]Come to Uncle Sid. 
[16:28.60]No, no... This way. This way. 
[16:32.74]No, no, no. No, go to him. 
[16:36.51]Go to him. 
[16:43.65]Good job. Keep practicing. 
[16:50.29]Look at that. Our little guy is growing up. 
[16:55.76]All right, come on. Sleep time, lumpy. 
[17:04.47]Look at that big pushover. 
[17:08.14]You know, Diego, I've never had a friend who would risk his life for me. 
[17:13.01]Yeah, Manny's... he's a good guy. 
[17:17.68]Yeah, he is. 
[17:20.42]Well, good night. 
[17:54.99]Let's get you all cleaned up. What's your daddy gonna say if you go back all stinky? 
[18:01.39]Let me just clean that up. That looks good. A little bit here. 
[18:05.56]- You clean up nice, little fella. - I think he's starting to look like me. 
[18:09.47]Diego, what do you think? 
[18:13.27]- Maybe we shouldn't do this. - Why not? 
[18:15.77]If we save him, he'll be a hunter. And who do you think he'll hunt? 
[18:19.78]Maybe because we save him, he won't hunt us. 
[18:22.38]Yeah, and maybe he'll grow fur and a long skinny neck and call you Mama. 
[18:27.42]- What's your problem? - Nothing. Let's go. I'm freezing my tail off. 
[18:52.11]Diego. You frozen back there? 
[18:58.52]- Get down. - What? 
[19:00.59]- Get down and follow me. - What's going on? 
[19:02.95]At the bottom of Half Peak, there's an ambush waiting for you. 
[19:08.06]- What? - What do you mean, "ambush"? 
[19:12.60]- You set us up. - It was my job. 
[19:14.83]- I was to get the baby, but then... - You brought us home for dinner. 
[19:18.54]- That's it. You're out of the herd. - I'm sorry. 
[19:21.41]No, you're not. Not yet. 
[19:23.68]- Listen, I can help you. - Stay close, Sid. We can fight our way out. 
[19:27.55]You can't. The pack's too strong. You have to trust me. 
[19:30.82]Trust you? Why in the world would we trust you? 
[19:34.19]Because I'm your only chance. 
[19:49.84]Hello, ladies. 
[19:52.74]- Look who decided to show up. - Diego, I was beginning to worry about you. 
[19:58.34]No need to worry. In about two minutes you'll be satisfying your taste for revenge. 
[20:04.72]Very nice. 
[20:06.82]I see the sloth. And he's got the baby. 
[20:09.99]Don't give away your positions until you see the mammoth. He's the one to surprise. 
[20:16.60]You want to maul something, don't you? 
[20:19.16]- I wanna maul. - Then what are you waiting for? 
[20:25.77]No, I said wait for the mammoth. 
[20:50.33]Backscratcher. Eat my powder! 
[21:12.22]Slalom! Slalom, baby! 
[21:40.01]Sorry, fellas. He got a little frostbite. 
[21:45.52]Get him. 
[21:57.60]OK, follow me. We'll pick up Sid and get outta here while we can. 
[22:02.37]Come on, Diego, let's bring this mammoth down. 
[22:18.72]There he is. 
[22:23.05]That's right. Where's the baby? 
[22:29.43]Survival of the fittest. 
[22:32.80]I don't think so. Yeah. 
[22:46.78]- What are you doing? - Leave the mammoth alone. 
[22:54.22]Fine. I'll take you down first. 
[24:13.23]We did it. 
[24:26.98]We were some team, huh? 
[24:31.52]Were? Come on, we're still a team. 
[24:35.32]I'm sorry I set you up. 
[24:38.39]You know me - I'm too lazy to hold a grudge. 
[24:44.60]Knock it off, squirt. 
[24:47.60]You gotta be strong. 
[24:50.00]You have to take care of Manfred and Sid. 
[24:54.34]Especially Sid. 
[24:56.47]Come on, you can lick this. You're a tiger. 
[25:00.41]Look, I'll carry you. Come on, what do you say? 
[25:03.68]Come on, Diego, come on. 
[25:06.02]Tell him he's going to be OK, Manny. 
[25:09.75]Listen, you have to leave me here. 
[25:13.53]If those humans get through the pass, you'll never catch them. 
[25:18.36]You didn't have to do that. 
[25:21.53]That's what you do in a herd. 
[28:40.03]Don't forget about us. 
[28:46.54]We won't forget about you. 
[29:34.25]- Sid... - Bye. 
[29:42.73]That's right. Where's the baby? 
[29:45.30]Come on, Sid, let's head south. 
[30:08.95]Save your breath, Sid. You know humans can't talk. 
[30:12.96]Diego? You're OK. 
[30:15.16]- Nine lives, baby. - You're OK. 
[30:18.53]You're OK. 
[30:21.23]I could kiss ya. 
[30:24.97]Welcome back, partner. Wanna lift? 
[30:27.34]No thanks. I gotta save whatever dignity I've got left. 
[30:30.48]You're hanging out with us. Dignity's got nothing to do with it. I'll take that lift. 
[30:35.35]- Yeah, climb aboard. - Pick me up, buddy. 
[30:37.58]Mush. Or not mush. Either way. 
[30:45.32]This is gonna be the best migration ever. 
[30:48.03]I'll show you my favorite watering holes. I turn brown when the fungus in my fur dries. 
[30:53.03]- Attractive. - This whole lce age thing is getting old. 
[30:56.93]You know what I could go for? Global warming. 
[31:00.37]- Keep dreaming. - No, really... 
[31:09.25]20,000 Years Later


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